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Hi all, my name is Laura, I come from England, and I'm a huge lord of the rings fan.

I just love reading stories about lord of the rings, especially with Aragorn and his childhood in Rivendell, with his twin brothers Elladan and Elrohir, and having Elrond as his Ada. I also love Glorfindel and Erestor and I really think Peter Jackson missed a big opportunity at not having them in the films, but hey that's what fanfiction is for. The story I am mainly going to write is about Estel (Aragorn) and his childhood in Rivendell, with Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Glorfindel and Erestor. Also when my first story gets going, I am going to include Celeborn and Galadriel as grandparents to Estel, and also feature Thranduil and Legolas. I am going write some brothers and sisters for Legolas, because in my story, I don't see him as an only child, not that there's anything wrong with that mind you.

I would like to say I do not own lord of the rings or any of its characters, I am simply borrowing them for this story, the only characters I do own are my own, who are listed below as.

Beriadan (Erestor's friend)

Authiel (Beriadan's wife)

Daermaethor (Beriadan's and Authiel's son)

Saeldur (Beriadan's and Authiel's son)

Caladwen (Beriadan's and Authiel's daughter)

Balamaethor (Caladwen's husband)

Alastegiel (Beriadan's and Authiel's daughter)

Bellmaethorion (Alastegiel's husband)

MelcinĂ­tan (Beriadan's brother-in-law)

Honalassiel (Authiel's sister)

Daugon (Beriadan's and Authiel's nephew)

Barathon (Beriadan's and Authiel's nephew)

Castiel (Beriadan's and Authiel's niece)

Vancarmiel (Thranduil's wife)

Calamaethor (Thranduil's and Vancarmiel's son)

Rainion (Thranduil's and Vancarmiel's son)

Nestaron (Thranduil's and Vancarmiel's son)

Maetharanel (Thranduil's and Vancarmiel's daughter)

Valainistima (Thranduil's and Vancarmiel's daughter)

Tirithon (Vancarmiel's brother)

Idhrenohtar (Vancarmiel's brother)

Please don't be to hard on me, as this is my first time at doing this ok. And if you look back on the chapters on my story, you will find I have updated them, so please let me know what you think ok. Also, I would like to say to all the people who reviewed and liked my story, I thought you would like to know that the reason why there is less chapters. It is because I've put two chapters into one to make them longer. So please understand I haven't deleted my story, I've just made it longer chapter wise.

I would like a chance to explain myself for any mistakes I make in my story.
When I was in school, I had written a story for my english class and I loved it. But when my teacher saw it, she said I had done to many mistakes, and instead of explaining what I did wrong, she brushed me aside and failed me then and there. So after that happened I lost all confidence in writing another story, but I still love reading, and when I had read stories on here I felt I could give it another go. So please give me time and a chance to prove myself that's all I ask, and to apologize if I offend anyone with my poor writing. But please understand, I mean no harm or disrespect to people who can write good stories thank you.

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