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Author has written 11 stories for Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mass Effect, Elder Scroll series, and Dragon Age.

Latest Update: Wednesday November 3, 2012

Comments on Completed Works:

Time and Litterature: (series; Danny Phantom) Vlad/Danny AU A request from animeangel088 for a time warp fic. Oh dear GOD was that one fun to come up. I had so much fun with it and so much difficulty it was amazing. I was still working out a plot for the whole thing when I came across the manga Love Neko. And that clinched it. The horrible idea was born and now the evil child is finished after one week of work. *sniff* God it's so beautiful I could cry. And I only mean that as it's so beautifully hilarious that I couldn't keep myself from either grinning like some cliche'd villain plotting Superman's downfall or laughing my butt out of my chair. I would have had it up sooner but I was at work during the 24 hour comic day Anyway it's here. It's wonderful. And it will forever be something to make me giggle to myself in secret evil joy.

Lay All Your Love on Me: (series; Danny Phantom) Dash/Danny Au (kinda) one-shot. Done. Will most likely end up as the first in a series of scattered events all on the same time line but who knows. Even though this isn't one of my favorite couples. It's growing on me though so *shrugs*. Will write sequel when somebody guesses which fetish I'm most likely to use first.

Corruption: (series; Danny Phantom) Vlad/Danny one-shot. My entry to a challenge posted by one of my reviewers. I didn't realize how much people would actually like it as I meant it to be more on the creepy/ wrong side. *shrugs* ah well what you gonna do right? Anyway it was just a quick story that I wrote to see if I could successfully write rape without running off to wash my hands in bleach. Apparently I succeeded. *unenthusiastically* Yay me. By the way. For those of you who keep asking for a continuation of this fic...uh...too bad. It's not going to happen. You're welcome to write your own continuation...but I'm done with it. I wash my hands of it. What's there is what will always be. The end.

Why Don't You Do Right?: (series; Mass Effect) Shepard/Garrus one-shot. Something born out of too much nostalgia and WAY too much work on Phantom Noir while guessed it! Mass Effect! The idea WOULD NOT DIE! It pretty much sat there and prodded me with a stick while I was trying to work on everything else. Still I did enjoy writing it despite well...the odd fluffy feeling I got while writing it. I don't like odd fluffy feelings...they make me feel like I'm writing fluff. I DO NOT LIKE FLUFF. Makes me kind of queasy. Although oddly enough it did give me an outlet for all of my pent up Garrus love. *smacks forehead* god I'm such a pathetic fangirl.

Fighting Urges: (series; Mass Effect) Garrus/Sheppard A little something to satisfy my desperate Turian fetish...and to help work out my terrible Mass Effect addiction. I am incredibly proud of this story. Not only is it a long drawn-out and emotional piece (for me anyway) but it's something I've actually finished with a smile and a feeling of loneliness. For the first time I've been sad to see a fic go but really truly happy that I finished in a way that felt true to not only the characters, but to myself. I'll probably go back and edit this story some, hopefully when I get a beta reader. But for now, I'm just glad to finally move this one into the completed column and call it a day.

Current Status report on works in progress:

There Are Always Two:(series Invader Zim) ZADR cannon; (sort of) Currently around 80 percent finished. Currently on hold until I've found a beta reader to help me go back and clean it up so that the new chapters will fit in with the old and not ruin the story so far. Sadly my beta readers keep dropping like flies. ...It's rather distressing. Also, in case there was any sort of confusion, I did not write this fic in order to make fun of any one particular story or writer. I wrote it as a parody of ZADR fanfiction because I like ZADR...and I can't help but laugh at some of the things my own fandom does...also I laugh at myself sooo...yeah.

Phantom Noir :(series; Danny Phantom) Vlad/Danny AU Currently around 50 percent finished.On hiatus until a Beta Reader can be found.

Nightmare Before Christmas: Slash Edition: (series; Danny Phantom/Nightmare Before Christmas) Crossover Vlad/Danny currently around 25 percent finished. On Hiatus until a Beta Reader can be found.

