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Hi, My name is Jackson Peterson-Hirsch, but my pen name is Jacob Pendra-Huth. I am a huge anime fan, and ever since seeing crossover stories on this website, I decided to take a chance in seeing what this audience is all about. I have created a series called "Jackson the Swordsman", which mainly focuses on my made up character and Sonic the Hedgehog, then it transitions after a while (when the main female protagonist character, Latias Eonas, shows up) into a series called "Chaeon Tales", basically a story with many other series in it (ex: Pokemon, Kirby, Sonic, Ojamajo Doremi, One Piece, ect.). I have not written an actual storyline to it, though the first three-part episode of "Jackson the Swordsman" has been made.

As for the other series I've developed, they act as, looking for a better term, side stories to Chaeon Tales, where the characters will go into different worlds and go into different storylines. Here's what I have so far.

Magical Pretty Cure: Ojamajo Doremi x Smile Precure. Featuring Dori and her four friends, along with Jackson the Swordsman and Latias Eonas. It takes place after Smile Precure defeated Pierrot. Progress: Postponed until later.

Suite Pretty Cure Sharp: Suite Precure x Pokemon x Sonic X. Featuring Meloetta and Amy Rose as a human. It takes place early into the Suite Precure, around Ep. 7. Progress: Postponed until later.

Sword Art Kingdom: Sword Art Online x Kingdom Hearts II. This is not part of the Chaeon Tales saga. It starts off prior to Sora's reawakening. Progress: COMPLETE!

Jackson the Swordsman: The very first story I ever created. This features my own character, Jackson Parry Peterson, along with another fan-made character, Blade the Hedgehog. Jackson enters the land of Mobius, where he meets Sonic, Tails and many other characters. He is given a new powerful weapon, the Grand Blade, and is now joining his friends on exciting adventures. Progress: postponed until later.

Sword Art Kingdom II: Dimensional Bonds: A sequel to Sword Art Kingdom. Surrounds itself in anime worlds rather than Disney worlds. Progress: Not complete.

Here are some future stories I plan to write:

Sword Art Kingdom: Final Mix: It features special OVA episodes that take place within the timelines of 'Sword Art Kingdom' and 'Sword Art Kingdom II: Dimensional Bonds' These episodes are irrelevant to the main plot of the stories.

Sword Art Kingdom: Dream Drop Distance: While Sora and Riku take on the Mark of Mastery in their dimension, Kirito, Asuna and Leafa take the same test in their dimension. However, as their test goes on, Leafa is taken by some returning enemies, and it is up to Asuna and Kirito to unlock the seven sleeping worlds' Keyholes in order to learn about the enemies they are dealing with.

Fresh Precure Plus: Fresh Precure x Sonic X. Cream, Cheese and Vanilla all enter the parallel warp to Clover Town, and Cream and Vanilla end up being humans. New quote: 'Four-leaved clovers are lucky, five-leaved clovers are miracle'.Takes place after Ep. 3 of Fresh Precure.

Heartcatch Precure Bloom!: Heartcatch Precure x Ojamajo Doremi. Featuring Hana/Flora from Ojamajo Doremi and Toto, who becomes a Precure Fairy. Takes place after Ep. 4 of Heartcatch Precure.

For those who don't know the characters of the Chaeon Tales, these are some of the main characters from 'Chaeon Tales':

Jackson P. Peterson: The main protagonist of the 'Chaeon Tales' and 'Jackson the Swordsman' series. Originally from an ordinary Earth world, Jackson was sent to Vidoseena, the main world composed of different lands, such as Mobius, which is the main location, Hyrule, Dreamland, The Pokemon Regions, ect. Jackson likes to call himself as 'Jackson the Swordsman', since he kept hearing Sonic introduce himself as 'Sonic the Hedgehog'. His main goal in life is to be the greatest Sword's Master ever, though is only reason of gaining that title is so he could be able to protect everyone dear to him.

Personality: His attitude is basically carefree, joyous, impatient, and a bit cheeky, much like Sonic's characteristics. He is very kind, though bluntly honest with his feelings. He does his best to act optimistic all the time, even in fights. However, he never abandons a friend in need, and will go the extra mile to protect them. In battles, he even finds way to be wild and happy, which annoys most antagonists and sometime his friends. He claims that he tries his best not to be serious so as to not lose his happiness with his friends. However, he is serious on the fact that he protects people who have reason's to live, and will not kill people with that quality.

As he grew older, his mind wasn't matured with it, so even when he turned into his mid-20s, he was still childish. However, he learned to be mature in time, especially since his marriage and being a father. He refuses to give up on things he started, due to tragic events he dealt with in the past, and developed a sort of seriousness into his determination to prove his potential. When he was married, Jackson developed another side to him where he tries really hard to avoid being in the same room (or bath) with another naked woman, preferably determined to show his loyalty to his marriage. This gets him involved in many comedic events.

Relationships: Jackson always found ways to make friends with people. His best friends are Sonic and Tails, who were the first people he met in the new world, and who were the ones who saved him. He and Sonic are more brothers than friends, despite the fact of different types of beings. Because of this, Jackson has developed a personality a lot like Sonic, too. The two love to race off into adventures together, especially since Jackson gained supersonic speeds. But most of the time, the two just love to race. Jackson had even developed another favorite thing of Sonic's; chili dogs. The two would even bet in the middle of a battle against a group of enemies that whoever gets the most would buy the other's meals.

As for Tails, Jackson praises him for his technical know-how, and is even learned to understand what Tails says when he explains how things work. Jackson learned a lot from Tails' words, and became a great engineer because of him. The two would work together on projects, from things like building aircrafts and other vehicles, to even building the blueprints of a new underground base. It was thanks to Tails that Jackson developed the new Jet Shoes, a roller blades style of Extreme Gear. Despite all this, Jackson was always asking Tails for his approval on his stuff.

Jackson finds Amy Rose as someone to talk to when he has trouble with girls and stuff. She is often the one person Jackson would go out shopping with just for some support. Jackson also finds her annoying when she goes gaga for Sonic, and will aid his friend in escaping her.

As for Knuckles, Jackson and him are friends, though Jackson would often tease Knuckles due to his lack of wit. He would often pull a prank on him, regardless of the aftermath. Nevertheless, Jackson sees Knuckles as a strong-arm, and someone that can be relied on...sometimes.

Blade the Hedgehog is Jackson's master in swordplay, and more of a fatherly figure to Jackson. After a while, however, Jackson and Blade would often talk to each other as if they were equals, especially since the day Jackson defeated him in a duel. Jackson is not phased by Blade's attitude, though at times Blade get's somewhat annoyed with Jackson's carefree style, and would often demand that he should be more cautious.

D. Cypress was the very first actual swordsman Jackson ever had an official duel with. Jackson won their duel, but refused to kill him. He accepted Cypress as a friend, and was the first to notice the sadness in his eyes. Even when Cypress was controlled by a demon, Jackson considered him a true friend, and helped free him from his control. Since then, the two had a strong bond with each other, and would often spar with one another to test their fighting potential.

Latias Eonas is Jackson's love. He cares deeply for her happiness, and would protect her from danger, even if it was life-threatening. In early times, he was often the one who told her what to do, and got somewhat annoyed with her lack of confidence. After enduring a trial in which Latias gained confidence and strength in the heart, the two were considered equals. He would often go to Latias for help with education, due to her incredible wisdom, and in return, Jackson would help her train for combat. Jackson always admits to others that he loves Latias, and he never hesitate demonstrating his love for her.

