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Author has written 16 stories for Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter, and Avengers.

People of earth, I swear to you I have not abandoned the account! XD Anyway, yes, I'm in Saudi Arabia, as I have been for the past couple of weeks (Yes, we had to move again, that was why I blew up on poor Dad a couple months ago), and the wi-fi sucks where I'm at. I'm practically in the middle of nowhere. However, I'm so glad I'm here and not in the US--the place is freezing! They had to sand bridges in Mississippi! Mississippi, people! That's like, way down south for the US. My friend there, she emailed me, I got it this morning when we walked into a hotel with wifi (finally), and she's screaming at me through the email: WINTER WTF WE HAVE ICICLES ON OUR ROOF AND IT'S F-ING SNOWING!! (yeah...she cusses a lot). So, yeah, I'm so glad this country is so warm. We're sitting at sixty-five degrees (or so) while the Americans are freezing their butts off. >>

Hi! My name is Winter (obvi.), I love to write (also obvi.), I'm not the best thing when it comes to adoptions or extremely long stories, so you'll mostly see random oneshots from a bunch of different fandoms. I've also started a blog: . So go check it out! Even though it isn't exactly exciting...yet.

I got a couple questions on how many places I've lived, so just so you peeps know, I've lived on four different continents, but I've only spent a full year (or more) in three different countries: the US (New York, Alaska, and Mississippi), Spain, and Guatemala. I'm just recently been declared bilingual (English and Spanish), and I know a great deal of Mandrin Chinese, Russian, Italian, and Arabic, with a little bit of Greek (I'm seriously working on this language, considering where I live right now) and Portuguese. I'm home schooled for the most part, so you can probably imagine that I know my facts by heart, considering that I'll probably need to recite them in at least two different languages by the end of the week.

What's the most amazing thing you've encountered?

It definitely has to be the difference in cultures. Just in the US, there is a variety of cultures just where I lived. In the South, common courtesy is that if there's someone directly behind you, you hold the door for them. New York, you might get punched for thinking whoever it was was weak, if not, an insult at least, or probably, a weird look. New York, taxis are often seen. Alaska and Mississippi? You'll be lucky to see one twice a day, even if it's the same taxi. Alaska, everyone carries a gun for their protection. And I mean everyone. New York, people probably have guns on them somewhere for protection against muggers, but it isn't everyone. Mississippi, contrary to popular belief, quite a few have guns on their person, though I still haven't really figured out why. Mississippi isn't exactly the ideal spot for a mugger. More likely than not, said mugger will slip in the mud and fall on their face and then get beaten within an inch of his life by a little old lady with a cane (don't laugh, I've seen little old ladies with canes—absolutely terrifying).

Would you trade your life as it is right now for the life of someone who stays in one place most of the time?

I admit, it is a little bit taxing to move across three continents within a span of six months, and I will admit that about once a year I blow up on Dad (poor Dad. He takes so much crap from me and little sis) for moving us the billionth time that year. I'm not a violent person, even though I can kick five people's butts within a span of a minute (go self-defense classes!), so even though there is a time of year where I'm most likely to blow up on Dad, it still scares the living daylights out of everyone in the house (or apartment, trailer, RV, hotel, or whatever we happen to be living in at the moment). But no. I would never trade this life for another.

What's your family like?

Dad: oh my gosh, Dad. Don't get me wrong, I love him to death, but it gets really aggravating when he disappears for hours on end, and then I have to get sis ready for bed by myself, which is hard enough with two people. Dad's an anthropologist; in short, that means that he studies the different cultures around the world. But if he left that job, he could definitely get a job as a translator, because I'm not half as good as he is. All those languages up there I mentioned a while back? He's got most of those down pat and more.

Sis: an adorable little angel that annoys the hell out of me on a regular basis (mostly when I'm trying to read a book). She'll turn five next month (seriously, with her stubbornness you'd think she'd be twelve, not five). I think that's enough said, yes?

*awkward silence* Okay. How long are you planning on staying in Greece?

Um, we're planning on staying until I'm seventeen, which is in about a year and a half. But really, with Dad's job, we never quite know how long exactly we'll be staying there. We've been here for about three weeks already, if they were going to call Dad in again it would be sometime in the next two weeks. But for the next two days we'll be visiting mi familia in Spain. :D

Wait, wait, whoa, back up. You said that your family was from two native Egyptians. Now your family is in Spain?

Well, one side of my family. Mom's side moved to Spain to be closer to Mom. It's kind of funny, you have an anthropologist (Dad) and an archaeologist (Dad's brother) on one side of the family, and an ex-Marine Biologist (Mom) and an ex-astrologist (Mom's mom) on the other side. And then Mom's dad is the baker. I find that hilarious for some reason. You've got all these scientists and then...a baker? But when there's a family reunion it's kind of funny to see the colorful garments of Spain inhabitants mixing with the Egyptian's clothes of the fellahins, and then me and sis and Dad in whatever country's clothes we're in, it definitely creates a riot of color. XD

Thanks to Work-you-stupid-penname-thingy for the interview-like questions!

I've been on here long enough as someone else (who will remain unsaid), that I've noticed tensions between ships. To be clear, I will support just about anything as long as it is well-written, and they have enough background to legitimately be called a couple. So if someone is basing it off of canon and a PercyxZoe (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series) pairing?

"Ack! What are these people thinking?!"

But if it's an AU?

