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Author has written 5 stories for Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, and Gemma Doyle Trilogy.

Updated:May 12, 2006

Hi guys! I know I've been gone fora reallylong time (two years, as some people have pointed out), and beforeeverythingelse I want to apologize for everyone I've kept waiting on Reclaiming Life and Mermaid (and Befuddled, to those thatactually read it =P). Two years ago, I began the IB Program which really ate upa lot of my free time, but also I've been focusing a lot more on original fiction. I haven't seen an Inu-Yasha episode in a long time, because I'm really disappointed in how the story's just going around in circles. (Kill Narakualready, please?). However, I am going to finish these fics one way or another. Chapter 18 of Reclaiming Life is in progress, I have it outlined but I hesitate to give a date as IB exams are still going on--is it okay to say it'll come out some time this year? ;

Okay, now for an explanation for A ROYAL PAIN. Some time ago I received an email from saying that they'd deleted the story because it didn't follow the rules of writing or something. I was really annoyed because a) there's no warning system that informs you before they delete it and b) if you read my stories, I pay attention to grammar. There may be some typos, butno one has mentioned my grammar as interfering with the story. If it had been for something I'd done, I would've been annoyed but understood. But this is something I really believe I didn't do. I don't know whether I'll repost it, as I don't really know where all the chapters are -- I've been through two computers since Royal Pain, and they could be anywhere 0.0



Chapter 9:Still haven't really touched it (so sorry!)Some people seem to have the impression that Chapter 7 is the end of the story. Um, just to clear things up, IT'S NOT. Like I'm gonna leave it there without saying anything about Sango or Miroku or Kikyo! Pwah! I will continue this story, it'll just take awhile. But my focus right now is on completing...


Chapter 18: In progress.

BEFUDDLED: I really like this fic, and it's shorter than my other ones, so I'll definitely continue it. It's a fun little project not meant to be taken seriously, and it'll be really short. Stupidity and OOC abound, but I try not to go too overboard with the OOC (although Kikyo as the overprotective, bully sister is kinda stretching it...) And it is IY/K. I didn't put it on the summary but it is. Maybe I should... Okay, just to clear up any questions (in case more spring up), this is not like Bottled Genius by Rozefire or other genie/wish stories. That's one of my favorite works and I'd never copy someone else's work (if there are similarities, they're coincidental). The only thing they have in common are the fact that wishes are in it.And Befuddled is obviously based on Bedazzled, starring Brendan Fraser and Liz Hurley. Wishes will be made, and wishes will get screwed up. If you haven't seen the should.

Chapter 3: Um...thinking about it?

Thanks for everyone who's still reading and being patient. I will post something soon =).

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