Latios is Jackson's brother-in-law, and Jackson's rival. Like Knuckles, Jackson would make fun of Latios' lack of wit, though Jackson knew when to draw the line when dealing with him. Jackson and Latios would often get into battles, especially if it involved Latias. Despite this, Jackson respects Latios' strength and honor, and they would often work together when battle is seriously tough.

Coco is Jackson's older sister, and they have been rivals ever since they were little. Things haven't changed after they went to another world, where they gained fighting skills and Extreme Gear, and started challenging one another more often. However, Jackson has always cared for his sister's well-being, and considers her thieving a dangerous job, since it might put her in jail, or worse. Therefore, Jackson keeps an eye out for her, even if he doesn't express it as much.

Battle Skills: Jackson has a diverse set of skills. Due to his title, his main trait is his swordplay. His main dream in life is to become the greatest Sword's Master in all dimensions. His skills, in the beginning, were already beyond average, as he was able to control one of the Seven Legendary Swords of his dimension; the Grand Blade. Not only that, but he was able to unleash a 'Sword Beam' technique when he gained the Grand Blade, a move that could only be mastered by Sword's Masters. He's a two-sword style fighter, and he always switches around what his secondary sword is. His two common secondary weapons he would use would be either his Dreamsword, a longsword he crafted at a young age in Dreamland, and 'Kiba Torashiro', which means White Tiger Fang, and is a katana that was formally his grandmother's. Jackson has even developed the 'Elemental Blade' technique, and his element is wind. He even evolved his Grand Blade into the Aero Grand Blade after mastering this skill. Jackson is also able to detect the 'swordsman aura' within people, which is basically how skillful they were with a sword. If the person's aura is Sword's Master quality, he will challenge them.

His most common natural skills are his speed and sight. After saving the Chao Princess, the queen offered Jackson a wish, and Jackson wanted to be as fast as Sonic. It worked, because now he is able to run at supersonic speeds. He has even trained his legs by adding leg-braces to add weight to his legs. He slowly increased the weight overtime to the point where he could now carry 20 metric tons on each leg! Not only that, his jumping, kicks, and speed increased due to his training. However, in his early life, Jackson had trouble controlling such speeds, so Tails developed a device that suppresses the speed while it is on.

As for his sight, Jackson is able to see twice as far as any normal person, and after gaining Chaeon energy, he is able to see three times better than a normal person. He is able to see Sonic running clearly, even if he himself isn't moving.

As for the title 'Chaeon', a mystical energy that combines Chaos energy with Eon energy, and powered by the heart of the person. Jackson found out he was the descendent of the King of the Chaeons, Roucage (Row-caw-g). Jackson was unable to use it's energy early on, due to his Chaeon seal being locked. However, the energy give his body a natural boost all around, improving his physical and mental skills. He was still able to manifest the Chaos energy asset, able to use it's energy to give him strength, make him capable of using Chaos Control and Spear after Shadow taught him, and even able to take on a super form like Sonic or Shadow.

After a few seasons, Jackson finally unlocked his seal, and he wielded the Chaeon Symbol of Courage. His main attack is 'Chaonos Spear', an upgraded form of Chaos Spear. He can also use 'Chaonos Blast', which is like Chaos Blast, but stronger. He is able to take on a Chaeon Form, which increases his Chaeon skills, and later on a True Form, a Ninja Mode, allowing him to unleash powerful Chaeon powers and Ninjitsu. His Chaeon attacks are more fast pace, and is suitable for all around range. He has a minor skill in healing, but he was able to create a self healing skill overtime that, after absorbing the Chaeon energy in the atmosphere, allows him to instantly heal and battle wounds and tiredness. Jackson even acquired abilities to change his age and even his gender, though he prefers to stay male in most cases.

But swords and speed are far from Jackson's potential. He also discovered the Light Emerald, a miraculous gem that can only be wielded by those of Positive Chaeon Energy. It also contains all of the powers of the Chaos Emeralds, and although it is the same size, it's powers are more powerful than all 7 put together. The reason of this is because it use to be part of a second Master Emerald, which was destroyed in a war, giving birth to the Chaeon Tribe. However, its' powers are rivaled that by the Dark Emerald, it's counterpart, which is wielded by Jackson's main villain, Lord Doomus.

In his off time, Jackson is Tails' apprentice, and is able to make machines like Tails, at rare times even surpassing his skills. Jackson and Tails have created several things together, including air vehicles, Jet Shoes which were basically a rollerblade form of Extreme Gear, communication devices, even an extremely large underground base, which was originally a bunker for an army. Jackson was taught how to ride vehicles, and Jackson always asks for advice from Tails based on how things work. Jackson has basic skills in computer work, but he isn't an expert at such things. In another pass time, Jackson prefers running, sleeping, and Sonic even taught him how to play a guitar (Basically, instead of the original Sonic the Hedgehog storyline, featuring Sally Acorn, Bunny Rabbot, Rotor and the team, I chose to go along the Sonic Underground series, even though the series was incomplete).

Jackson has a lot of occupations, but he also found the Pokemon region in the same world as them, though separated from view from one another. Jackson became a up and coming Pokemon trainer, with his female Eevee as his first Pokemon. Like the Eevee in the manga, Jackson's was somehow able to revert back and forth between all of its' evolutions. Eventually, it stopped at Leafeon and became that. But Jackson's strongest Pokemon was actually Cyndaquil. He found it after beating the Cerulean City gym. Jackson found a Team Rocket base where they had Cyndaquil captive, due to its' unusually strong fire powers (Basically like Ash's Pikachu with it's strong electrical powers). Jackson saved him, and the two became companions. He gave it an everstone necklace, preventing him to evolve for a long time, but eventually evolved in the Hoenn region. Jackson is great friends with Ash and co., and usually teams up with him from time to time. Jackson became winner of the Johto Region finals, and successfully beaten all of the Johto's Elite 4, but failed to beat the champion, Lance. He did get a rematch with him in the Sinnoh region, and defeated him there, granting him the title of Johto Pokemon Champion. It was during his travels that Jackson even met Latias and Latios.

Weakness: All in all, Jackson is fast to help, serious when meeting strong opponents, and strategic in battle. However, he is impatient and brash, and will go into battles without a plan on occasions. His cheeky attitude would sometimes get him into trouble. In early stages, he was easily fooled by things, but has grown mature afterwards. Although being the Chaeon Wielder of Courage, Jackson has two fears; one is bees, due to traumatizing childhood, and being unable to help his friends or being not strong enough to save them. His over reliance on using his swords and Chaeon powers also proved to be a flaw to him, which is why he later on learns other skills, and is able to remember them due to his unnatural memory skills. Jackson gets infuriated when his closest friends and family are being attacked, and at one point he undergone a Dark Super Form because of his rage. However despite his flaws, Jackson likes to fight to protect his friends. He always likes to have his friends at his side to help him succeed, and sometimes his best attacks could only be unleashed through the bonds of all his friends.

Latias Eonas: The female protagonist of the 'Chaeon Tales' series. Latias' first appearance was basically in 'Pokemon Heroes', where Jackson and Ash first met her. During the Hoenn region, Jackson decided to go to Alto Mare, and after a while, he convinced her to come along as a human, not his Pokemon partner. During the time, Jackson found a special potion that allowed her to speak in her human form, and she has developed herself with Jackson, even going back to his homeland in Mobius. Latias and Jackson developed a crush on each other, though after the transformation when gaining their Chaeon powers, Latias' appearance changed through that, and the two of them became older, around their early 20s. Soon after, Jackson took her out on a date, and after saving her life from her living in an eternal coma, Jackson asked her to marry him, for which she accepted.

