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SpasticDjinn Productions

- The Djinni of Djinn -

Urgent Announcement!

SpasticDjinn is proudly sponsoring a worldwide aid program ‘Adopt A Djinni’. Many poor Djinni were stolen from their families to fight for the GS crew. Will you adopt one of those left behind after the rising of the Golden Sun? The only preferences are:

1.You must be loving and caring towards your new Djinni.

2. You must feed it sugar and sherbet to its heart’s content.

3: It must not be ignored for more than a millisecond, or you risk having your house burnt down.

If you feel you can meet the requirements, tell SpasticDjinn in your next review, and he will find a Djinni perfect for you! Simply write a flattering review, and at the end put in your preferred Djinni description eg. Personality (or lack of), Colour, Element etc.

Thank you, and may you find whatever kindness your cruel hearts have deep within them, and pledge your support the Adopt A Djinni.

Upcoming Work...


A serious Ninja-story based on Naruto. I plan on updating it, so get attached to it if you want . Chapter 3 is on the way.

Garet Potter and the Alchemist's Stone-Revamped

Was deleted, but no longer. I have re-written it, and you shall read it.

Golden Boys

I shall re-post it, so you must re-review it, sadly. Troublesome, I know.


SpasticDjinn (Myself)

An evil Uranus Djinn. Looks kinda like a Venus Djinn, just whacky-er. Flirtatious, rowdy, aggressive, manipulative, weak, cowardly and pathetic. But pretends he's big by using his secret weapon: His human disguise. Uses many weapons including: The Great Big Keyboard Of Really Nasty Stuff, the Insanely-Large-Whiteboard-Marker, the Sword of a Big-Voodoo-Monkey and the Pliars of Wrenching Out Loose Molars.

KD6 (Kai_dranzer_6)


Dessie (Destinyofthepast or At the mercy of irony)

My friend (though he may deny it). A fellow author who enjoys nothing more than fixing typos for me and correcting gramatical errors. Round of applause! Wields his Uber-Sharp claws and the Pacer-Of-Lightning-Power.

Ivan (Golden Sun 1 and 2)

The main muse I use, and my bestest buddy. Is always serious and never laughs. Is an idiot, just like his master. Has a rod know as Grandpa's Dodecahedron. Grandpa, apparently, believed the earth was doughnut shaped. Hence the strangely bent staff.

Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha)

The mysterious Sesshoumaru has joined the ranks of my muses. Hooray. He occasioanally brings along his minions Rin and Jaken to help him beat up Ivan. Uses his fabled 'Asshole-Smell Claws' and 'Whiff of Hell'.

The Second in Command of the 118th Squadron (Ivan's Big Adventure 1 and 2)

A stupid, bumbling minion. Controls the armies of KD6 and Djinn. As I said, stupid and moronic. Uses a sword made of solidified talcum powder.


Merely used for comedic purposes. Serves no actual purpose other than being evil and cannibalistic. A large lizard-man with heavy armour. And a very large spongy hammer.

Stuff about me
I'm 15,short, lovable in an evil way, angst ridden, almost gothic, angers EXTREMELY easily, likes the colour black (If you consider black a colour) and LOVES computers. I love them to the extent that I spend almost 70 percent of my time glued to one.

I love WoW (World of Warcraft), and play it constantly. I have the characters Pyrgus, Hiten, Tetsusuaiga and... That's all. All the advice I can give you about WoW is: If you haven't bought it, do so now.

Ragnarok Online is also fun, but merely as a recreational pasttime. Chatting is more fun that the actual gameplay, but meh.

Cool Animes/Mangas:


The Ghibli Collection




Used to like Pokemon, but it's bad now...


Excel Saga

Love Hina

Golden Boy

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Get Backers

One Piece

Ninja Scroll

SamuraiX (Rouruni Kenshin)

Fave Pairings for GS...

1. Isaac/Jenna (Valeshipping)

2. Isaac/Mia (Mudshipping)

2. Ivan/Sheba (Windshipping)

4. Mia/Felix (Softshipping)

5. Felix/Sheba (Lighthouseshipping)

Despised Pairings...

1. Garet/Mia (Steamshipping)

2. Garet/Jenna (Flameshipping)

3. Alex/Anyone (I hate the evil git shipping)

4. One of the antagonists/Anyone (Karst, Agatio, Saturos and Menardi are all RETARDS shipping)

Neutral Pairings

1. Karst/Anyone (I dont really mind Karst that much..)

My Titles (The things you really wanted to know about!)

Lord of all things green and cumbersome

Lord of all things to do with dramatic entrances and clouds of flesh-eating gnats

Part time applicant of the Triforce of cowardice

Member of the Veteran Bookmarks club

Second in command of the army of Frankfurt haters

Lord of all things aqua-green and with an air of miscalculation

More to be added once I remember them!

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