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Author has written 30 stories for Flashpoint.

So my original plan when I opened this account was to post fanfiction ideas that I had, in hopes that someone would make a story out of it. After I got the account I realized that that's not allowed. So I'm posting the ideas on my profile. It's not often that I'm able to type or write my thoughts, but I really wanted them made into a story. Feel free to take the idea and go with it (the notes I added are just to let you see where my mind was going. Please don't be upset with me if you do take the time to make a story and I only review 'good work' or 'great job', I'm not really good with words, but when I give those reviews I mean them.

I do ask that if you take one of my ideas and make a story, not to use the Lord's name in vain or use profanity. I would also like to say that it is not my intention to copy anyone, these ideas are either something that came to mind while watching the show or from my own little world.

While I do enjoy Sam/Jules fics, I would also really like to see some of the other characters in romance stories, like: Greg/Marina, Wordy/Shelley, Spike/Natalie ... even a Dominic/Michelina fic.

Also, if anybody knows how to get a hold of the couple who wrote Flashpoint, please send them a message saying that I think Flashpoint books would be awesome. Whether it be set before the series, during or after. A movie would be great too. I'll read/watch anything Flashpoint I can.

Wordy/Shelley 7 Minutes Of Heaven At a New Years Eve party, after Shelley's divorce, Kevin has something to say. (NOTE: It's crowded, so they go somewhere private. Kevin lays his heart on the line by telling her how he feels, in 7 minutes, then leaves the closet - no kissing. After thinking, Shelley asks for 7 minutes to say how she feels - maybe kissing at the end.) ROMANCE

Clark,Dean Red-Handed Clark and Dean are caught making out with their girlfriends. Ed and Greg decide they should have a talk with their sons. (NOTE: All of Team 1 is involved minus the girls. The men tell their version of the talk. Will the boys escape with their sanity?) HUMOR

Clark,Ed Clark writes a song for his girlfriend and asks his dad for advice. (NOTE: On the show, Clark plays the cello and the piano, so he could be using either.) FAMILY

Ed/Sophie Whatever It Takes Songfic. Song is by Lifehouse. ROMANCE

Spike/Natalie After a mini disaster involving the fire department and her kitchen, Natalie asks Spike if Mama Scarlatti would mind teaching her a thing or two. (NOTE: Natalie is not a dumb blonde/drifter in this. She and Spike are well into a relationship, so this would probably work as a meet the parents type thing. Papa Scarlatti should still be alive as well.) ROMANCE/FAMILY

Team,Holleren When Holleren is away, the SRU will play. Question is, will there be anything to come back to? HUMOR

Wordy,Everyone Daddy Wordy ? (NOTE: I've always pictured Wordy as the dad on the team, even though Greg is the one everyone seems to go to on the show.) FAMILY

Wordy,Wordlets Just Cleaning My Gun Wordy's daughter(s) start dating. (NOTE: I always thought of Wordy as a teddy/grizzly bear, so being so loving and over-protective, how would dating work in the Wordsworth household?) HUMOR/FAMILY

Ed/Sophie Sophie's pregnant, how does Ed respond? (NOTE: His reaction was in the show, but I thought it would be funny if it happened a little differently. Ed finds out when she doesn't drink wine with a meal she always drinks with, going upstairs to find the test, comes down having a fit, and trying to make sure she is as safe and comfortable as possible. Since neither tell Clark what's going on, he calls Greg to come calm his dad down. Greg call everyone else, and they bring their families since they were at home, and it's pretty much a huge disaster from there.) HUMOR/FAMILY

Ed/Sophie ? (NOTE: I only came up with a few lines for this one; Sophie says 'I love you', and Ed says 'And every night I pray that in the morning you still will'.) ROMANCE

All ? (NOTE: Kinda like the episode 'Eyes In', but with the team and their families talking by webcam.) FAMILY/HUMOR

Clark,Dean Punk Rock Parker Dean's mom won't let him go see his dad. Dean reconnects with Clark on Facebook, and they come up with a plan - drive Dean's mom crazy by him pretending to be a punk rocker. (NOTE: I works and she takes him to Cananda to drop him off. What will his dad think, and what happens when he finds out his son is actually normal?) HUMOR

Clark,Dean Shelly's ex is out of prison. The boys decide that while their dads are at work, they will stay with Shelly and the girls, but will their constant viglagance help? (NOTE: The boys are homeschooled in this.) FAMILY

All Behind The Scenes Ever wonder what happens between the cast when the cameras stop rolling? (NOTE: This can include secondary characters as well.) HUMOR/FAMILY

