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Current focus: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Wolf pack

Secondary focus: My Will: A G-Zero sequel


(Real)Name: Not for you!

Age: 19xx (try figuring that out)

Gender: Dude

Nation: The Netherlands PROBLEM!?

Music: Primary metal

Specific bands: Disturbed, Trivium and Scar the Martyr

Special: I'm a FUR!

Fursona's: Phantom and Ryan. Phantom is of the more bad-ass kind while Ryan remains more moral. Together, they form me.

Sexual orientation: Hetero

Fursona orientation: Hetero

Regilion: Atheist

Fursona regilion: Atheist

Hobbies: Writing SF Fanfics, roleplaying as my OC's, listening to metal (mainly Disturbed) and a shitload of gaming.


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"If imagination demands...

-Phantom R.D.S. Foxx"

In other words, I write what comes up in my head. So haters gonna hate >[

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Starfox EM Part 1: Doom unleashed

Starfox EM Part 2: Fending on Papetoon

Starfox EM Part 3: Rise

Cold past

In progress:

G-Zero's sequel

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Wolf pack


Starfox Resurrection Part 1: Lifting Kurse

Starfox Resurrection Part 2: Revenge of the Slain (IDEAS)

Starfox Resurrection Part 2: Revenge of the Slain

G-Zero Chronicles

On hold:

All Starfox related


Starfox Resurrection Part 2: Revenge of the Slain (IDEAS)

Thinking of her: A writer's note (personal reasons)

Bio's of all OC's in all parts:

Name: Phantom aka Roger Dillinger aka ME

Date/place of birth: Fichina, 21 BLW

Species: Arctic fox

Gender: Male

Height: 183 cm

Fur color: Rusty white

Eye color: Grey

Favourite Disturbed song: The Night

Signature action: Phantom Menace (shoulder-capping with his blaster)

Lifespan: Fichina at 21 BLW (13 December). Roger Dillinger was born on the wealthy side of the Fichina population. An Arctic Fox, he has snow-white fur and rust-colored marks on his body, varying from small dots to big 'oil leaks'. From a small 'scratch' to a large 'scar', it was completely random. His father, Adam Dillinger, was the proud owner of a thriving business and his mother, Amanda Dillinger, was a famed actress. Months after Tim Dillinger, his little brother was born, the Fichina Cough broke out. Quickly quarantined, his parents were the last victims to die. Eventually, they were put in an orphanage. But since civilization on Fichina segregated so much, the Poor couldn't accept the brothers, even that they were poor as well. The Rich, didn't want them. Tension reached boiling point at Roger's age of 5. The brothers were kicked out and forced to live on the street as outcasts. They lived from stealing food and warm blankets. On the coldest day of Roger's 7th life-year, he came across a brand new cinema. Peeking through a hole in the wall, he saw the classic Phantom of the Opera. He bonded with the character and started to act and dress like him. Tim followed by calling himself Spectre. Phantom soon discovered his own identity as Phantom alone. Wearing a piece of scavenged body armor and a long red, three-jointed scarf. When he was 8, he robbed a brand new antique shop. He stole only one thing: an Indian war club. Attaching a rusty steel spike on it, and he had a brilliant weapon. While he trained himself in using the weapon, Spectre kept hiding behind his big brother. This all changed when Spectre turned 9: The Rich had enough of the duo plundering their stores, they hired some thugs to take care of it. The encountered Spectre first and punched him in the throat, losing his voice for quite some time. The 10-year old Phantom saved him, by performing the Phantom Menace (shoulder-capping) with his war club. Phantom taught Spectre how to fight and together they spend 5 years tracking down the Rich folk that hired the thugs. It were (appearently) his father's biggest competitors. Robbed, beaten down, they were left for dead as the spooky duo took revenge. From that moment on, everything seemed to go a lot better. Until jealousy got the better of Phantom when Spectre got a girlfriend. 19, and willing, he tried out his luck and ended in bed with her. Spectre caught them in the act and a fight started between them. One day later, their ways separated. Phantom got accepted into the CFA (Cornerain Flight Academy) and worked their as a teacher at the age of 22 with a legendary reputation and record. When he turned 35, he accepted an offer from Phantom Ltd., to form a replacement team to fall in for Starfox. There, he met Tiffany. She looked a lot like Spectre's girlfriend and that was the only reason why Phantom wanted her. He also met his computer friend PAL. Only 2 years later, their services were called upon during the Second Ring Battle of the just started Titania Civil War. Phantom saw how Tiffany got killed in a white blast. Agony, sorrow. Nightmares and hallucinations took over. After killing Cobalt (ROUGE FOX series by Syxxfox), simply drifting around, he snatched his invention to the replacement BO project for Slayer: Butcher. There, he met Mark and they became friends almost immediately. When the program showed it's horrible secrets, the two were separated. Due to psychological breakdown } buildup } breakdown by letting him believe that it was him who killed Tiffany, they created the nutshell Psycho in less than a year. Covered in self-inflicted wounds and the all seeing eye almost branded on his forehead, he was released onto battlefield at his (thought to be) height of his insanity. It wasn't the case. He blew the entire Butcher base while Mark (now Cowboy) sacrifices himself for Psycho's escape. Away from Butcher, Phantom came back to the light, but now with a horrible shitlist dragging along with him. His identity, life and innocence, gone. At the life-year of 1 till Part 1: Lifting Kurse, this was his biography.