Personality: At first, Latias was shy, and didn't have self-confidence in herself ever since her brothers death. She is really kind, and incredibly smart after gaining her Chaeon powers. She relied on others, particularly Jackson in most occasions. However, after undergoing a Chaeon Trial, she learned to be more confident, and more independent. From then, she became a leader alongside Jackson, and had even learned to stand up to Jackson's cheeky attitude, and scold him when he got rambunctious. Latias also developed a sort of counselor side of her, talking to others who had problems, especially if it involved love. At the same time, she became part of a pop idol group in later life, and has developed a crowd-friendly personality.

Relationships: Apart from Jackson and her brother, Latias is closest to Amy. She and Amy are considered more sisters than anything else, and have worked together many times before. In later times, they became a pop idol duo, forming the Mobian's Love team. They would often talk about their relationships with Sonic and Jackson together, and do all kinds of girly things together.

Tails is Latias' favorite male Mobian. Ever since she gained incredible intellect, she learned to keep up with Tails' technical talk, and was able to learn how to work a computer at a master level because of him. Tails is also Latias' window into Jackson's life, and she would often ask for advice about him.

Sonic and Latias aren't often together as much as Jackson and Sonic, though Sonic, like Jackson, would often aid Latias when things got tough. Latias has a hard time keeping up with Sonic's attitude, but she learned to adapt to it eventually.

Cream the rabbit is like a younger sister to Latias. She enjoys her company, and she makes sure that Cream doesn't get into too much trouble. Cream allowed Latias to stay with her and her mother at their home before she and Jackson got married.

Latios is Latias' brother. She looks up to her brother due to his strength and will, though she gets ticked off when he goes berserk at Jackson because he wasn't treating her well. She has coped with Latios' attitude, and after she gained confidence, she often stuck up for herself against her brother. Still, she became reliant on her brother's aid, and would ask him for help when it require his physical strength.

Jackson is Latias' love. At first, she was a bit flustered around Jackson, but once she realized it was because she liked him, she started to calm down. She considers him a comfort when she felt sad or disappointed, and in early times she would often rely to him for protection. Latias feels that Jackson was the main reason she was able to gain the courage to leave her home of Altomare, and go out into the world. She feels glad when Jackson is around, and happily excepted his proposal when he asked her to marry him. After she gained confidence during a trial, Latias now became better at helping Jackson, and would chew him out if he got too carefree, which Jackson doesn't mind.

Battle Skills: Latias is rather diverse, though not as diverse as Jackson. Her popular skill before her Chaeon powers was her ability to take on her dragon form, allowing her to fly in the sky and take down enemies from below and around her. She would often carry Jackson or somebody else on her back, allowing them to work together to take out multiple enemies.

In human close range fights, Latias' only skill is something Jackson asked her to learn; swordplay. Though not as strong as a Sword's Master like Jackson, her style of combat is using a rapier. Her main weapon is called 'Rubero'. Her skills with it are swift and accurate, though not strong nor extremely damaging. Latias had developed her 'Elemental Blade' technique, and her element is water.

Latias is the descendent of the Queen of the Chaeons, Voel, and wields the Chaeon symbol of Love. She can manifest the greatest amount of Chaeon energy out of all the Chaeon wielders, and much quicker too. Her main trait from this skill is that she is able to see into people's hearts. She can feel the emotions of a person, understand how kind they are, and even able to detect whether they are lying or not. In early times, he was sensitive to overwhelming love people had, but she learned to adapt. She has been given a brain boost from her Chaeon energy, and is able to understand almost any subject.

Her main Chaeon attack is called 'Chaonas Stream', a whip-like burst of Chaeon energy that surges from the palms of her hands. Latias can use the powers of Chaos energy to induce Chaos Control, though she doesn't use it as often. She is an expert healer, and is able to heal physical wounds, and was able to further her skills by curing such things like poison and such. Her Chaeon attacks are more long-ranged, and she prefers fighting from a distance. Like Jackson, she can take on a Chaeon Form, and her True Form is a Mage Mode, allowing her to cast elemental magic attacks and time magic. She is even able to take on a super form with either the Chaos Emeralds or the Light Master Emerald like Jackson.

Her occupation is diverse. She, like Jackson, became Tails' apprentice, though she is a computer expert instead of an engineer, which makes her and Jackson an extremely great team in engineering skills. She also loves to sing and dance, and her voice is beautiful. She can play the xylophone and flute. She hangs out with Amy Rose a lot, developing a sisterly bond with her. She likes cooking, and she makes sure things are tidy, especially with Jackson's attitude.

With Jackson's permission, Latias became a Pokemon trainer herself in all irony, but she was having a hard time deciding what kind of trainer to be. She tried being a Coordinator during the Battle Frontier arc, but failed to pass the second performance round in the finals. She tried Pokemon breeding in the Sinnoh region, which did work for her. She even taught her main partner, Treecko, how to speak like Meowth could. However, during her Unova travels with Jackson, she eventually became a Connoisseur, and an A rank style that was quite superior, especially since she not only could speak to Pokemon, but see their hearts due to her powers.

Weaknesses: Latias does show flaws. She is not physically strong, prefers to outwit her opponent instead. She still relies on her friends to bail her out in many occasions. Her two most notable weakness is ice, due to her dragon form, and Negative Chaeon energy, the polar opposite of her own Chaeon energy. Latias is also extremely afraid of ghosts, due to her psychic type in her Pokemon form. However, she is graceful, kind and generous, and she loves helping out people with their troubles, and gives off great advice to them. She just loves being around her best friends, and especially Jackson.

Latios Eonos: Latias' older brother. His first appearance was in 'Pokemon Heroes', where he meets Ash and Jackson. In the movie, Latios was shown that he died. However, his spirit got transferred to another island, where he stayed in rest until Latias and Jackson came to the island, were given their Chaeon powers, and they revived Latios once again. They helped Latios find a good human form, a voice, and a weapon before they unlocked his Chaeon seal, transforming him into the man he is.

Personality: Latios doesn't show as much emotions since his rebirth, and is rather distant. He is more serious than Jackson or Latias about stuff, and is constantly trying to find ways to improve his physical strength. In regards to characters he relates with, he's adapted Knuckles' personality more, especially his short-temper. He does care a lot for Latias, and he gets protective for her. On the other hand, Latios gets rather ticked off with Jackson's carefree attitude, and will get into fights with him, mainly involving Latias. Regardless, he is caring for his friends. When he gained the Chaeon symbol of Honor, he has an overwhelming dedication to the honor of people, like family honor, or the honor of keeping a secret. And ever since he met Dori Goodwin, he became more open to others, and even more out-going at times.

Relationships: Latios and Knuckles are great friends, and he would help Knuckles with protecting the Master Emerald. They also let off steam by sparring with one another and building muscles. Latios also has a good friendship with Amy Rose, and he respects her physical strength. She helps him with understanding the relationship between Jackson and Latias.

For love interest, Latios is sometimes idolized by girls because of his good looks, but he shows no care for a relationship. It was only during 'Magical DoReMiLa' (La for Latias) did he start actually open up to someone; Dori Goodwin. He wasn't truly in love with her then, but when Dori, along with her friends, came to Jackson's world again at 16 years old, Latios and Dori started to be more interested in one another.