Hummingbird's Suicide : I've decided to delete this story as I lost interest about one chapter in. Instead, I've decided to go with several shorter independent stories all centered around two main wardens. Tearanae Surana(F!) and Ricker Tabris (M!). Both are elves and both have various storylines that either don't or do intersect. In other words there's a bunch of alternate universes for these two. So I'll be writing several fics about them as the inspiration strikes. Right now that includes You're Not Supposed to Love Me. There will be some subtle differences between each verse. But the main theme is that there were TWO Grey Wardens that Duncan recruited and brought to Ostagar. The elven mage Tearanae and the elven thief Ricker. There will be a story about how these two interacted as they wound up hooking up...together and with Zevran. But I suspect that will come later. For now I've got two other stories lined up. Both ongoing but slow. I've posted one and the other MAY be up soon, but I'm twiddling my thumbs because it hasn't gotten anywhere good yet.

You're Not Supposed to Love Me : ( series; Dragon Age [Origins]) F!Surana/Loghain BIT of an AU. No real percentage of how finished it is because my stupid brain hasn't actually come up with an end yet. Anyway in this AU there are TWO wardens. One who stayed to become the Commander of the Grey and one who ran off with Zevran. What's more in this AU Loghain lives, becomes a Grey Warden, but manages to retain his position as Teryn of Gwaren. Well, until Anora gets uppity and decides to marry him off to her competition for Alistair's affections. Not that she had anything to worry about...but I did need a plot device.

Cultural Studies : (series; Mass Effect) currently around 45 percent finished. Alright so here's that other story I promised you guys. I'm glad to finally get it out there and started working on it. It's going to be a nice contrast to the other story I'm working on right now (Hummingbird's Suicide) due to it's light tone and comedic themes. Honestly I'm just expecting this story to be fun. I may work some drama in there, because no story is good without it, but I'm hoping to keep this one light. I'm really looking forward to exploring two completely new characters inside of a familiar setting as well as showing fans of Fighting Urges the difference between Gene Shepard and Garrus' relationship and Maria and Jaksus'.

Wanderer's Tails : (series; Elder Scrolls: Skyrim) M!Dovahkiin/Vilkas, M!Docahkiin/Ulfric, M!Dovahkiin/Brynjolf, M!Dovahkiin/you get the idea, currently around 5% percent finished (although this percentage may change). This is actually the first time I've decided to do a piece without a fluid storyline to hold all the bits together. Honestly I've never been very good with Drabble pieces but I didn't want to just flood the Elder Scrolls section (or my own account) with the dozen or so short one-shotish stories based on my Khajiit dragonborn's adventures in Skyrim. (Based on mind you. There are a lot of things that happen in these short stories that would probably have made my head explode if they had actually happened in the game). Anyway...I know I should probably be ignoring this for now and focusing on my other two active stories but the damn thing wouldn't leave me alone. And now that I've started it I might as well just run with it.

The actual about the author section (Updated 9/1/12):

Hello there my readers out on the web. My name is Neross Queen of Darkness, but you may also know me as Puppylove_gonebad, lovefishpisces, The One Faithful, or Neross_qod. Currently I'm a twenty-two year-old art student struggling to get by, so you'll just have to excuse the giant blocks of inactivity once in a while.

In any case my dears there are several very important things you should know about me.

1: I do requests AND commissions. If you would like to talk about either please send me a message. Both Requests and Commissions are treated on a 'first come, first served' basis, with Commissions taking the higher priority since (hopefully) I'd be getting something in return for those (where as I'll do a request simply out of curiosity).

2: I am not a frequent user of Just because I have been on this site for years does not mean I know which authors post more often for which series or genre. I really don't. I'm a potent browser and finder of diamonds in the rough. If you're looking for my recommendations, please check my list of favorite writers and authors. AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT SEND ME MESSAGES ABOUT MY RECOMMENDATIONS. Mostly because I won't respond to them.

3: I am human and make mistakes. I have realized I am bound to do something stupid in the course of writing something. So please, LET ME KNOW WHEN I DO THESE THINGS! It is very important that you (my readers) tell me when I screw up. Otherwise I'll never get any better and I'll be forced to spoon-feed you the drippings from my imagination through clumsy sentences and lousy grammar. Also I have a terrible short-term memory so remind me when I get things wrong about a series. Like, I dunno, a character's eye color.

4: Sometimes I feature original characters in my works. I normally only do this to gauge the readers reaction and to practice writing the character so the end result will turn out better. So, chances are if you find an interesting character in one of my stories that isn't from the series, there should be more details about them either on my deviantart account. OR on my y!gallery account...though I'd check the deviantart account first.

