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You are actually on this page? shakes head in disbelief Anyways, now that you're here, have fun reading!


Name: I'm not telling you!

Age: Ask me if you really want to know, but you're gonna have to figure out three different ways to ask me before I tell you!

Gender: I think you're supposed to be able to tell by the penname - I'm a girl.

Oh yeah! English is my second language so please bear with me. My native language is Filipino. I speak a very very very very very little bit of French, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese. And when I say little, I mean little. I won't even be able to keep up a conversation in those languages.


Favorite Games and Games I don't dislike:
All Final Fantasy Games, Legend of Legaia, Chrono Cross, Devil May Cry, Fatal Frame

My Favorite Final Fantasy Game:
Final Fantasy 8

Favorite Game Characters:
Rinoa (and Angelo, of course), Squall, Seifer
Yuna, Tidus, Lenne, Shuyin, Baralai, Gippal, Yunalesca

Favorite Male Characters:
Squall and Shuyin and Seifer (can't decide)

Favorite Female Character:
Rinoa and Yuna and Lenne (can't decide)

Favorite Pairings:
Squall/Rinoa! I know lotsa people don't like Squinoas, but I do! I think Rinfers (Rinoa/Seifer) are cool, too, but I have yet to see this pairing.
Yuna/Tidus. I think they're cute together. That goes for Lenne/Shuyin, too.

Favorite Lines from Games:
Seymour, FFX - "Must I always endure such praise?"
Seymour, FFX - "Life is but a passing dream. But the death that follows is eternal."
Yuna FFX2 - "I will defeat shadow with light."

Favorite Animal or Whatever They Should be Called from Games:
Chocobo! - What else is there to like anyway? Well, moogles aren't bad...

Favorite Place from a Game:

GF: Leviathan
Eidolon: Carbuncle
Aeon: Valefor

Favorite Singer/Band:
Sweetbox (the vocalist--Jade--is amazing)
If you would like to check her site out, you could also listen to song snippets and see really beautiful pictures and cool videos ofJade there, here's the address

Favorite Song:
You know what? Let's just say I love all of Sweetbox's songs because I can't exactly list them all down now, can I? Oh yeah, that includes 1000 Words and Real Emotion, whichSweetbox did for Square.

Favorite Author:
Anne Rice
Edgar Allan Poe
Sidney Sheldon

Favorite Book:
If Tomorrow Comes (by Sidney Sheldon)
Blood and Gold (by Anne Rice)

Before I forget, this is the site where I got the midi for my fics "Inside Your Eyes" and "Denial".
- -

And while were on that, I want to clear up the difference between songfic and midific. A songfic is a story (a fic) based on a published song. A midific is lyrics written for a particular midi. I called "Denial" and "Inside Your Eyes" songfics because that's what everyone calls it. From now, I'll call those things midifics to clear up things, okay?

I guess that basically covers everything! Thanks for checkin' out my bio! Have fun reading all the cool stories on this site!

Coolios, ya?

P.S. If you feel like it, I write poetry in But you're gonna have to ask me for my pen name so you can read it if you like. See ya laterz!

Happenstance reviews
COMPLETE! Irvine, for the fun of it, spread a false rumor about Squall having a girlfriend. When Squall is pressed to bring her to a party at Garden, Rinoa falls into the picture. But things aren't as simple as they seem. Read and Review!
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 30 - Words: 49,489 - Reviews: 224 - Favs: 22 - Updated: 4/21/2004 - Published: 1/19/2004 - Complete