Latias is Latios' sister, and the one person of all else Latios vows to protect. As displayed in 'Pokemon Heroes', Latios will shield himself against attacks that are targeting her, regardless of what might happen to him afterwards. He is able to smile more when she is around, especially if Latias is happy. After Latias gained confidence within herself, he became even more proud in her, even allowing her to lead him into situations.

Jackson and Latios are brothers-in-law, and rivals. Like Sonic and Knuckles, Latios and Jackson have great differences in their attitudes. And like the two, Jackson and Latios would get into constant brawls with one another, mainly ones that Latios start. He depends on Jackson to keep an eye out on Latias when he isn't around, and would yell at him if he either got her hurt, or if she went missing on him. However, Latios sees Jackson as a worthy friend, and will listen to his orders...sometimes.

Battle Skills: Latios is by far the physically strongest of the Chaeon wielders, and he still tries to find ways of improving his strength. He is able to smash through boulders with ease using his fists, and is able to endure attacks that can even be life-threatening. At his best, he is even able to stop a meteor from falling and redirect it back into space, and still have stamina left for a fight.

His well-known skill is his Pokemon dragon form, and he uses both long and short-ranged attacks. He is a lot faster in the air than Latias, and is able to carry more than her. However, he isn't as acrobatic as Latias in this form, and he isn't as evasive either.

Latios' weapon is an unusual sword called 'Exaburn', a cross between a zangestu and a longsword. It is classified as a greatsword-style blade, and although it is a two-handed weapon, Latios is able to swing it easily with one hand. He uses it for both incredible offense and a sturdy defense. He is even able to cut through buildings with one slash of his blade. Like Latias and Jackson, he is able to use elemental blade techniques, and his element is earth.

When Latios unlocked his Chaeon powers, he was given improved strength and skills. He is the descendent of Noohr, the prince of the Chaeon wielders. He bears the Chaeon symbol of honor, and as such, he prefers chivalry among many things in a battle. Those that show disrespect in such things against him are 'punished' by him. He prefers waiting for his opponents to get stronger before he fights them, and will even wait for his opponents to get stronger in battle before continuing.

His common Chaeon attack is called 'Chaonos Break', a ground based attack that involves him sending Chaeon energy into the ground and sending it at a straight line towards his opponents before it erupts. Although he is capable of using Chaos energy attacks, he refrains from using them, seeing them as unneeded accessories. His Chaeon True Form is a Knight Mode, greatly improving his skills and allowing him to change where his Chaeon energy flow in his body will go. As such, he can switch into four forms; Normal, Swift, Guard, and Strength form. And after training with Erza from 'Fairy Tail', he has developed his own form of 'Requip', granting access to more kinds of armor and weapons, some of it being the male form of Erza's armor, like the Emperor armors.

Weakness:Latios is strong, though not the brightest of fighters. He'd rather fight first, think strategically later. As such, this is his biggest flaw of all. His attacks are mostly ground-based and short ranged, therefore flying enemies with long range skills are opponents he has trouble with the most. His best attacks are rather destructive in a wide range, which also includes his friends and things he tries to protect. His short temper is his most common weakness, and he will even get into a blind fury when aggravated enough. Despite his flaws, Latios is powerful and noble, and will do anything to protect his comrades.

Coko F. Peterson: Coko is Jackson's sister, as well as a rival, too. She fell overboard off the ship with Jackson, and spent the next year on an island with Jackson. After they found a Chaos Emerald and activated a Chaos Portal, Coko and Jackson got separated. Coko ended up in the middle of the desert, and she almost died. Thankfully, she was saved by the Babylon Rogues; Jet, Wave and Storm, who secretly lived in the desert kingdom of Al Mirad. Grateful for this, Coko decided to join their team, and ended up becoming a skilled thief. She was also a master in Extreme Gear, and is the second fastest of the team, first being Jet. A couple season's later, she is reunited with Jackson, and due to their different aspects on what role they played in the world, they became rivals in speed and combat.

Personality: Coko is sometimes kind, though she doesn't fully open up to others. In exchange, she became very cheeky, straight forwardly blunt, and a bit of a tease. As such, she has a hard time making friends. Though when it comes to most men, she uses her looks and feminine charms to get them to do her dirty work. To the Babylon Rogues, however, she is responsible and serious on her duties. She calms down when she finds a good book to read, and will often be so into one that she would not respond to anyone when being called upon. She also makes sure she looks her best before she goes out on missions.

Relationships: Coko considers all the member of the Babylon Rogues as her family. Jet is her boss, and she listens to his orders all the way. However, she would often talk to him as an equal, and at times not even consider his orders. Despite this, she admires his strength and especially his speed, and always acknowledges him as a leader.

Wave is the only other female of the Babylon Rogues, so the two were able to get along like sisters. Wave was usually the one that helped Coko understand things better, and they would often talk together alone. Coko doesn't really understand Wave's technical words, but is able to get the broad picture of it. Wave also gets Coko to test experiments out on the Extreme Gear.

Storm is the muscles, and Coko gets annoyed at his slow wit and clumsiness, and would scold him a lot. Despite this, Storm is usually the one who compliments on Coko's good looks, and Coko likes it when Storm is able to physically get through obstacles.

Jackson is Coko's brother and rival. They had been competing against each other ever since they were little, and even after reunited in the new world. She finds Jackson's ideas of heroism somewhat sissy, even though deep down she respects his ability to overcome overwhelming odds. Since Jackson uses Jet Shoes rather than the board Extreme Gear, Coko makes fun of him for that, often referring to them as helpful as sneakers. Since she was a year older than her brother, she got very annoyed while Jackson got older much faster. However, when Jackson and Coko's made a connection during a fight against an enemy, she got much older as well due to Chaeon energy, and she was then a year older again. The two were still family, and they would not go out of harms way to kill each other.

Coco also met Shantae, a half-genie, half-human girl after she was performing a belly-dancing act in Al Mirad. The two became long-distant friends, and Coco would often go to the town she protects just to hang out with her. Coco has an overwhelming love for belly-dancing (and flamenco dancing), and Shantae helped teach her how to belly-dance.

Coko never knew Latias until she met her a couple seasons after Jackson and Latias got married. She got angry with Jackson for not inviting her to the wedding, only because Jackson feared she would steal from people. Latias became Coko's sister-in-law, and the two were able to get along better than Coko did with his brother.

Battle Skills: Coko would often avoid battles when needed, but she learned to fight back if it involved the safety of her friends and family. As said before, she is a skillful thief, only she would often play the 'Robin Hood' of characters, and steal from those who were cruel and rich. Her favorite target is often the royal palace, where the king was often taxing his people quite high. However, the prince of the palace was good friends with Coko, and he was often the reason she could pull off so many escapes. She never stole from the citizens, but gave them money instead. In returned, they allowed her to sneak away with provisions whenever the guards were around.

Coko's most natural feature is her hearing. While Jackson is great at seeing, her hearing is her greatest skill. She can detect sounds far away from her position, and her eavesdropping skills are the best for the group. Although, this also makes her vulnerable to very loud noises and frequencies.

She knows martial arts, mainly judo and karate, ever since she was taught them at a young age. She is also great in acrobatics. She would often use those skills in close combat, though in long range battles, she used kunais instead. Her accuracy with kunai throwing was very well, and she was able to find a rare treasure in the desert; a small pouch that had a never-ending supply of sturdy kunai. Eventually, she learned how to use them more efficiently, like tying rope to the kunai and using them like grappling hooks. She also creates paper bombs and attaches them to the kunai as well for explosive results.

