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Joined 11-19-03, id: 489747
Name: Genevieve
Age: 13...soon 14
Hobbies: Watching anime, drawing (meh not good Xx), talking with my friends (Online)
Weight: Dunno... 110-112 lbs? Xx I'm not sure, really.
Height: 4"11'
Hair: brown
Eyes: Brown...sometimes they turn green.
Nationality: Canadian
AKA: Kura
Computer type: Windows XP pro.

Best friend: I dont have a best friend In Real Life.But online the first person i met is Johnny
Worst enemy: So many of them Xx but the worst is some stupid guy in my class... I hate him!
Most annoying friend: None.
Amount of friends you have?: None. Only some friends online.

Are you..
pretty: I dunno.. maybe...
popular: Not at all
interesting: Euh... I dun think so
a good friend: I dun know'
kind: Usually, yeah
fun: I'm trying to...
fashionable: Nop.. Meh not fashion freak.. But not hater either.
rich: Uhm...?
approachable: Not when I'm pissed off.

have you walked into a door before?: No...
most embarassing moment: Dunno...
happiest moment: Not much.. Being alone is one of the happiest moment :)
saddest moment: Well ... Oo;;
one thing that irritates you: People at school.
how do you spend weekends?: Computer,drawings,homeworks
are you a good student at school/college/etc?: I'm not bad...
worst thing you did to a person: I don't do anything offline.. Online, I dunno.. Oo;;
best thing you did for a person: Erm.. Sending anime to my sissy so she can watch them wiff me!
have you sung in the shower?: Once... X_x
more than once?: No.
have you eaten food off the ground?: No.
have you hugged a stranger?: ^^;
have you pretended to talk on a mobile phone only to have it ring during your fake conversation?: Thats silly. No x3
have you accidentally spilled a secret?: No.
have you purposely spilled a secret?:
what is the thing you most regret in your life so far: Wishing I wasn't here.

what is your fave movie: Most anime movies
what is your fave TV show: Animes :D
what is your fave book: ...I read alot.. I dun really haf favourite right now
do you enjoy suspense movies more than romantic movies?: films..Xx
do you enjoy horror movies more than comedy movies?: Both as much as each other X3
if you coud star in one movie, which would it be?: none.
if you could star in a tv show, which one would it be?: I'd like to see myself kicking butts wiff Lina and Gourry in Slayers...
who is your favourite author?: Hum.. I dunno
who is your fave actress?: None.
actor: hum...
director: dunno.
movie character: Lina Inverse
tv character: Lina Inverse
book character: Hum...Let's say... Lina Inverse in the Slayers novels :D
what is your fave movie plot: ..I dunno..Oo;
book plot: Well...
tv show plot: Dunno, really...
do you enjoy cliffhangers?: God, no! X_o
have you ever sat in front of the tv waiting for a movie/tv show trailer to air?: yup

have you spent more than 3 hours straight on the internet?: Pffft! Waaay more than that!
what is your fave internet site: Animes sites!
what sort of things do you do on the net: Drawing, Oekakis, web building, surfing, music etc. :)
do you have an email account: Well... what do you think..
do people send stuff to it: Yeeah..but most of it is spam from websites and people ive never even heard of.
do you run a website: I'm planning on opening one soon..tis hard work..
have you ever had an internet replationship: err.. Nop
have you ever given perosnal details via the net? Not TOO personal infos, but I give the minimum
do you have an instant messenger: Yup
are there poeple you dont know on it?: Quite a few.
have you shopped via the internet: Yup! :)

what do you want to be when you grow up: I wanna move to florida and work in that place wiff NO SNOW! YAY!
is it an achievable dream: Probably
will you get married: I dunno.
will you have children: I dunno...
how many: *sigh* I said I dun know!
do you enjoy life: Sometimes.
do you enjoy school/college/work: No,but I try my best to get through it

do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no
do you have serious relationships: No
do you believe in love: I can't say... maybe, maybe not
when did you have your first kiss: ..I didnt Xx
have you broken up with someone for no reason:
has anyone borken up with you for no reason:

what is your fave food: KFC Popcorn chicken!!
can you cook?: I can use a microwave..o-o...
do you live with your parents?: I'm almost 14.Of course I do.
have you ever run away from home: Nope
have you ever broken a household item: Nope
do you believe in "what goes around comes around": Yeeees.
how old were you when you first had a crush on someone: 8 ^^;;;
what is your fave quote: "...Stupid!"
if you could be anyone in the world who would you be: Me.but in the future xD;
if you could be an animal what would you be: A wonderfool wolf!
if you could listen to anyones private conversations whos woud you listen to: nobody's
have you ever slapped someone: Yes
have you ever taken revenge on something: Yes..
was it sweet? No. Guilt kills me afterwards.
if you could change your name what would you call yourslef: I wouldnt change it...
could you get away wiht having no lats name aka Madonna?: uhm..Yeah o_O
could you be a superstar: No..
do you wish you were famous: no @@;
would you be jealous if a friend of yours was famous: No. ^^'
would you tell the tabloids a secret of theirs: No.
do you have an ambition: Yep.
what is it: I want to sing..(as a hobbie) and maybe get a good job in drawing domain (you know, like drawing house plans and all..just an example X3)
have you tripped over in public before: Nah..
did many people see: -cough-