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Hello there my loves, im back and here to stay. yes, unfortunaly, i didn't get killed in the hurricane(how could you think that?). But anywhos, a new story is up. But the good thing is my friend wrote it with me, so it will also be on hers(or hers i dont know yet)so go check it out at Lil'Inu-Yasha. She's pretty kool. Oh, funny story! So today, my mom emptyed out the cooler full of ice into the sink. And i mean, it's not everyday there is a sink full of ice, so i took a bottle, and put it into the ice, and had it crashed into a iceberg like the titanic. I have no idea why I did this, i was very hyper. No im not retarted so don't think that, just hyper. well, ok, bye bye for now!

hiyas!!! it's me kaz the spaz(i got a nick name fear me muahahahahhahahahahahah.ahem) well , theres a hurricane coming!!!!! take cover!! quick, hide under the desks
:everyone hides under desks:
shina:ummm thats when there is a earthquake
oh right!!hehehhe well tehn, it doesn't matter, casue ima going to new york!!so i wont be updating for a while(not like u care) but if u did, there u go, iam wrieting to live or to die in texas anyways, seince they still took it down(i know im still crying at night)so it will be better
1)fewer spelling mistakes
2)story plot is going somewhere
3)it will be no scrpit form
so hope to see yas guys soon!!!
love ya much
dont miss me too much...katz the spaz

for some stange reason, all the reviews i sent to other stories, they missplelled my words!!! and i didnt eeven do taht!!! dame them, aim mad, and when iam mad i want to killllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

:kills moth in room:
moth haunts me in my dreams now..:sniff sniff:

hello everyone. this is your princess that rules over yuo and you must obey me. yes, i have alll the power.muhahaahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha
:goes on for an hour:
muhahahahhaha,ahem, enough of that. so this is my profile? well, heres what i like, so u are goin to read it because if you dont, iam so taking away your computar privilages. hey, iam the princess, i can do whatever i want. so here we go:
music, well, i like alot of music. such types are:liz phair,the bangles,skye sweetnam,lucy woodword, green day, fefe dobson, limp bizkit, good charlotte,jesse simpson, bif naked, finger eleven, kindeythieves, sum 41, avail, jimmy eat world, linkin park, eminem, pink, offspring, blink182, and more i cant think of right now.
my fav animes:
love hina
vampire princess miyu
witch hunter robin
alice 19
and lots more!!!!!!
name:kitty kat, or kat
age:14,15 you pick
sex:yes plaese!!!jk, iam female and dame proud of it
height:5'2 dammit iam sooooooooo short...whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ummmmmmmmmm and thats it i guess
to amanda,araine,chris, and erica, my good friends who review every time!!!!!!!!!
well, iam writting 4 stories, so it might take awhile to update
lots of tests and homework to do
dame school, always gettin in the way!!!
review pleez
and now some random quotedear adult swim,
i got your nose!i got you nose!
dear whoever,
ha!were not falling for that
a man said that to us when we were 3, and that bastard stils has it!!!

peter:i dont except coupens from chickens, not afater what happned last time...

chicken guy: were all going to die!!!
peter:no!!!!!!!!!!!!(runs to trix rabbit)
dame long ears trying to take easter away from jeseues...
teh sky is purrple!!!!!!-me!!!
araine your bio is funny!!!! heheheheheh dame old people!!!!
inuyasha: dame pederstarins awlaways getting in teh way, get a car already!!!!
ps:i cant spell for shit, so excuse my writing!!!!1
if we say excuse my french, do the french say excuse my english?

Can't eat beef...mad cow.
Can't eat chicken... bird flu.
Can't eat eggs... again, bird flu.
Can't eat pork...fears that bird flu will infect piggies.
Can't eat fish... heavy metals in the waters has poisoned their meat.
Can't eat fruits and veggies... insecticides and herbicides.

Hmmmm! I believe that leaves Chocolate.

It felt like he'd been bitch-slaped by the fat lady who lived at the bus stop-forgottn snow very good story(fanfic)
Inu-Yasha's mouth close in shock and he stood there awkardly in the room like a staight man would at a gay party-forgottn snow hehehheheheheehheheheeh
stewie when he took controll of chri's mind
chris-i would like some very high working power tools
casheir:sry i cant sell power tools to minors
chris_dame chris: what no i don't have any change , where would i keep it , my dimper? get away from me you hobo
invader zim quotes!!!!!
"There always after me lucky neck meats"-some guy
"Are you thirsty for chciken?"-chicken guy
zim: can't u make some educated guess or something?
computar: ummm..ok. Founded in 1492 by ..um... demons.teh FBi ummm... hunts aliens?
"leave before u get a new job too!!!"
lice man: what are you doing out here?
dib:me? what are you doing out here?
lice man: ahhhhhhhh mind control tricks ahhhhhhh
zim: it seems u and me have a common enmey. tak. she wants my mission and your earth
dib: oh come on, i like tak, plus she hates you, your just jel
zim: what? this is no time for jelly!!!!!

and now time for my update!!!!!! New chapter in To LIve And To Die In Texas!!!!!! Also, i wrote a new story. its about kitty griffin and his live, heheheh this is what happnes when u get borad during Debate Class!!!!!!!hey all, its summer and iam gonna be on lots of trips!!! I get to go to alsaka!! so iam not going to be able to update for awhile.see ya in a few months1!!!

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