Part 1: A spark of good is still in him. He died saving Kursed from a future like his. He was 31(38) years old.

Part 2: He came back when plasma came in contact with his spirit. He used an unsuspecting garbage truck to uncover the truth, before crashing into his treacherous girlfriend Tiffany.

Part 3: When the TTT resurrected him, he and Kursed fell in love with each other. The TTT malfunctioned and send Phantom back at least 7 years. He's now 32 years old and happy. Due to circumstances, he's forced to carry a device pumping air via his nostrils.

Name: Ryan Steller aka ME

Date/place of birth: Untold, around 14 BLW

Species: Cheetah

Gender: Male

Height: 183 cm

Fur color: Yellow with black spots (very common)

Eye color: Violet

Favorite Disturbed song: Torn

Signature action: Being a moralist, taking his responsibility whatever the cost

Lifespan: Not much is known about Ryan Steller, expect that he served in the Cornerian Army at one time. A Second Lieutenant in the 6th infantry, 12th platoon to be exactly. His best friend's name was Termite, named after an explosive. Otherwise a weak and geeky being, he turned rogue. He was dealing with the enemies Ryan was fighting against. His superior, by the name of Dawson, told him to get rid of Termite. It led to an unwanted confrontation that got Ryan the name Deadeye; he stabbed his best friend in the eye with his blade. Unable to finish him off, he left the knife in it when Termite passed out. He resigned from duty the next day and became a detective with the Papetoonian Planetary Police Department. When a hostage situation only a few months goes south, claiming the life of a young girl, he was forced to resign within a few days. He got a last case involving another girl. When he got in, he found the young girl locked in a basement. It was all a façade; the man (Big Daddy) keeping her in the basement actually rescued her from the streets and took care of her for two years already. When she comes into the light, Ryan sees why she had to be rescued: she was a red vixen and half-Aparoid and somewhat older than he thought. He took her to the police station. She was a nobody in the eyes of the government, an exile from her doomed planet. With last connections, Ryan managed to get Big Daddy guardianship over the girl and since then they stayed in touch. The girl introduced herself as Mawile to everyone, but only told Ryan and Big Daddy her real name: Roxanne Blackburn.
After all this, Ryan moved and became a mechanic on Papetoon at Garfunkel's. In his free time, he became a Second Lieutenant within the Papetoonian SWAT force where he met two new friends, Chandler and Rosarius. That took a 8-9 years from detective on.