Her skills as a Extreme Gear rider is incredible, rivaling that to Jet's skills. She often switches around what style of extreme gear she would use, but she is more of a speed expert than anything else. She is resilient to the speed the of the gear, and has gained a great sense of balance.

When Coko and Jackson entered Naruto's world for Jackson's True Form Trial, Coko was taught under Gaara how to use ninjutsu. Her element was Sand style, and she used it in many ways, from making the sands like bullets at her opponents, to molding the sand around people to trap them and crush their body parts, to even making giant pillars that moved around like worms. When combined with Jackson's Wind and Fire style ninjutsu, they would be able to create giant glass orbs that could crush anything, or if they break them, send shards of glass down like rain.

Coko was a late bloomer in her Chaeon skills. Even at the point where she grew older, she was not able to control her Chaeon Powers just yet. However, when Jackson and Coko trained in Naruto's world, she was able to unlock her powers when she expressed her feelings of care to her brother. As such, her Chaeon symbol was that of Sincerity. However, she was still not able to fully master in using it. She was able to use the natural skills of the Chaeon energy well, and she did manage to learn how to use Chaos Control. She was even able to take on a super form like Jackson.

Weakness: Coko's attitude does get her in trouble, particularly leaving her alone to fight opponents. She is unable to swim due to her extended period of time in the desert. She often relies on her Ninjutsu attacks since they contain some of her better moves, so when she loses chakra, she gets into trouble a lot. She can't help but wanting to steal anything that is beautiful and shiny, as a result she is easily gullible to such things. She also gets pretty ticked off when things don't go her way. Despite this, she is caring, considerate, and a strong figure, despite her attitude.

Dori Goodwin: Also known as Doremi Harukaze, she is the main protagonist of 'Ojamajo Doremi'. In Chaeon Tales, Dori plays an important role.

Story on how they met:

Jackson entered Dori's world with his partner, Plusle, in order to find the 4th Chaeon, the Princess' descendent. He shrunk down into an eight year old, and he came under the identity of Jacob Pendra-Huth (This was actually where I decided to create my pen name for fanfiction from). Jackson watched the girls in secret, not revealing himself to anyone while blending in with society. After the girls Level 4 Exams, Latias and her partner, Treecko, joined the world and age group, stripped of her powers. She was given a Dream-Spinner, which was imbued with Chaeon powers, and became allies with Dori and her friends. Jackson hid his identity from Latias, even going so far as to create a device to prevent her from seeing his Chaeon energy. Latias had her witch exams a lot faster than the others, only until she caught up with them. When she succeeded, she was either granted her powers back, or was given a Chaos Emerald, with a friend from her world [In order: Amy Rose (now able to become an 8-year old human figure), Sonic, Tails, Latios, Knuckles, and Cream). Jackson never told her his identity until after she succeeded in her Level 2 Exams, only so that she could learn to be more reliable for herself.

The Chaos Emeralds and magic were like polar magnets; if fighting against each other, they repel each other. But if working together, they create a stronger power than either one alone. As such, when having three Emeralds or more, Latias (or Jackson later on) is able to create Chaos Harmony (or Emerald Stage in Japanese), which is like the girls Perfect Harmony (Magical Stage). She passed the final tests with the others, but lost her witch powers when saving Ellie. A Chaos Portal sent all but Jackson, Latias and Treecko back, leaving one Emerald once more. The deity of the Chaeons, The Prophet, said that it was not over for them here, and that they continue to find the 4th Chaeon, but aged them a few years older, not needing to be undercover again, but not at full strength either.

In the Sharp season, Not only were the girls given their Witch Apprentice powers again, but a new, mysterious device granted Jackson to become a sorcerer, who's magic strength was depending on the Chaos Emeralds. Every odd Baby Witch Exam, a Chaos Emerald would be granted to them. After the third exam, Jackson discovered that his Light Emerald had been shattered into three parts, and dispersed throughout the world. The first one was in Egypt, and Jackson, Dori and co. almost had it, but Eggman appeared in their dimension, apparently tracking the Emeralds unleashed a Chaos Portal for him. He used the Light Emerald shard's power to increase the strength of his new robot, and Jackson used the three Emeralds they had to fight against him. He was defeated, and it looked like Eggman would win. However, through Dori's strength, she somehow unlocked the ability to control Chaos Energy, and used the Emeralds to get the Light Emerald shard back, and she and Jackson sent Eggman back to his world again. This led to the discovery that Dori was really the 4th Chaeon.

After a series of events, during of which all seven Emeralds and the Light Emerald shards were back together, things looked normal. After the events of Motto, Dori accidentally discovered a Chaos Portal, and she sent herself, Jackson, Latias and all of her friends back to Jackson and Latias' world. During their adventures there, Dori finally unlocked her seal, and she officially became a Chaeon Wielder.

Personality: Dori's attitude is just like it says on Ojamajowitchling Wiki. However, since she gained her Chaeon Powers, her body made her a little more sharp wit and less clumsy. Not to mention she gained a sort of seriousness in her attitude after constant lectures from Jackson and Latias. She feels a little more dependable, but firmly relies on her friends to help her out in situations, feeling that teamwork is a lot better than working alone.

Relationships: She's already well known to be great with everyone, especially her friends Reanne, Mirabelle, Ellie and Maddy. She seems to have the ability to bond with people easily, but that's sometimes assisted by her Chaeon Powers. Of all the Mobians, she is easily bonded better with Sonic, especially excited about Sonic's speed and adventure lifestyle. Sonic is very tolerable with Dori's attitude, and feels that she can depend on her at times.

Jackson and Dori are great friends, but Jackson is more of a sensei to her. She learns a lot from Jackson, who trains her on how to be a better Chaeon Wielder. Jackson gets annoyed with Dori's clumsy and airhead attitude, but when she gets serious, Jackson is always surprised at how much she can do. As such, Jackson thinks of her as reliable, and became more second in command to her in Dori's world.

Latias relied on Dori and her friends at the start, but eventually surpassed her in many ways. Latias starts thinking of her as a little sister more, but reliable when she isn't an airhead. The two are often partnered up with one another, being the two female Chaeon wielders, both Queen and Princess descendants. In Dori's world, Latias would usually follow Dori's lead instead, since she was the one who brought them together.

Of all the people Dori seemed to fall in love with, Latios seems to be high on her list. Latios, at first annoyed with her, started to get use to her attitude. He realizes how young she is, but also knows her potentials skills. Dori has gotten use to Latios' demeanor, but they do bring about awkward moments with one another. Still, the two get along quite well, despite being opposite personalities. After five years since the Dokkan arc, Dori came back to their world, and Latios and Dori grew even closer, eventually Latios even asking Dori out on a date.

Battle Skills: Dori was not much of a battler, but gained some skills from practicing under Jackson. Her first skill was basically her witch apprentice magic, allowing her to cast magic in order to solve situations. However, when in Jackson's World, Jackson made her and her friends not use magic while they were there. Instead, Dori relied on Jackson's training. Despite her clumsy lifestyle, Jackson somehow made her quite skilled in avoiding getting hit. She is even able to control her Chaeon Instincts, the ability to know what to do next, to perform feats of acrobatics that she could never do normally. Chaeon Instincts usually activates on its' own for all Chaeon wielders, but Dori has somehow gain the slight ability to activate it on her own.

