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*taps mike*

Is this thing on?

Good. Can you hear me now?

clears throat* Ami-chan is back in action! For those of you who DON'T know, I am also the infamous PegasusAcc, writer of Gundam Wing and supporter of the Trowa X Midii pairing. *runs around with banner* And for those of you who don't know, now you do. For those of you who don't care, you don't really matter anyway.'ve found my little ditty page. If you want a reason as to why my pen name is Manda's Freshman (when my name is in fact Ami and I'm NOT a freshman...) you'll have to pester my dear friend Manda, also known as Crosseyedbutterfly on (be sure to mention pink fluffy bunnies and get an extra suprise!!)

Anyway, why the extra account? Well, mainly because I'm a gundam wing fanfiction writer by nature, but I wanted to try a new spin. I didn't want to soil my Pegasus page with things that aren't gundam-something related, so I got another e-mail account and made this fanfiction account...2 points for the blonde!!

And WHERE are my stories might you ask? my head and on paper. I haven't gotten the whole bit written yet, and being the lazy one that I am...they won't be up until Manda (my ever loving senior) or someone else gives me the oh so scary death threat. *sigh* My life people. It would make an interesting case study, ne?

Feel free to nothing at the moment. But be sure to check back later when I actually get off my sorry rear-end and update.

Until then!

Manda's Freshman