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Hiya people!!!

If you're here, it's cuz you wanna know more about me huh? Okay, maybe you just found this page by a pure hazard but oh well, might as well talk about myself now that I'm at it.

My real name is Sakuri and I'm a girl, I think you noticed by my name. I'm currently living in Canada, and if you're wondering about the link between my name and where I live, well I was adopted. I'm going to move in Japan in a few months, gonna live with my real mother, which I kept contact with since I was little. If you're confused, I'm living with the best friend of my mom, currently. And NO, this kind of story doesnt only happen in American Drama movies, heh! JAPANNNNNN! YAYYY!

I'll be in my element for once, I mean, they're always the first to get the videogames hehehe!

Yeah, another girl obsessed over anime, mangas and videogames. *sigh*


Rin/Shippou or Rin/Souta, both are cute!
For all I care Inuyasha can go to hell with his dead bitch! ^_^'


The commons pairings lol



Sakura/Naruto (cute, ne? Always fighting.)

Final Fantasy:

Yuffie/Vincent (ff7) (Weird, huh? Well, she's bouncy, he's calm, opposites attract!)

Selphie/Seifer (ff8)
Selphie/Zell (ff8)

Rikku/Gippal (ffx-2)
Paine/Baralai (ffx-2)

And I was kinda tired of Yuna/Tidus



Why : Not only this is the cutest couple ever, but there is real possibilities of it happening in the game. BUT I read a few things about Xenosaga II including that Jr. knew Sakura in the past, which would be the reason why he's nice with MOMO, and I hate it! Now I'm upset.

run away to Namco, erasing Sakura of the storyline*

Again, a weird couple:


Yep, no matter how much he hurt her, I still think there's a good side in him,hidden somewhere behind bushes, that is just SLEEPING! I always believe in the fact that MOMO could be very comprehensive and understand him in some ways...Oh well, just some insane babbles from me, cuz I am an Albedo fan, y'hear?!

Chaos/KOS-MOS (C-O-M-E O-N guys, he say she's beautiful whe she sleeps! Isn't it a great hint now?

And of course, Shion and Allen!

Yup, Xenosaga's my current obsession! (And Xenogears, of course! Who could forget such a great game? I like Emeralda/Billy!)

Anyways, bye bye! ^.^

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