Jackson taught Dori how to use Chaos Energy at first, and Dori is able to use skills like Chaos Control and Chaos Blast. However, she has a higher amount of energy surge than anyone else, and it is sometimes uncontrollable. It usually leads to disastrous results, like sending herself to an alternate dimension or different time using only one Emerald, or even activating the Emeralds without touching them. She even brought Port Mystic all the way to Mobius just by sitting on Knuckles' Master Emerald. However, Jackson taught her eventually how to control such powers, especially after gaining her Chaeon Powers.

While she doesn't fully use weapon, she does carry a dagger with her, just because Jackson told her to protect herself in some ways. She lacks skills on using it in hand to hand combat, but she has discovered how to use its' Elemental Blade Techniques, and her element is Nature, which is basically powers of the forest and such. She possesses minor skills with it, mainly using 'Vine Tangler' Nature Dagger technique, which entangles foes in sturdy vines, or 'Petal Slash', which creates a green energy slash. Her best skills with it are when she hurls it like a throwing knife, and has deadly accuracy with it.

Speaking of which, Dori is the descendent of the Princess of the Chaeons, Tyuni. She bares the Chaeon symbol of Unity, and her powers grow stronger the more people bonded with her are around. In return, any Chaeon Wielders around her also get a boost of strength with her around. In her Power form, she loses her clumsiness completely, and is much stronger than usual. She is pretty much like a Pretty Cure; growing strength beyond her normal standards, and able to fight hand and foot with opponents. She doesn't use weapons well like the others do, though the one thing she truly gains in all of her powers is accuracy. She can easily knock an opponent from far away.

Her standard Chaeon attack is Chaonas Spread, which forms a baseball sized amount of energy and shooting at her opponents. By waving her hands, she is able to duplicate the orb, from one to two, four, eight, sixteen, ect. She is able to control the movements of all the orbs she produces, capable of focusing on one target, or dispersing on a series of targets. She even uses the attack to block attacks, though she is able to use Chaonas Barrier like Latias. Basically, she's a wide range fighter, and is capable of taking out dozens of enemies.

When she gains the true form, she gains an Sniper Mode, where her dagger becomes two arrowguns, and she uses them in a variety of ways, such as rapid spread shots, to combining them together to form a sniper rifle that can either fire a large blast of Chaeon energy, to making a piercing shot that she can shoot even from a mile away. Then after her time in the world of 'Fairy Tail', Dori gained a secondary True Form: Slayer Mode, where she becomes a Dragon Slayer, utilizing the powers of the Chaeon Dragon, Aragorn.

Weakness: If you hadn't noticed it clearly, Dori is a bit of a klutz. As such, she is easily vulnerable to accidents, and she usually doesn't think well during a fight. Also, being the Chaeon Wielder of Unity has its' downsides, like she is not strong when on her own, and she is not the greatest of fighters compared to the other Chaeon wielders. However, this never stopped her from trying her best, and her spirit brings forth unusual boosts of strength, especially when it involved protecting people she cares for the most. She is a reliable source in the team, and is the spirit of the team that keeps them together. Despite calling herself the 'Unluckiest pretty girl in the world', she is usually the luckiest out of the crew.

Orchid Ivy: A Flortanian from a distant planet, and the believed last survivor of her race. Flortanians are human in size and look, but are also plant-based beings (which are not like Cosmo from Sonic X. Cosmo is a Seedrian). Flortanians have the power of Florakenisis, the ability to manipulate plant life. Orchid and her brother, Venus, once lived in their home planet, Plantania. However, tragedy struck when the evil being who was soon to be Jackson's worse enemy, Lord Doomus, destroyed their world and its' people. Orchid and Venus barely escaped the planet, and came to Vidoseena, Jackson's world, where they went into hiding underneath the land of Hyrule.

Driven by anguish for the loss of their people, the two attempted to take over Hyrule to turn people into their own kind by force. However, Jackson and a girl named Ilia Grace put a stop to them, and made them see sense. After that, the brother and sister decided to leave Hyrule, and go into hiding in Mobius, where they decided to not disturb anyone else. However, after a couple years, Doomus found them again, though they didn't know his identity at first. He darkened Venus' mind, and attempted to send Orchid into a slow painful death herself. However, Jackson's connection to Orchid made him find her, and save her. Orchid decided to join forces with Jackson and his friends, and she helped a lot with making herbs and other plant life that would be helpful in their aid. During the great War of Vidoseena, Doomus attempted to set Venus upon Orchid to kill her, but she somehow brought him back to his senses, only for a few seconds before Doomus killed him in the end. With the help of all her new friends, she overcame his death, and decided to continue on living, maybe finding a way to revive her species again. She stays with Jackson and his friends from then on.

Personality: She is mainly graceful and kind, though not afraid to get in the middle of a battle when in one. Her determination to keep on living has made her serious in a fight. She is in love with flowers and other plant life, and is scary angry when people hurt them. She loves all kinds of plants, and she doesn't care what they look like or what they can do. This often get into situations where her friends are rather repulsed from certain plants which she mothers. She is uneasy around most humans and Mobians, but is more at ease with people like Jackson, Sonic and their friends and family. Regardless, she is more distant than others, and rather stay in her room, which is also a greenhouse, than spend time with people. She is also cunning, and knowledgable about all kinds of plants. She often uses this when fighting in battles, and uses it to her advantage. This was well demonstrated when she and her brother tried taking over Hyrule.

Relationships: Her closest relationship was with her brother Venus, and she did anything to make sure he was happy. When his brother turned evil by Doomus, she hadn't given up hope for her brother to come back to normal, but was unwilling to fighting against him physically. She still laments at the loss of her brother, but his last wishes were for her to keep on living, and to stay with Jackson so she can be protected. She still thinks of him every so often, and dedicates her work to him all the time.

Jackson was at first a character she thought as a military leader, which was why she tried kidnapping and brainwashing him during her fight for Hyrule. As time went by, and she was reunited with Jackson and his friends, she learned about his dedication to his friends, and how he ensured her that his brother would be safe. He is pretty much a diverse leader in Orchid's eyes, seeing him as an endurance to keep her own happiness, and she doesn't regret her brother's wishes for her staying with him.

Latias finds Orchid's gentleness a great feeling, and since she is somewhat connected to nature herself, which is mainly the oceans, she and Orchid get along quite well. Though she does get a little uneasy when Orchid gets too into her plant love.

Orchid is also comfortable around Dori's presence, yet she gets tired of her clumsy attitude, which usually result in her falling into a bed of some plant life. However, Orchid has rather gotten use to that, and would stop her from falling on her plants. Since Dori and her friends use to own a gardening shop, they would often help Orchid out in her garden, and she doesn't mind. Orchid was the one who taught Dori how to use Floral Dagger skills.

Of all the Mobians, Orchid seems to enjoy Cream & Cheese's company the most, since they have a love for flowers as well. Like Latias, Orchid finds Cream as a younger sister in many ways, and enjoys making flower crowns with her. On the other hand, Orchid dislikes having Blaze the Cat around, as she is afraid of fire.

Battle Skills: Orchid's main skill is her florakenisis. Her well-rounded skills and knowledge of plant-life has made her a powerful fighter. She is capable of growing anything in an instant, and her skills with plants allow her to do pretty much anything, from entangling foes with vines, stopping attacks with sturdy plants and trees, to the ability of controlling wild plants, she is never helpless in places plants can grow. She is also capable of transforming humans and other beings into Flortanians, and able to change their memories during transformation. However, she also uses plants for healing methods too, and is an expert in making herbal remedies to cure all sorts of sicknesses. Her signature weapon is her Rose Rapier, which was given to her from her father before the destruction of her world. She isn't as fast as everyone else, but makes up for it with her expert skilled grinding on vine roads she makes.