Name: Spectre aka Tim Dillinger

Date/place of birth: Fichina, 20-21 BLW

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Height: 175 cm

Fur color: Silver with white stripes

Eye color: Black

Favorite Disturbed song: Pain Redefined

Signature action: (gross) Cannibalism

Lifespan: Together with his older brother Phantom, he lived on the streets of Fichina. When a fight separated the brothers, he moved to Titania. The first inhabitable city Titanpolis was build and Tim went to live there. When the war broke out, he received the news his brother died. A few days later, the war came to the city and he was almost killed when a laser penetrated his eye socket. Scavenging whatever the doctors could find, his eye was replaced with scope for a sniper rifle. Became completely nuts in the war.

Part 2: Snorting up benzene is one of the more soft-ish things he does. He vowed to destroy Krystal for what happened to Phantom. He is 30 years old but looks more like a child than a real 30 year old. He died when he tried to kill Krystal on the Zoness Orbital Ring. After Wolf cut his way through, he was thrown out. He morally supported Phantom during the crash on Tiffany.

Part 3: Also resurrected by the TTT, he's now 31. He's everywhere and nowhere but a great mechanic, even better than Slippy.

Name: Mawile aka Roxanne Hollister

Date/place of birth: Feoria (The Aparoid Homeworld), 5 BLW

Species: Red fox

Gender: Female, Aparoid

Height: 173 cm

Fur color: Red with Aparoid coloration (sometimes metallic) on the infected sides.

Eye color: (not described in the story. Will fix that)

Favorite Disturbed song: Two Worlds

Signature action: Playing her violin/crossbow hybrid

Lifespan: Roxanne lived as a young girl of about 5 on the planet of Feoria. An Eledard (Starfox 2) clone, but with clean air. But the planet was invaded by the Aparoids and it became their homeworld. All habitants expect for a handful, including Roxanne, were converted into Aparoids. When the Starfox team came after 10 years, the handful tried to signal them. It exposed them to the Aparoids. All were captured and send to convertion. Roxanne was the last. In the midst of her transformation, the Aparoid Queen blew up, leaving her like a monstrosity. She stole an infected Cornerian fighter and flew away. She had no recollection of what happened after that, only that she wandered the streets. She found herself in a ditch until Big Daddy took her in. She wanted to stay in the shadows of his basement. Slowly, as days turned into months, she got more familiar with the world outside. Her vocal cords where damaged by the infection so Big Daddy found a way for her to express herself: via violin. She found her twist and in the process of four years, she sat her first steps in the outside world.
In the meantime though, she met Ryan. As already explained, they stayed together for a long time. Even when Ryan moved to Papetoon, they stayed in touch. Their relationship grew stronger until they finally expressed themselves in the G-Zero Chronicles' chapter 15.

Name: Captain Amrish

Date/place of birth: Zoness, 42 BLW

Species: Dog (hound)

Gender: Male

Height: 185 cm

Fur color: Dark brown

Eye color: Green

Lifespan: Born on Zoness, he enjoyed a happy live with his wealthy family. He went to military school at the age of 17 and vowed his life to the Cornerian Army. After the Lylat Wars, he saw what Andross did to his home planet. He started researching about Andross and came across a device to clean oceans. He revealed this to his friend General Pepper and a new program was started to clean Zoness. But the device was never used.
Wanting to purify the oceans faster, he studied plasma cloning technology and more of Andross. For these reasons, he was dishonourably discharged from the Cornerian Army six months after the Titania Civil War. Andross was cloned but stolen before Amrish could change his behaviour. He was executed by his former corporal Tim Dillinger aka Spectre. He was 52 years old.

Name: Carson

Date/place of birth: Fortuna, 17 BLW

Species: Raccoon

Gender: Male

Height: 159 cm

Fur color: Grey/black

Eye color: Brown

Lifespan: On Fortuna, he enjoyed his life. However, he was a loner. Accepted, but not befriended for his entire childhood. He didn't mind it too much. He met Fox when Starfox first got their Arwings delivered. A certain click was found and so Carson had his first best friend. Later, he became manager because Starfox bought a lot from SD thanks to the connection with Carson. He is loyal to his friends and co-workers and always ready to help. He saved his co-workers from a certain death when Slayer attacked again. Heavily wounded, he never gave up until rescued by Troy and Madison Groomes. He is now 26 years old.

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