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An Open Letter to All Fans of 72 Hours: Uprising:

My name is Anthony Marston (well, more or less), and I owe all of you an apology. I started this story with ambitious intentions: to outdo the original 72 Hours. Now, considering the scope of both stories, a distinct level of dedication is required on the part of the author to perform such a task. You have been reading this story believing that there was an author at the helm who was capable of pulling off another large story, who does not doubt the material and will get it out there at all costs. All of you who have found any level of personal involvement with this story and its characters, have put your trust in me. And I, as the author, have abused that trust. I have disappeared off the map for extended periods of time with little (if any) explanation on numerous occasions. And those of you who still held out hope, have done so against tremendous odds. You have seen this story sit and languish with few developments for months on end, wondering and perhaps hoping that the next day might hold that elusive next update. I started this story because of the fans. If it weren't for you, constant readers, 72 Hours: Uprising, never would have happened. Hell, 72 Hours may never have happened. You guys, gals and smizmars out there have made this worth doing. And, letting self-doubt get the better of me at points, I have on numerous occasions found myself on the verge of destroying all the trust you have built in me over these years. I have sat here, staring at the blank page and wondering if it was really worth continuing. I have sat wondering if I should just quit. On no fewer than three occasions, I have actually drafted the goodbye letter for 72 Hours: Uprising. Looking at the road ahead, I have been afraid, and I have wanted to quit. I won't even deny, I have considered the coward's route of just letting the story wallow and disappear into nothingness. I have thought of leaving you hanging. For that, I am sorry.

You deserve better in an author. You deserve someone with dedication, someone who is capable of making this story everything it needs to be. Someone who won't betray your trust. I hope I am that person. I hope I am the person this story needs. I hope that I will not let you down again. I am continuing on with this story because you fans who have stuck by the story through thick and thin (mostly thin) deserve to find out how it goes. I am continuing this, because I think it has the potential to be a pretty cool story. I am continuing this, in the hopes that I might be able to regain some of that trust that many of you have rightfully lost in me.

This one's for you, Constant Readers.

Anthony Marston,


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