Greg/Marina First dates can be tricky. (NOTE: I also thought it would be funny if the roles were reversed and Dean played the 'it's past your curfew' card.) ROMANCE/HUMOR

Wordy,Wordlets Wordy finds his old giutar in the attic and plays a few songs for his wife and girls. (NOTE: I don't have a song in mind, the thought came to me while watching Michael Cram sing '4 My Body', -not a kid friendly song by the way.) FAMILY

Team The team and their families have a BBQ after church. (NOTE: I thought of this the day before Easter if it matters.) FAMILY

Greg,Jules Greg, upset with his disability, is at home when a pregnant Jules comes to visit. Jules goes into labor and with EMTs being to far out, Greg has to deliver the baby. FAMILY

All Holidays Story about how the team and their families celebrate all the holidays in the year. FAMILY

Greg/Marina,Spike/Natalie Spike and Natalie set up an unsuspection Greg and Marina on a date. Will their matchmaking skills work, and will love blossom between them as well? (NOTE: Spike brings some cool gear for evesdropping.) ROMANCE

Greg/Marina Cup Of Coffee Greg and Marina go to Timmies for coffee and pastries. (NOTE: Based on the ending of 'A Day In The Life'.) ROMANCE

Greg/Marina Tickets Greg and Marina go to her friend's art show. (NOTE: Based on the ending of 'The War Within'.) ROMANCE

All BBQ Team 1 has a family BBQ. (NOTE: I was thinking one chapter for the adults table and a second for the kids table.) FAMILY

Clark,Izzy Older Brother's Progative Izzy's dating and Clark has a 'friendly' conversation with the guy. FAMILY

Ed, Izzy First Cut Is The Deepest Ed help Izzy through her first break-up. FAMILY

All Truth Or Dare At a family BBQ, everyone plays truth or dare. The girls dare the guys, after hearing a comment from Ed, to dress up like women - clothes, makeup, and heels - to show them that life as a woman isn't easy. (NOTE: I had a thought where the guys were all cramed into a small bathroom trying to get dressed while the girls evesdropped from outside the door. Lines can include: Ouch; Hey, I just applied your masqura, and you're ruining my hard work; I'm just trying to get them to curl; How are you suppose to stuff this thing; Hey, you're stepping on my dress; etc.) FAMILY/HUMOR

The Guys Sam's Bachlor Party For his bachlor party, Sam rents a hotel's swimming room, to the humor of the guys - until they feel the awesomeness of the bubbly hot tub. (NOTE: I thought they could be sitting in the hot tub with one of those floatable poker table, but instead of poker chips, they use cookies, chips and crackers. Jules' bachlorette party can be included as well.) HUMOR

Spike,Dominic Papa Scarlatti has a bomb strapped to his chest. How does he feel when Spike comes with the team to disarm it. (NOTE: The reason there is a bomb on Papa Scarlatti can't be because of someone trying to get to Spike, that would only make his dad try to convince him to quit his job even more than he already is.) FAMILY

Ed,Izzy Balistics Ed thinks about the hazards of burping Izzy. (NOTE: In my pocket dictionary, balistics is defined as 'the science of progectile motion'. Based on the episode 'Throught A Glass Darkly'.) FAMILY/HUMOR

Scarlatti Family Spike gives his parents a tour of the SRU. FAMILY

Spike/Natalie Italian Kiss Natalie learns the difference between French kisses and Italian kisses. (NOTE: No idea if there is a difference or not but I thought it would be cute.) ROMANCE

Roy/OC Love For A Lane Roy goes back to work after takeing a leave and meets his new partenr, and falls in love with her - despite his best efforts. ( NOTE: This should happen after 'The Other Lane'.) ROMANCE

Ed,Roy Bonding Brothers Ed and Roy try to repair their relationship. (NOTE: Post 'The Other Lane'.) FAMILY

All It takes a village to raise a kid. FAMILY

All Flashes Of My Life A collection of memeroble moments of the team's life. FAMILY/ROMANCE

Couples Couple Moments A collection of moments between couples. ROMANCE

Couples Newlyweds The couples play The Newlywed game. ROMANCE/HUMOR

Greg Between My Heartbeats Greg's POV of 'Between Heartbeats', when his daughter, Jules, gets shot. FAMILY

Dean/Mira Dean's mom doesn't want him to live with Greg. So she brings Dean's ex-girlfriend with her while visiting her sister to try and make him leave with her. (NOTE: Dean is already dating Mira and he remains faithful to her.) ROMANCE/DRAMA

