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Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile. I've begun updating this like a journal of my fanfic writing life, so if you've read it before you can just read the latest update. I just flipped the order, so the most recent journal entries are listed first.

Below is my ff-writing life in a nutshell. The stories are listed in bold italics. The earlier stuff is not nearly as polished or well-written as the later stuff, just so you're aware. I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please be kind to an unpaid author and leave me a review - I really do love to hear what readers think!




Well, I finally finished Passion & Pickpockets- it was like pulling teeth to put together an ending with which I was satisfied. I rewrote the ending at lest three times (maybe more, I lost track). Many thanks, as always, to my endlessly patient betas, SnowPrincess and JackieJacks, for putting up with my writing vagaries.

As with the last couple stories, this one is now essentially complete (though the end is not yet beta'd) so I should be able to post a chapter every 3 days unless something untoward happens (like losing my internet, which is not unheard of). If you've reviewed my stories in the past, you know I try to respond personally to each signed review - I really cherish those interactions with readers!

Finally, regarding the rating, as it seems I may have offended which I truly never mean to do. I have posted this as a T rated story. I truly believe the first chapter, in particular, contained material appropriate for a T rating. After receiving an unsigned review suggesting the perhaps an M rating is more appropriate I have seriously reconsidered the rating, but am, at this point, leaving it at a T. My basic test for T vs. M is whether I would allow my own teenagers to read it. But maybe I'm kind of a liberal mom. Trust me, I cut out the juicy stuff for this posting. I believe that I will leave the racy stuff to post on Archive of Our Own - where mature content is more accepted.

That said, if you are truly bothered by the T rather than M rating as the story progresses, please feel free to PM me with your reasons and I will again reconsider. This story does go to some very dark places, and that concerns me more than the intimacy between Frank and Nancy, or Joe and Vanessa. So you are forewarned, I may increase the rating to M at some point based on violence - personally, that's always bothered me far more than sex.

But again, maybe I'm weird.




Passion & Pickpockets is well underway and coming together quite nicely. I received a lovely review from Elizabeth (thank you!) that prompted me to write this journal entry. This is a warning and a promise. I try hard not to introduce characters or plot threads that I do not plan to wrap up... eventually. I do not neatly wrap up every plot line in every story, choosing instead to allow certain plots span a couple stories (or several, such as the mystery around Nancy's uncle). It just feels much more realistic to allow certain plots to develop over the course of the series rather than cramming it all into a single story. I hope this isn't too frustrating, but does keep you coming back for more :)

For my A-Team fans, I am also working on the next in my DiD series. However, as with the last in that series, it will be quite a while coming. This next one will include the Team capture and incarceration at the POW camp and it's proving a difficult one to keep moving on. I have also begun rewriting Fatal Recallwhich is turning into a much different story than as originally written. I'm thinking that I'll leave the original up and post this as a whole new story under a different name. Other than the basic premise, it is a different story, and I find it interesting to compare and contrast. I hope you'll stick with me through this process.


I know, almost a year of silence... not that anyone probably noticed - lol! It's taken quite a while for me to draft and polish the next in my Decent into Darkness (DiD) A-Team series, but I finally finished it. Pushing the Envelope (PtE) takes Murdock and Syd's story up through their reunion at Nha Trang and the process of coming to grips with their relationship. I just started posting it today, and will post a chapter or two every two to three days until the whole story is up. As always, I love to hear what you're thinking, so please don't be shy! Hit that little review button and leave a note, or even just a smiley, to let me know you're reading and enjoying.

For me the DiD series is a difficult series for me to write. It takes me into some dark places, as I know it will you. There are times when PtE is fairly intense, and the content of the story is firmly in the MATURE rating. While I always adored the A-Team series for its tongue-in-cheekiness, I've always been curious about the history that shaped that amazing group of soldiers that we all love so much. Tone-wise, this is probably most like the The Sound of Thunder which was set in Vietnam, and was probably the most serious the series ever got. Personally, it's probably one of my favs (I know, all post-Stockwell series haters, it's sacriligious) and I love the glimpses into the guys' thoughts about the war. Just so you know, while this is the A-Team, it is a more serious side of the Team, and I won't apologize for that.

As always - Happy Reading!!


A photo of Van's gown was requested. Here's a link to something kind of like what I have imagined, though I envision much more intricate beading across the entire skirt:

I have been working sporadically on my Decent into Darkness A-Team continuum. I am so sorry it's taking me so long to get on with this story. I hope you'll be patient with me...


