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Hey! So I was looking at my profile statistics thing, where it shows you how many people visit your profile (or mine, in this case) and how often they visit. It also shows where the people looking at it are from, but unfortunately, it doesn't let me see who is looking at it. What a shame. Anyways, it made me wonder why people kept visiting my profile, if there was nothing on it. It also made me kinda want to put something on it, so it wouldn't be blank.

My name is... well, I'm not going to actually tell you, but you can call me The Inquirer or TI. Of course, if you PM me, I might earn some kind of nickname (From one who thinks I am very sadistic, I have received the name Sadist-sama).

Gender: I'd rather not tell you. It's so much more fun having you guess from my manner of speech/writing.

Age: Hmm... Let's say not really young, but not really old either...

Favorite Color: Don't know why you would need to know this, but it's red...

Favorite Movie: Uh... Don't have one. Normally I just say whatever I watched most recently... Which right now is... I actually don't remember (If you can't tell, I don't really watch movies... Instead, I read fanfiction! :D)

Hobbies: Hmm... what do I like to do? Obviously read, watch movies, play video games, listen to music, write (But I don't really want to write fanfiction because my mental image of the characters might be different from the reader and that might cause OOC people), reviewing fanfiction (Giving tips is very important for authors to improve their writing! Also, I think it's nice for them to know that people appreciate their work.)

Oh. I also enjoy teasing people and being sarcastic. A lot. That's my sense of humor.

Let's see... what else could you possibly want to know about me? If there's anything in particular just send a PM or something! :D