Team Team 1 writes their memoriors. DRAMA/FAMILY

All Baby Boomers After 'Keep The Peace', Team 1 goes home to reconnet with their loved ones - getting their wives pregnant. Nine months later at the team BBQ Shelley's water breaks, causing a chain reaction with the other women. (NOTE: Greg asks if all the women can be in the same room during and after labor for support - the doctor agrees.) FAMILY/HUMOR

Ed,Clark,Greg,Dean Collision Couse Greg and Ed are teaching their sons how to drive. HUMOR

Spike/? Double Wedding It's Spike's wedding day, and everyone is there. What they don't know is that they've been invited to a double wedding. (NOTE: Spike's bride is up to you; the other couple getting married - is Babycakes and the husband Spike built for her.) ROMANCE/HUMOR

Greg/Marina Meeting Greg decides it's time for his son to meet his girlfriend. ROMANCE/HUMOR

Clark,Dean You Haven't Changed Where the boys are talking to each other after Dean's return.

Ed/Sophie What! Ed tell Sophie about the events in 'Lawmen', can include a second chapter for Dean.

Wordy/Shelley This I Promise You Songfic, this I promise you by nsync. (NOTE: I thought this would make a good first dance song, that Wordy sings the song and plays the guitar while dancing with Shelley. ROMANCE

Couples Valentines (NOTE: Inclueds all couple, but they don't have to be all together, just a chapter with one couple, another chapter with another couple, and so on and so on.) ROMANCE

Spike/Natalie What if Spike and Natalie were still dating during the events of 'Blue On Blue', and Natalie went to Spike for comfort instead of Sam? ROMANCE

Dean/Mira How Dean and Mira met, and when they started dating. ROMANCE

Greg/Dean Second Chances At the end of 'Collatral Damage' where Greg says Frank and Carrie get a second chance, write about how he's thinking about his second chance with Dean. FAMILY

Wordy/Sam During 'Behind The Blue Line' where Sam says, they're trying to feel something again or not feel something, Wordy gives Sam a look and vows to himself they will talk about it later. FAMILY

Wordy/Wordlets Story about Wordy walking into his daughter's fort at the end of 'Fault Lines'. FAMILY

Sam,Spike/Natalie Sam makes Spike and Natalie sign a Terms and Conditions of a Romantic Relationship contract. I thought of a couple of lines: (Natalie looks at the contract and huffs 'you are not going to conduct our wedding') (Sam 'I didn't mean that kind of conduct, I was just trying to think of a more formal word for shotgun wedding, so no one gets cold feet' he turns to the team 'you guys need to be armed okay). HUMOR

Greg,Dean Story about what's going through Greg and Dean's mind when Dean asks if he can live with Greg during 'A Call To Arms'. FAMILY

Greg,Dean/Ed,Clark In Your Arms I Feel Safe Set after 'Keep The Peace Part 2', title is pretty much self explainatory. FAMILY

Sam/Jules Tables Turned What would happen if when Sam first joined the team, he didn't chase after Jules, Jules chased after him. Would things have gone differently? ROMANCE(?)/GENERAL

Spike/Natalie Spike falls in love with Sam's technology-challenged sister, Natalie. (NOTE: Example: Natalie still uses a rotary dial phone.) ROMANCE/HUMOR

Sam During 'Clean Hands', when Sam jumped on the concussion grenade, his broke ribs punctured his lungs. Will he be able to make his way back to the team - or will his nightmare of letting down another team get the best of him? DRAMA/SUSPENSE

Dean's Mom(Joanne) During 'Keep The Peace Part 1', when Greg makes his speech on live televison, Joanne thinks about the difference in the man she knew and the man she sees now. GENERAL

Ed/Jules Maybe there was a deeper reason Ed wanted Donna to stay on Team 1. Maybe he wanted her to stay so he wouldn't have to face Jules. (NOTE: During 'Remote Control', where Jules comes back after being shot by Petar.) ROMANCE or FRIENDSHIP

Ed, Clark Ever since he could remember, Clark always felt he was second best to his dad's job - which he understood, people needed help. Deep down though, he knew that if he had to, his dad would drop everything for him. (NOTE: During Keep The Peace Part 1 and 2, and after.) FAMILY

Ed, Clark What would've happened if instead of Carlton, it was Clark who was abducted and then attempted to jump. (NOTE: Episode is 'Whatever It Takes'.) DRAMA/FAMILY

Spike/Natalie What if David somehow knew Sam and Greg were on their way, and escaped with Spike and Natalie. What lies in store for them, and will Team 1 be able to find them in time? (NOTE: Episode is 'Blue On Blue'.) ROMANCE/DRAMA

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