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I have to put this here, as Deviant Art is down, but WHOO HOO! I did an IQ test and I'm officially NOT THIICK! I thought I had an IQ of 114 (what I got a few years back) but now I got this -

The True IQ Test

Your IQ score is 126

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the True IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Insightful Linguist. This means you are highly intelligent and have the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

I'm writing a new story!
It's action-packed! Or it will be. It's all swimming right here in my head, I just gotta type it all out. Ah yes, I remember this feeling well - when Breath of Life was merely a reaction to a sad song I heard. This feeling of inspiration that will eventually become a very long story. Hmmm! I love writing.
And if I get the same wonderful encouragement for this as I did with the last one, I'll be sure to put my heart and soul into this one, too. x

Likes: writing, drawing, reading fics, making angsty Vince pics with photoshop, web personality quizzes (they're ADDICTIVE I tell ya!), yaoi (well, shounen ai since I don't do the hentai), Final Fantasy VII, japanese language (much easier to speak than German), RANTING and RAMBLING, music and... um... can't think any more...

Dislikes: real men (not the pixelated or anime kind ^.^;;;), het, disloyalty, Yuffentine (makes me want to HURL)

Age: 18

Occupation: I GOT A F*KING JOB! YES!

Personality: sometimes funny, often just strange

Hair: I am a skunk now. My blonde is coming through really bad, and I look like a skunk. White stripe!!

Eyes: kinda pale green

Why the statistics, I hear you cry?! Cos it's my profile. So there.
Previously known as Nimmy, I stopped writing fanfics for AGES, and so forgot all my account details so had to set up a new one! Sorry to anyone who was waitin' for part three of that Gundam series ^^;;

My account as Nimmy is dead, but if you like Gundam Wing/ Vagrant story fics you might want to take a peek. Back then I just used to write insane crap on FFVII, and for some reason not much yaoi... that was before I discovered the joy of CidxVin of course.

I've just joined Deviant Art as Nimmy, and I'm in the CidxVin club there ^.^ I love clubs.

Also, email me if you agree on this, but has anyone noticed that Evanescence inspires loads of people to do angsty Vincent fics, half of which I have seen include CidxVin?? You gotta agree though, their angsty lyrics just suit him so well.

I have finished Breath of Life. It was the biggest, most emotional story I ever thought up. But, as the story picked up in mood at the end, it made me happy too. ^o^

Also, I've stepped into the realm of sewing FF plushies (yes, real ones!) and as soon as I can get hold of a camera I'll put some pics of em up on the site.
I've just finished Cid, so now I have plushies of my fave FF guys. Aww. The weird thing is, though.. even without me trying, Cid came out shorter than Vin, and more stocky. Vin plushy is kinda taller and a bit thinner. Which makes up more realistic, I guess!
If anyone got any ideas on how I can give Cid a cig in his mouth, feel free to suggest to me... ^u^

Hmm. Given up on plushie sewing after two of the blighters as I'm simply too lazy fer me own good. ^^

I have fixed my dodgy chapters. Finally! Sorry to those peeps whose reading experience was impaired by the lack of format.

I saw on Rikunghts profile a fave pairings list. Why not! I'll do one. (and Riku, PLEASE finish Flight of Sorrow! I'm waaaaiiiiiting!)

CidxVin (obviously!)
CloudxSeph (a mind-fuck!)
PainexYuna (you know she's better than Tidus!)
KainxRaziel (what?! Not a japanese game? Oh well, another mind-fuck)

... I really need to get some new pairings. I'va had these faves for years... except the CidxVin one. That's only since about autumn 2003... I just never thought about ff7 yaoi until I started paying attention to Cid, since I was reminded of him while watching Indiana Jones (Wouldn't he have made a cool Cid in his younger days?) so... I took Vin, who I'd tried pairing briefly with Cloud (sorry CloVin fans, but I just can't see them working together...) and the newly interesting Cid, tried a lil' experimental fic writing (which I haven't submitted) and . . . YES! It struck gold. By far my fave pairing of all time. The emotions I see blossoming between them, the understandings the two of them could share... this was to be a beautiful thing, and I just couldn't leave it alone. In his own way, Cid is the most emotional character in FFVII and Vincent is the least emotional, so there is instant balance with their chemistry straight away.
Ah hell, why am I explaining it? It's right under your nose.
I hope you enjoy/ed my CidxVin wanderings, and I hope to write many more! :)

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