C&C has started posting. This one came together pretty quickly, and thanks to my betas, JackieJacks and SnowPrincess, is one of my best stories - at least in my opinion. Not only that, but I did finally get them married. AT LAST! Anyway, I hope you'll all read and enjoy. As with the last story, I will be posting every third day.


I just finished posting Shadows & Swindlers. It's always kind of sad when I finish posting, because it usually means the end of the reviews, and I am a shameless review junky! Many thanks to those who put the story or me on fav, and many more thanks to those who reviewed - those little notes are my FF writing reward :)

I have begun drafting the next in my HB/ND series. It is tentatively titled Covet & Commit and is shaping up quite nicely. I promise, in this story I will finally get to the wedding ... maybe even the honeymoon! But of course, it's going to be a bumpy ride *insert evil laugh here*

I have also been picking at my A-Team story and have a short just about ready to post that finally gets Syd back to Nha Trang with the Team. I've been tweaking, trying to keep it true to the timeline set up in canon and my reunion story, without letting it stray TOO FAR from historical reality. I promise the Decent into Darkness continuum is not dead - it's just been kind of dormant for awhile :o


CB requested a pic of Nancy's wedding dress. Here is a pic of the inspiration, though I kind of combined a couple different dresses to come up with the one described, this is the closest (as it will be altered):

Hopefully, the link posts. I can upload a story, but I'm not so good with the other technical aspects of this site.


Me again. Shadows & Swindlers is now posting and will post every third day until complete. I hope you'll read and enjoy. For those readers in the A-Team fandom, I'm afraid I'm just slow getting back into that one - sorry!


Me again. I think I'm actually making progress in both my A-Team and ND/HB worlds but I fear that RL is intruding on my writing time right now. I have quite a few chapters written for the next in my ND/HB series, tentatively titled Shadows & Swindlers which I hope to begin posting in the near future. I'm using a beta for this one for the first time (thanks josie hardy) so I have high hopes for it.

I'm not nearly as close with the sequel to Falling in my A-Team universe. That one is tentatively titled Going Against the Grain and is finally coming together, but will likely take me a little longer to get in shape to post.


So, I decided that trying to revise this whole thing was a pain each time I changed gears (as I seem to be totally schizo in my writing lately), so I'm going to start dating these updates. I am now blocked as far as my ND/HB universe stories are concerned (not terribly, blocked, so don't give up on me) and decided to switch gears to see if I could shake my muse out of her trance. When she finally awoke, she was obviously in an A-Team mood ...

I just posted a (very) short vignette titled Dark & Stormy related the whole FR universe with Murdock and Sydney (written some time ago). I have also picked up the bits and pieces of Murdock's and Syd's pre-meet history, filled in the big gaps, and pulled it into a somewhat cohesive whole. I am close () to posting the whole shebang as Journey to Each Other, I just have one last round of edits to complete. Journey takes Syd's and Murdock's history up through Falling (in fact, the last scene of Journey contains the same dialogue as part of the first scene of Falling - which appeals to the anal part of my personality ;). I think I might be over the worst of my writer's block regarding my FR-related Vietnam-era series, which I have dubbed Decent into Darkness - melodramatic, I know, but I kind of like it :) It's still going to take me awhile to get to a point where I'm posting the sequel to Falling, though, so please be patient with me.

Sorry about the confusion regarding this particular 'universe.' This is the first series that hasn't come to me in a linear time frame, and even I get them confused. At the suggestion of a reader (thanks, shadowwalker) here is a list of the stories in order from earliest to most recent in the overall story time frame

Vietnam-era 'histories':
Journey to Each Other (Vietnam War is ramping up, but only the latter portions of this story are actually set in Vietnam - it is an early - life history of the two main characters)
Shuai-Jan Sprouts Wings (this one actually occurs somewhere in the middle of the second half of Journey)
Falling in Love with a Lie (The last scene in Journey is the same as the first scene of Falling, but from a different POV)

Dark & Stormy (a vignette related to the universe)
Fatal Recall (this is the reunion story, actually set post-season 5 in the A-Team canon)


The sequel to Exploring, is titled Press and Preditors. This story is more intricately-plotted then the first. I was overall pretty pleased with the balance between the personal drama and the mystery, and the parallel story arcs came together far better then I ever could have hoped. I don't know if any readers really notice the balance or the sympatico plot lines, but it's part of what I've found really fun about writing in this fandom! My only complaint with P&P is that the pace is a little slow in the beginning - but I'd like to think the breakneck pace at the end makes up for it - please, if you read it, leave a review and let me know what you think! P&P is now complete, and I am currently mulling over a sequel, but have only a strawman plotline thus far, and a couple random scenes, so it will probably be awhile before I begin posting.