While she is an expert fighter, she needs places where plants can grow, or at least have plant life within it in order to fight at her best. She greatly underestimates her opponents quite a bit, and her rage at people who attack plants without care blinds her mind at times. Her main weakness is fire, and she doesn't have a way to defend against such attacks. She is also quite vulnerable with ice attacks, which freeze up her plants. She has also not been in too many battles, and is a bit inexperienced, but she continues fighting for Mother Nature itself, no matter the situation.

Lord Doomus: Main villain to Jackson, and wielder of the Chaeon symbol of Darkness. He contains the soul of Dark King Tirinos, the dark ruler who fought to seize control of the second Master Emerald against Elias, his daughter who wanted to protect the Emerald from his clutches. The result was the destruction of the Master Emerald, along with both of them, who became the deities of both the Positive and Negative Chaeon wielders. Doomus' original body was that of a brother to Shadow the Hedgehog, but Tirinos' soul became embodied into Doomus before he woke, and manifested later on. Gerald Robotnik saw him as a threat when he attempted to attack Shadow and Maria, and sent him into space, and wiped the memories of Doomus from Shadow. The result of this attack was the reason why the military came to Space Colony Ark, arrested Gerald, and killed Maria.

Many years past, and Doomus' body found itself onto another planet called Plantinia, home to Flortanians. He discovered one of the dimension's seven legendary sword, Oblivion, the Sword of a Thousand Souls, and in order to wield it, he destroyed the entire planet along with its' inhabitants. He then set his sights on destroying all Chaeon Wielder in all dimensions, and seek nothing more than destruction until there was nothing left.

Personality: Doomus shows no light in his heart. He is cunning, merciless, and twisted. He finds destruction and suffering a pleasure, and wants more than to drown everything into darkness. He despises anybody with light in their hearts, especially positive Chaeon wielders. He will do anything in his path to get his way, even betray his own comrades so he could grow stronger. He strives for strength, and goes to many worlds in order to seek more kinds of powers and minions to join him. He is self-centered, and shows no emotions for the loss of his allies.

Relationships: Jackson and Doomus are basically enemies, and Jackson has never underestimated Doomus' capabilities. Jackson gets enraged when he carelessly attacks other people and worlds. However, Doomus is also interested in Latias, who embodies more Chaeon energy than anyone else. He sees her as more of a fuel source rather than a person, and a person closest to Jackson. His attempts on trying to take Latias' powers to cause more chaos result often ends in his demise, whether it's by Jackson or one of his friends. And as for Shadow, he finds him less of a brother, mainly because his original body was destroyed.

Battle Skills: Doomus is a force to be reckon with. He is fast and powerful, capable of taking almost any opponent on without fear. His strength allows him to carry things hundreds time his own weight. He is able to keep up with Jackson's speed, though he isn't as fast as him. What Doomus relies on more is his calm reaction skills in battle, capable of taking an opponents strengths, and using it against them. His main weapon is Oblivion, a sword that only allows someone to possess it only when he or she kills a thousand people or more. And since Doomus destroyed an entire planet full of millions of people, he was pretty much legit. The Oblivion is like the Grand Blade, and is indestructible and possess fail safe measures against those who are worthy of its' powers.

Doomus has developed many forms of powers over the years, though he was not able to hold onto them as long due to Jackson's victories against him. However he is capable of using Negative Chaeon energy, which is simply designed for destruction. He contains many attacks, such as Chaonos Destro, a beam of dark energy, Chaonos Blast, Chaonos Squall, which sends a barrage of homing orbs of energy, and other such moves. He can further increase his powers with the power of the Dark Emerald, the embodiment of Negative Chaeon energy, and is counterpart to Jackson's Light Emerald. He can unleash devastating attacks with it, including Chaonos Meteor, sending the Emerald's energy itself down at his opponent, and causing humongous damage that usually leaves a quarter mile wide crater.

And since Doomus' soul is connected with Tirinos and the Dark Emerald, his soul is nearly invincible. Even if his body is destroyed, his soul can move somewhere else. It can take control of any living being it wants, though it can't take the body of someone with a pure heart of light.

Weakness: While Doomus is destructive and cunning, he underestimates his opponents skills countless times, believing himself to be far better than anyone else. Doomus has a weakness to light powers, no matter what it is, which is why he strives to take out all light whenever possible. He also fails to notice key flaws within his plan, and that usually causes him to be unpredictable if these flaws were to be exposed, which is also one of his most dangerous things about him.

Lilliana Eonas-Peterson: Daughter of Jackson and Latias, also nicknamed 'The White Tiger Lilly of Mobius'. She was born a year after Dori and her friends arrive in Jackson's World. Afterwards, she spent the next year under her parents care all throughout the 'Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan!' arc. At the end, Lilliana said her first word: Hana/Flora's name. Five years later, Dori and her friends return to Jackson's World, where they were reunited with Lilliana again at the age of six.

Personality: Lilliana is a wild-child tomboy, whom Latias claims she gets most of it from her father, and her mother's looks. Lilliana shows a lot of her own child-like personality, but with some mature signs within it due to Chaeons having quick maturity in the mind. She is high-strung, ignorant, quick to conclusions, and impatient. She talks in a more western-style, like calling Latias and Jackson 'ma & pops'. She has developed a wildcat-like style to her approach, mainly on the fact that she growls like a tiger, or that she can sometimes go on all fours. At first, the growl was away to hide away her fears, but now she does it when she is brimming with energy, too. She is never afraid to jump into a fight... In fact, she tries to find fights to jump into.

However despite her wild side, she can act calm and show off a different side to her personality. Though she is not afraid to get her clothes dirty, she does care for her figure, since she finds so many girls around her with such great bodies, particularly her mother, Coco, and girls like Miu Furinji. She tends to be solemn when she's by herself or with her family, and tries to hide as much sad feelings from others as possible. Though she does have a knack to quickly change her attitude back to wild again, especially when it means to aggravate people. After her Chaeon symbol is revealed, she becomes overly-excited when she detects the passion in a person's spirit, and she can't help but to go into action of some kind.

Relationships: Her mother and father are people she truly care for. She looks up to her father, Jackson, as a role model on who to become and be better than. Jackson would at times blame himself for turning Lilliana into the little 'wildcat' that she had become, but he doesn't deny the fact that she is his daughter. He learned to be patient with her, scold her if she goes too far, and trains her a lot in fighting. Jackson's lessons with dealing with Hana/Flora as a child helped him raise Lilliana, though he does get tired when she starts coming about too much, or gets herself into too much trouble.

Latias pampers Lilliana quite a bit, though she does scold her like Jackson, even to the point where Lilliana points out how much more fearful Latias could be than Jackson. Since Lilliana continuously skipped school so she could go fight Eggman robots and such, Latias decided to homeschool Lilliana, and she and many of the others became her teacher. Latias rarely see's what part of her personality fits into Lilliana's persona, though she does noticed through Lilliana's calmer natures a lot of her own quiet characteristics. Latias also makes sure her daughter looks good everyday, trying to make sure she has at least a girly look to her.

