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Update 19/06/2011 - New chapter of Great Things is finally up after having been sat half written for a while now!

I've been a member of fanfiction for many, many years (ok, about seven years now), since I was quite young. I wrote a couple of stories when I first joined that have now been removed. After I wrote these I didn't write anything more for a few years, but now I'm back having hopefully improved my writing skills somewhat.

Here's a more detailed outline of my stories...

How Deep is the Ocean

This is my newest story. It's a King Kong fic and the pairing is Jimmy/OC. My characters name is Evelyn, who boards the Venture with a proposition for Captain Englehorn. She offers him work, of which they are in dire need, in an exchange for passage to England. He agrees and lets her on board. She then proceeds to give him details of a contact - a man who works for her father's company that will supply them with plenty of work that pays extremely generously. Her Father is a hugely rich and powerful businessman in New York and so her family is very influential. But Evelyn hates the life, so she plans to run away to London to start again. Of course, along the way she meets many characters on board the Venture that influence her actions and decisions to come - the most influential being Jimmy. He's gentle, shy, rather enigmatic and like no one she's ever met before. But unfortunately, she cannot leave her life in New York behind so easily - her family believe she has been kidnapped and her Father, along with her almost fiance, have got every man on the job trying to find her, making it impossible for her to stay hidden for long.

As outlined in the introduction to the story, the title is taken from the beautiful song of the same name. Written in 1932 by Irving Berlin, its been covered by many artists. My favourite version is sung by Ella Fitzgerald and provides a great accompaniment to the story.

Great Things

This is a Lord of the Rings fic, involving Frodo and an OC, set at first before but later on during the War of the Ring. It follows a mix of the films and the books, but mainly sticks to the books. My OC is a hobbit called Laelia, who has grown up with 'the hobbit gang' always having been told that Frodo Baggins is too good for her. She nonetheless attempts to make him notice her by joining in with the other hobbits pranks and mischievious activities, but apparently to no avail. So she lives constantly in the knowledge of her inferiority and with the fear that Frodo will leave to find a better life. The story follows her right up until the war of the Ring and Frodo's quest to Mordor and deals with how she copes with his departure. And then...well, you'll have to read to find out!

I love this pairing as they are both so innocent in the path that their life takes them and despite everything that happens. The backdrop of Tolkien's beautiful Shire makes it an absolute joy to write, as well. I suppose I intend it to be a simple love story, really. With happy endings all around.

Selfless Acts

Another Lord of the Rings fic here. It's difficult to describe the main pairing of this ffic, initially it was going to be mainly an eventual Faramir/OC, but the more I write the more prevalent a Boromir/OC pairing becomes, so I would say there is a bit of both. It follows Isme, she goes to Minas Tirith to reform an old alliance between her family and Gondor. She's still very young at the time and Lord Denethor accepts her like a daughter...almost. Unknown to her, his motives are far from what they seem and he has a hidden plan for her. When she arrives she meets Denethor's sons and they become a second family to her. She begins to grow up thinking that her life is going to go one way, with countless ideas and plans as to what she wants to do, but then Lord Denethor's own plan is set into motion and everything changes. Plus, the war of the Ring begins complicating everything even further...

Just One Weakness


I was extremely excited when I first started writing this story, but unfortunately, I got a tad ahead of myself. Although I planned the basic outline of the story and the end, in my excitement, I skimmed over what might actually happen in between and subsequently, after writing two and a half chapters, rather ran out of steam. Therefore, its on hiatus. I didn't take it down, although it may take a while before I start writing it, because I received such positive feedback for what I'd posted so far and I really do want to continue with it at some point. I'd love to work on it some more as I have so many good ideas for it, but right now, my other stories are my main priority. But here's the story outline anyway:

My OC in this one is called Eleana, or more commonly Ana for short. She grew up in the Palace in Rome with Commodus and Lucilla, but they were far from friends. Ana is obsessed by peoples weaknesses and is intent on never displaying hers. Commodus is the opposite, openly displaying his for all to see and Ana cannot stand it. Her Father dies when she and her sisters are still young, meaning they move away from the Palace, but years later, after the death of the Emperor, Commodus invites the family back. Ana reluctantly goes, thinking it only a temporary measure, but in the time that has passed Commodus has been planning to prove his worth and has decided that now is the right time to show his true strength. Unsurprisingly, their original plans backfire and as they start to learn more of one another, they learn that they didn't ever really know themselves and they discover their true strengths and weaknesses. Their main weakness being each other.

If any of these look remotely interesting, please give them a read. And a review if you have the time. I am very apprecitive of any feedback.

Enjoy :)

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