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Hello... and welcome to my profile.

born: Philippines, Iloilo

age:13 name:(N/A)

First of all I am a fan of:

1. Cryaotic (Chaoticmonki)

2. Pewdiepie

3. Toby Turner

also a little bit of uberhaxornova on that

I'm also a fan of Hetalia, Happy tree friends, and also a sprinkle of different anime's and a few different games too.

-note to any of my classmates or friends who read my stories don't judge me for what I write


Left 4 Dead


A hunter with dark brown hair and almost sparkling red eyes. He wears black jeans and a black and grey hoodie with grey arrows on the arms starting at the shoulder and ending at the wrist. He wears fingerless gloves and a silver cross swinging from his neck. He is fairly sadistic and caring of his sister. Has a slight crush on the survivor named Dina


Henry's sister who's a witch with lighter brown hair. Ocean blue eyes and a similar silver cross swinging on her neck. She wears a red shirt and short shorts that almost look like underwear. Not like other witches but will attack if threatened. Gentle and calm, she weathers through every situation thrown at her and her brother. has a slight crush on a survivor named Mark.


Dina is a raven-haired caucasian girl living in the city where it all started. She wears a blue shirt, knee high boots and shorts so it doesn't get in the way when she's running. She carries her cousin Marks' spare combat knife that he left at home and weilds an M16 like a badass. But she's still pretty good with a pistol. She curses a lot an I mean A LOT. Overall she's nice so long as you don't try anything funny.


Mark is Dina's Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Cajun cousin in the army. He was sent in for some clean-up op. and it went south. WAAAYYY south resulting in his squad being killed and him being the only survivor. He sets out to find his sister and get her out of the hell they're in. He brandishes his trusty combat knife hoping it'll lead him to her. But other than that he's horrible with pistols and mainly goes for automatics and bolt-action rifles. And shotguns they may be loud but they're powerful as heck and he loves his shotguns. Hes grumpy, curses a lot just like his cousin. But once you get past the easily pissed off loudmouthed exterior he's really a nice guy. He still wears his uniform only no vest or helmet. he wears his dogtags outside.


Philippines(Felipe Bonifacio)

A hotheaded 6'0 Filipino who's taller than most. Glowing orange eyes and auburn hair. Mainly an introvert, but prefers Canada's company most of all and is unusually cheery and... well different around her(oh yes I like fem!Canada AND SHIPPING HER!). Has a huge and I mean HUGE grudge on Spain. Not... kidding. Also a small pile of revenge for America and Japan. He wears a more Filipinized uniform of Spain( he was ruled by Spain for 300 years. 300 YEARS PEOPLE!!! ) also a green beret.



A simple soul with blue eyes brown hair and glasses. He works as a doctor( though theres no particular need for one in the sick twisted world they live in)with Sniffle's. He wears a lab coat over a grey shirt and brown pants. He's practically fearless HE'S NOT EVEN SCARED OF EVIL FLIPPY SERIOUSLY THIS GUY HAS SEEN THINGS... anyway he's nice over that calm face he always keeps.



A 15 year old ginger-haired human with sky blue eyes who guards the Ender stone( Something I'll mention in my stories involving minecraft ) from the wrong hands. For example Evil humans, Ogres, Goblins and the nether king himself Herobrine. But she's not alone though. She fights with her pet dog Wilfred, An enderman named Don, A boy raised by skeletons named Skull and one of the traitors of herobrine's legion. A boy named Chris. Full name Christoff. Used to be a guardian like her but fell to corruption. She wears a simple red hoodie that ends at the shoulders and is replaced by her arm warmers and black jeans with red sneakers. She's a hotheaded girl with a short temper. Though she can be annoying she's a joy to be around with for her sarcasm and ability to make any situation funny.


A psychotic wolf who is degraded by his master to dog. Even if he could murder her with one fell swoop she could just say sit and he'd be brought to his knees in an instant. He wears a white shirt with some grey at the back and white pants and shoes and has snow white hair and bloody red eyes. He's short-tempered( like master like pet ) and mean but has a certain soft-spot for his master.


Don is a purple eyed raven-haired human with the blood of endermen running through his veins. He fights along side Serra in protecting the Ender stone under orders by the matriarch( Ender dragon ). Though he hates this job he still finds the upside quite beneficial being able to work with the irritable but likeable teenage girl. He's cautious, calm, solves most problems that occur that don't involve fighting or killing something. He wears a shirt that's torn around the edges where the shoulder starts, Black jeans and boots. Has a mini ender pearl hanging from his neck


A white-haired boy with tribal paint on the sides of his mouth and around his eyes. He wears a white hoodie with a skull on the back and black jeans with sneakers. Usually quiet but whenever he speaks he does so in a cool collected voice and manner. Is a good shot with a bow and good with swordplay too. Quiet and usually just lurking around unnoticed but has a slight crush on you know who.

Well anyway if you sneezed while reading this. Bless you're face. Beams are stupid . And to all the bros. Brofist

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