Lilliana sees Latios as tough, powerful, and she had developed some of her attitude off of him. Latios finds Lilliana a nuisance, especially if she is hogging all of the opponents to herself. Despite this, he finds her fierce attitude, strength and skill as something impressive, and he is proud to be an uncle to such a strong girl.

Coco became Lilliana's aunt and a sort of physical figure body-wise, meaning she wants to look as good as her as she grows up. Coco finds Lilliana a clever and rambunctious girl, and she sometimes reminds Coco of herself when she was her age and starting with the Babylon Rogues. As such, she has helped Lilliana with her acrobatic skills and tidbits on how to make her body looks better as she grows.

Hana/Flora and Lilliana are both sisterly to each other (since Jackson and Latias have helped raising both of them) and rivals. They both symbolize white clothing, and both have high energy. Hana is a couple years older than Lilliana, and Hana keeps proclaiming that she is the older sister of the twosome a lot. They have fought child wars against each other, yet in real battles they fight together against the main opponent. Lilliana always hopes Hana would become a great queen of the Lunaverse, even if she doesn't say it too much.

Battle Skills: Lilliana is more jump into action, think about the situation later. She is quite swift, and her wild attitude throws opponents off track at what she is doing. Lilliana's natural skills include super speed like her father (though not as fast), great acrobatic skills, quick hand-eye coordination, and a great sense of smell and sight. She is even capable of understanding Pokemon like her mother. Her weapon of choice are steel claws, made from the same metal as Jackson's Grand Blade. She calls them 'Brilliant Claws' after her father's sword, and not only are they indestructible, but also light and deadly. She uses them so well, mixing her training with Jackson and his swordplay with the natural tiger-like skills. She also uses them when climbing walls or mountains. She can even produce slash-like beams out of them like Jackson's Sword Beam. When she is not using them, she has them attached to the sides of her waist, making them easy to pull out.

Her Chaeon emblem has shown itself, though not the symbol of what she represents (In later years, it is discovered as the symbol of Passion). Nevertheless, she does have access to certain powers of the Chaeon energy. All of her natural skills were given to her thanks to the power of the Chaeon powers. She does show off a few moves, such as Chaonas Spear and Chaonas Blast, developed from her father, and her own technique; Chaonas Vortex, a move that causes a large swirl of energy to produce over her head, and rains down a meteor shower of Chaeon energy onto her opponents. Unfortunately, the attack is so strong, she has little control over it, and as such the attack can attack both friend and foe. She has access to Chaos Control and Chaonas Heal, though those skills she rarely uses.

She has also developed a 'Wild Form', as Jackson calls it, which only appears when her friends and family are truly in danger. When it happens, Lillianna will get on all fours and snarl fiercely, with her eyes becoming somewhat like Latias' Dragon eyes. In this stage, her access to the Chaeon energy and the flow inside her body increase, and her body's natural skills increase greatly. While acting berserk, she is able to know friend from foe, and when her opponent is defeated, she will revert back to her normal state.

Weakness: Her fierceness is her greatest advantage and weakness. She jumps into battle without thinking, and is easily hot-tempered, and as such she gets hurt all of the time. Plus, she is susceptible to Negative Chaeon energy like her mother. She has also developed a fear of dogs due to her cat like characteristics, which leads into so many comical moments. And to add to that feature, she is not a very good swimmer. Despite that, she never denies her weaknesses, and pursues headlong into what the future has in store for her.

D. Cypress Strife: (Original creator: Deviant Artist 'PuppetofDarkness')The D. stands for Dark. Cypress is Jackson’s rival and very first swordsman he had ever fought against. Since he was born, Cypress had a demon inside his soul, which frightened the people, including his own family. He ended up being alone most of his life until he was taught the art of swordsmanship by Blue the Hedgehog, Blade the Hedgehog’s friend and rival.

At the age of twelve, he fought against the ten-year old Jackson in a duel, and lost. Mistaking Blue’s actions as leaving him, his demon shared its’ power with him, and he took his vengeance upon Blue, Jackson and his friends. He sent Jackson and Blade flying away, and turned Blue, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cheese into stone statues.

After a few months, Jackson returned to Mobius with Blade, now trained under two more masters of swordplay, Meta Knight and Link. Jackson’s conviction on returning all his friends back to normal, including Cypress himself, helped him defeat the empowered Cypress. Just as he thought he overcame the darkness, Cypress was fully taken over by the demon, who was Urosia, God of Destruction. Jackson and Sonic teamed up to destroy the demon, freeing Cypress. Cypress now trains under Blue, and he has become not only Jackson’s friend, but his rival as well.

Personality: Cypress is quiet, due to not having many people to talk to in his life. He is straight to the point when he does speak, and tries to use as few words as possible. He is calm in nature, but since his time with Blue, he has always worried about being alone again. He is sometimes ignorant to people’s fear of him, but Jackson helped out with making people like him.

Relationships: Blue is Cypress’s master, and the closest thing to a father to him. While Blue is flamboyant attitude-wise, Cypress never took on the same attitude. Still, he fully appreciates Blue for taking him in.

Jackson is Cypress’s closest friend. Like Blue, Cypress never adapted Jackson’s ecstatic attitude. He is forever grateful for Jackson freeing him from the darkness in his heart, and for getting people to care about him. While some people will threaten to attack him, Jackson would step in whenever he was around to stop them. Cypress and Jackson would occasionally fight one another in a clash of swords as a way of improving their powers.

Since he sometimes doubts about whether he has really changed, Latias has been assuring him that his heart is pure, since Latias is able to see into people’s hearts. He and Latias have been good friends since then.

Battle Skills: Cypress is an expert swordsman, qualified at the Sword’s Master level. He is light on his feet and has incredible physical strength, able to cut through a foot thick of steel with one cut. His weapons of choice are a katana and a sort of metal stake in which he can turn into a three-ended pickaxe. The stake was given to him by his father when he attempted purging Urosia inside his body. Since then, Cypress has modified it to his advantage, allowing him a secondary weapon, and it also is useful in climbing and latching onto places.

Cypress’s sword skills allow him to use the Elemental Blade techniques, in which his is Fire Blade technique, much like his master Blue. He is also capable of using the Sword Beam technique like Jackson, and is able to combine his Sword’s Master skills with his Fire Elemental Blade technique to perform two powerful attacks; ‘Ignus Claw’, a move that allows three blazing, seemingly-simultaneous slashes onto his opponent, which also ignite a powerful column of flame around them, and ‘Bahamut’s Blaze’, a torrent of flames erupted from his sword, spreading them all around him.

During the time Cypress had Urosia inside him, he was able to use a form of dark magic, to which Blue taught him how to control. He was able to perform a variety of attacks like ‘Dark Volley’, which is basically a spread shot of his dark magic made into black orbs, ‘Oblivion’ which is a dark blast from his palm, and even able to merge with his Elemental Blade to perform ‘Black Inferno’, a spiraling blast of fire and dark magic.

Weakness: While Cypress is a powerful fighter, he can sometimes succumb to his emotions, whether it be he goes on an absolute rampage, or he is hesitant to fight back on an opponent. Since he is a fire element fighter, water element can shut down most of his powerful techniques. He is also reluctant on making friends on his own at times, since he was abused for having Urosia inside him, causing everyone to fear him. However, he has started to grow past that thanks to Jackson, and has been slightly improved in his attitude.

If you want to look at the character designs for the stories above, please go to this deviant art website: http://jacksonswordsman.deviantart.com

Enjoy my Imagination!

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