5: I AM A HOPELESS PROCRASTINATOR!!! The best way to get me to get my ass back to working on the story you want to hear more from is to review and let me know what you think. Otherwise I'll probably go back to doing homework, organizing my room, reading more books on mythology, or...and this is probably the worst one...playing games on my X-box. So please, do YOURSELF A FAVOR!! REVIEW ME!!

6: I will not defame characters on purpose. What does this mean you ask? Well, it means I will not knowingly skew a character's personality to the point where they are no longer recognizable. While yes, I may enter into a slight ooc realm in the effort to write a slash fic I promise to do my best to keep characters IN character. As much as I can anyway. This means I will not feature character's cutting themselves, being "cutesy", or in any way some sort of terrible cliche', unless it's in their character already OR unless it's a There Are Always Two.

7. If you are posing a request it's probably best if you don't include too many details. Because, to be perfectly honest, if you've already thought out the entire story it'd probably be best if you wrote it yourself. As I do not take direction well in my writing...and I refuse to do collaborations.

8.I am ego-centric and refuse to do collaborations. Pretty straight-forward actually. I find it a bit of an insult to have to work with anyone on a story or take orders from someone else while writing. Anything else in my life, fine. Writing? HELL NO! You stay away from my writing! It's mine! I do however take direction very well while acting or cooking and in's just writing where that pretty much ticks me off beyond all comprehension.

9. I do not do cross-overs unless they make sense. Okay, while I realize I have a couple fics up that seem (and are labeled as) crossovers they are really more or less parodies. Because, in general, I can't draw parallel's between one fandom and another. I have no idea why...I just can't. There are exceptions. But like I said...they're more like parodies than outright cross-overs.

10. If you are going to leave me a criticism please don't do it anonymously. Why? Well it's not like I'm going to hunt you down or something. Sadly my computer skills are sort-of...nil. I cannot hack your profile and find out who you are and hunt you down for whatever you may have said on the internet...nor would I want to. But if you do have some kind of comment or concern I normally enjoy addressing it so that I can either correct the problem or learn from the mistake. When I say I'm looking for criticism I really do mean it. And I have enough drama in my own life to worry about without having to get worked up over something said on the internet. So while I allow anonymous reviews, and rather enjoy them, I would prefer it if you'd leave me some way to contact you to further discuss my writing and how I can improve as a writer.

11. I am in desperate need of a Beta Reader for my non-mass effect related stories. It has become acutely aware to me that I need an editor and someone to help me finish those stories I just can't seem to accept/finish on my own. If you know anyone or if you are someone who's interested PLEASE, send me a private message to let me know.

12. You can contact me on tumblr. I've decided I'd like more interaction with my readers, mostly to know what's going on through your minds when you read my stuff and how I can improve. http : / / negamegantron . tumblr . com.

13. My Beta Reader for my various Mass Effect Series is Spyke1985. And she is a total sweetheart and lifesaver. Just in case anyone was wondering.

14. Do not inbox me to continue a story if it's in the completed works section. Mostly because it's not going to work and I'm just going to be annoyed. I'm working on my fics at my own pace as real life comes first and I have my priorities before posting my fanfiction. What's more I realize some of my older one shots are popular...but that doesn't mean I'm inclined to write sequels/ more for them. In fact, most of those I've washed my hands of. If you want to go ahead and write a continuation BE MY GUEST. But I'm pretty much sitting in the 'nope' section on those. I'm done, I'm satisfied, working on new things now.

Okay so now that I've got that out of my system here's a nice list of my influences. You know...just in case you were wondering.


2:Edgar Allen Poe

3: Stephen King

4: Mythology, Religion (in general not just any one in particular), and fairy or folk tales

5: Movies (in general as I tend to watch a ton of them without really caring about genre)

6: Different Cultures and Sub-cultures

7: Comics and webcomics

8: Manga (I'm giving this one it's own slot because I wanted to make a distinction)

9: My Family (they are freaking crazy and their drama provides for excellent story fodder)

10: My Friends (because who else am I going to push my horrible rough drafts on?)

11: Nature

12: Music (except for MOST country, rap, hip hop, and religious [ I have my reasons ])

13: Food (What? I can't be inspired by food? Obviously you people have never had corn fungus before! Or alligator...or rabbit...or snails...okay this list goes on for awhile you should probably just skip to the next number.)

14:Poetry (when it's good)

15: Life (in general)

Well that's all for now my dear readers/ fans. Hopefully I'll learn to update more often hmm? Until then,

Evilly yours,


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