First, I came up with a weird numbering system so that my stories show up on my profile page with each series in a basic timeframe order. I hope this helps.

Second, I decided to continue updating the detailed summary of my writing so that anyone interested knows what goes where and why, so here it is:

My very first (written) fanfic ever was Angels Shooting Fire and was inspired by a song (I guess that makes it a song-fic) by Atoosa. I've always been a Murdockian, and watched A-Team obsessively as a teen, so this was where I got my start, though to be honest, the OC female character, Nancy, is based loosely on Nancy Drew (lol). I didn't do it as a x-over, because I'm not usually a big xover fan, so I changed her name. But any ND/HB fans out there might recognize a little of our favorite girl detective in my Nancy Clay character as she was first introduced. Honestly, I can't bring myself to edit Angels, but I cringe when I read it now. I've learned a lot about writing since that first fic!

Lifetime Supply of Cabbage Rolls was next, and I really liked how this one turned out. Nancy left behind her Mary Sue tendencies and became a strong, though certainly not perfect, female character. I decided I actually kind of liked her. Over the course of the next couple stories, she really developed a voice of her own, and I thought she was a great life-partner for Murdock, and a wonderful foil for Stockwell, who always kind of annoyed me. That series of stories in order is:

Angels Shooting Fire

Lifetime Supply of Cabbage Rolls

Flying Into a Mad Season, Who's Psychotic Now

Simple Dreams and Flying Machines

Then I got this weird idea for a 'replacement' story for Angels, and wrote An Abel Beginning with a Relative Twist, which in my personal opinion is much more in keeping with the A-Team genre, and is much better written then my earlier stories. However, it is in need of editing, and though I tell myself I should revisit it, there's always a new project to distract me from the real work of writing ;). There are a couple of shorts associated with this particular story (Nancy & Murdock A Vignette and Wedding Plans), but I have yet to begin a sequel.

My next project was Fatal Recall. It was a tricky one to write, because I worked very hard to keep it at least loosely accurate from a historic perspective (anyone who knows A-Team canon knows this is a tricky) and also align with the disjointed pieces of Murdock's history that were revealed during the TV series (again, tricky). In this story I again introduce a strong female character in Sydney Wilson (side note: I have to admit that the one thing I always disliked about the A-Team was that other than Amy Allen, all the women tended to be wimpy bimbos. I don't do wimpy bimbos.) I think, to date, this is one of my best pieces, with a nice balance of romance, action, and intrigue. It came together better then I ever could have hoped when I started with the hair-brained idea ;).

Then I found myself totally caught up in the background story for FR, and decided to try my hand at a Vietnam-era fic. The background came to me in odd flashes, and it took me awhile to pull together a coherent piece to post. The result was Shuai-jan Sprouts Wings and is my version of how Murdock came to join Hannibal's A-Team. I then moved on to how Sydney first met Murdock and wrote Falling In Love With a Lie. I've actually written some pre-Shuai-jan stuff (kind of want to explore that era some more, from both Murdock's and Sydney's perspectives, but can't figure out how to make it an 'A-Team' fic) and I have actually started drafting the sequel to Falling, but hit a brick wall and set it aside to see if I could shake my writer's block. I think I've actually come up with a scenario that works, and is (almost) historically believable within the Vietnam War framework, but I have not yet started writing, other than sketchy outlines. I promise to get back to this project eventually, but . . .

I decided to take up a new project when I realized I was reading far more in the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys fandom than in A-Team. I took it as a sign that I needed a break from the guys, and decided to try my hand at a ND/HB 'casefile' style story, with an ND/FH pairing (I'm sorry folks, Ned is kinda boring, he had to go - besides, Nan and Frank belong together). The result was Exploring Fraud and Friendship and I think it turned out pretty good. And WOW! is that fandom way more active than the A-Team fandom. I've never had so many reviews, or so many hits. I was astounded, and very pleasantly surprised! I think any author out here would tell you, it's the reviews that make it all worthwhile, afterall, they're your only form of payment (besides the joy of spinning a good tale, of course;).

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