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Author has written 3 stories for Peach Girl, Final Fantasy I-VI, and Generator Gawl.

(last updated 11-8-06) Wow. The last time I did this was over 2 years ago. I tried to update in September, but my page refreshed just before I finished. -dies-. Well, anyway, since I have nothing better to do than procrastinate from doing my homework, I'll tell ya'll about myself.

Name: Soul_Mage. Durr. I have many names. The most common including Elandri, Terra, Yunis, Crystal, Sarah, Selene etc etc

Appearance: What is this, a personals ad? None of your business.

Age: newly 17 (unlike a certain Farcie seems to think...)

Sex: Da-- good. Oh, gender. Er... heh. Female.

Location: the VOID

Personality: Like every other humanoid, it changes regularly depending on my mood and whom I'm interacting with.

Hobbies/Pastimes: golfing (shaddup), drawing (I have an active DA account), writing (both fanfiction and original work), video games (mainly final fantasy), reading (OMG! A literate person!), theater (Opening night is tomorrow! OMG!!), etc etc

Pet Peeves and Other Stuff that Pisses Me Off: -when people don't push their chairs in -hypocrites (even though I realize I'm being hypocritical to say so) -Bush -closed minds -betrayal of trust -people who just can't seem to find that little spellchecker button -n00bs

Quotes from friends, myself, and stuff: "Good reading=good times" -AlphaBlades "My strategy with games is: buy, play, beat, eat." -Chris K. (don't try to understand him... I don't) "You’re probably thinking to yourselves right now, “I wonder what she thinks I’m thinking right now”. Or you may be thinking, “I wonder when she’s going to say, ‘You’re probably thinking to yourselves right now, I wonder what she thinks I’m thinking right now.’” Or you could be thinking, “I wonder when she’s going to wonder when I…” Well, maybe not." -George Carlin (w00t!) "Either they have synchronized bladders, or they're hiding something from me." –Masami ( XD ) "I think something chocolate-y in nature met its demise in my pants.” –Me “Wait, electrodes? Sounds kinky, I’ll be down in a minute!” –My Mom (-cries-) “Cheese is like god only pasteurized.” –Liz “Watermelons don’t come from trees… They come from Safeway!” -Will “I think I just died again.” –Dasi "Guys have all the fun parts." -Jewels (It's not what you're thinking! ...perverts) “So if brother is ‘brat’, if he’s a bad brother, would he be ‘bratwurst’?” –My Dad “It is a great thing to be a Nazi.” –Liz “So how’d Dalee do on your yaoi test? Did she pass with flying faggots?”-Anonymous “I don’t have any righteous chi. I only have unrighteous chi, and unrighteous-er chi.” –Laur

Favorite Stuff: Shows: Gilmore Girls, House, Friends, Boston Legal, etc etc Movies: My Fair Lady, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Before Sunrise, etc etc Anime: Generator Gawl, Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances), Inuyasha, Zatch Bell (-shrug- it's on), Naruto (Same as ZB) etc etc Manga: Absolute Boyfriend, Fuishigi Yugi, Ceres, Alice 19th, Imadoki, Ranma 1/2, Girl Got Game, Peach Girl, Kare Kano, etc etc Book: No such thing as a favorite book. I LOVE THEM ALL!! ...except that lame Killer Angels book I had to read over the summer... Music: WAY WAY WAY too many to list Video Games: Final Fantasy VII, FFVIII, FFIX (

Like I said earlier. I have homework to do. Hopefully I'll have posted the Prologue of my new Generator Gawl Fanfiction before the night is done. Chao ya'll. ~Soul_Mage

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