"This is great!"

Example: Many of Anaklusmos14's stories are AU and PercyxZoe. I love his stories. Sure, his most recently published one, Timeless Warrior, the relationship between Perseus and Annabeth is quite shocking. But all the others, and most of the stories that he's recommended, are all wonderful. That is, if you like pairings that aren't canon.

Speaking of canon, I will be writing stories/oneshots on:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO)/Heroes of Olympus (HoO) by Rick Riordan (book series)

Kane Chronicals (KC) by Rick Riordan (book series)

The Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George (book series)

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George (book series)

Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George (book series)

Avengers by Marvel (movie)

Maximum Ride (MR) by James Patterson (book series)

Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton (book)

Gallager Girls (GG) by Ally Carter (book series) United We Spy comes out, which is in two months, roughly

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (book)

Some authors on here that I highly recommend:

Asilda >> she is the cause for my latest craze, Heather Flemming's Gargoyle Legends, and there's the fact that she has Percy and Nico's bromance down. One of my favorite authors just for that reason alone.

Anaklusmos14 >> A wonderful writer, updates nearly everyday with 3000 plus chapters.

HecateA >> Updates frequently, and is a wonderful writer as well. She's awesome to PM with as well.

ExceedinglyPeculiarChick >> If you're having a sucky day, this is the author to go to if you are in desperate need for a laugh.

Yellow-Spider >> If you'll pardon the pun, a Marvelous writer as well with AvengerxPJO crossovers up the yin-yang. Also with long chapters, but updates once about every two weeks or so.

TheseusLives >> Probably your dream Percabeth writer. My personal favorite of his is the Last Frontier.

Blondie B. Happy >> An excellent writer, but often drops off the face of the earth for awhile. Her stories are addicting though! That makes it all the more "URGH!!" *pulls out hair* when she does disappear.

littlebitclever >> Another addicting writer, and also drops off the face of the earth occasionally... :(

That Was Such A Face Palm >> Don't you dare listen to her saying that she sucks...because she doesn't. At all. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she became the next big thing, she's that good.

SinSidhe >> Another of those really good (Marvelous) AvengerxPJO crossover writers.

XxxXGreek GeekXxxX >> I love this guy, just because of the friendship (and nothing more!) between Percy and Katie. He (or she, I can't tell) did background on Percy and Katie, making both Percy and Katie a heck more badass. I love his stories, if nothing else for the adrenaline rush and wisdom.

Burst.ofSILENCE >> I absolutely adore his/her Rachel/Nico pairings...the way she portrays them is just plain amazing.

Personally, I'll finish one story before posting it, while working on a second story. Right now, I've got a twenty-chapter long crossover of AvengersxPJO and it's just getting started with the plot line so...yeah, it might be a little... Most of the stories that I'm going to be doing are AU. I can give you the summaries for the first three stories that I'll be doing, though:

I'm redoing SHIELD as a series of oneshots. As you know, I did a oneshot, Family, which is a prequel (of sorts) to Shipwrecked, another of my oneshots. My next (extremely long) oneshot will be centered around grief-stricken and betrayed Percy, and Thor, and Jane and Darcy. Let's just say, Annabeth is dead, her spirit is missing; the Greek gods are being unjust; Percy just imitated Thor in New Mexico and is running from SHIELD, who want to study him or ally with him; Percy got a rude awakening that stories of him and what he's done are circulating around the universe (uh, yikes); and Thor flips out--and flips the table. Between hunting for Annabeth and dodging the attempts of SHIELD and getting Jane and Darcy off his back, it's turning out to be a very crazy month for Perseus Jackson. Look for To Be Undone the next time I get on here. I think I'll be finished by then.

Secondly, just so you know, this one might go up on my other account. I have it labeled CoH in my documents. Fourteen chapters are finished, and fifteen is started. Summary: An innocent chatting amongst two friends turns deadly as Percy gets lost in memories, confuses memory for reality, and attacks Rachel, thinking she's Kronos. Horrified, stunned, and scared, Percy bolts from the camp in the dead of the night, refusing to hurt another of his friends. Being the helpful and hopeful goddess she is, Hestia takes the eighteen-year-old, powerful demigod under her wing. But Percy refuses to go back to camp, afraid he'll hurt someone again.

Thirdly, this one is called Dancer. Six chapters completed. AU. All mortal. Summary: Percy and his eight-year-old daughter Ama take a trip to see a gymnast named Annabeth Chase. Having a dancing past himself, he unfortunately recognized by the press, which opens a floodgate of questions--from both the press and his daughter. Percy's peaceful life takes a dark turn as he has two attempts on his life, endangering his daughter's life as well. But maybe he could pull himself out of the hole he dug himself with his new friends at the police station, and quite possibly a gymnast named Annabeth Chase.

"One must always be careful with books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us." -Tessa Gray, The Clockwork Angel

"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first six sharpening my axe." -Abraham Lincoln

"You know, this whole thing with Beckendorf and Silena. It kind of makes you think. About...what's important. About losing people who are important." -Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, The Last Olympian

"Legends are stories, they ring with truths." -Merlda, from the movie Brave

"History is nothing but the biased opinion of the winners." -Me


All of you who know me know that I don't cry except for really big things. Well, guess what. Here's a chink in my armor. I watched and listened to it four times. All four times I was a sobbing wreck. Hey, maybe it's hormones. Who knows.

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