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Author has written 3 stories for Inuyasha, and Fruits Basket.

Name: Chinese Princess
Hair:Brown shoulder length
Chinese Zodiac:Snake
Favorite Animal: Panda
Favorite color(s): Pink and Purple
Gaiaonline name: ChinesePrincess

Hello everyone! Sorry that the stories haven't been updating for awhile. I'm in collge now so it's taking most of my time away from continuing the stories. I have some ideas in my head on the stories but you guys wish for me to discontinue on them, please vote on the poll. For now, I'll try to update maybe during winter or summer break. Thank you for your patience.

Favorite Animes/Mangas:
Saint Tail
Sailor Moon
Ranma 1/2
Oh My Goddess!
Fruits Basket
Cheeky Angel
Tokyo Mew Mew
Get Backers
Shaman King
The GokuSen
Azumanga Daioh
Shaman King
Girls Bravo
Ultra Maniac
Tenjho Tenge
Lagoon Engine
Fullmetel Alchemist
Steel Angel Kurumi
Hunter X Hunter
Kamichama Karin
Real Bout High School
Cromartie High School
Case Closed

My Characters:

Yami: Ying
Occupation: Princess of the Wind. High School Student
Millennium Item: Millennium Fan
Symbol: Snake
Power: Make strong winds
Info: Fiona is usually a quiet type girl and very nice, but when she snaps, people have to be real careful around her!

Name: Caela
Age: 10
Yami: Lay
Occupation: Princess of Dancing
Millennium Item: Millennium Ribbon
Symbol: Horse
Power: Multiply
Info: Fiona is her only cousin, but she looks up to her as an older sister just like Lay to Ying.

Name: Tyler
Age: 10
Yami: Siang
Occupation: Prince of Illusion
Millennium Item: Millennium Top
Symbol: Monkey
Power: Making Illusions
Info: An annoying kid who loves to bother Fiona and everyone else.

Name: Nina
Age: 5
Yami: Shiang
Occupation: Princess of Navigation
Millennium Item: Millenium Compass
Symbol: Rabbit
Power: Finding items
Info: Tyler's little sister. She's very cute but extremely dangerous. She'll get what she wants even if she have to use cuteness!

Name: Brandon
Age: 10
Yami: Git
Occupation: Prince of Art
Millennium Item: Millennium Brush
Symbol: Boar
Power: Make drawings come alive
Info: Brandon is a good boy comparing to Tyler.

Name: Daniel
Age: 9
Yami: Keurn
Occupation: Prince of Fate
Millennium Item: Millennium Coin
Symbol: Rat
Power: Seeks people's fate
Info: Brandon's little brother, and kind of have the same personality like Tyler's. He's equally annoying and love to cause trouble! He mainly enjoys playing video games. He seems to have a fear of Chloe and her pet rock, Ryusho.

Name: Vanessa
Age: 7
Yami: Ga Yin
Occupation: Princess of Healing
Millennium Item: Millennium Crystal
Symbol: Tiger
Power: Healing
Info: Brandon's and Daniel's little sister. She also kind of stick with Fiona and Caela.

Name: Raymond
Age: 19
Yami: Ting
Occupation: Prince of Cut
Millennium Item: Millennium Dagger
Symbol: Ox
Power: Cut through any objects
Info: One of the gang's teacher's brother, who likes Serenity.

Name: Linda
Age: 26
Yami: Ling
Occupation: Princess of Time, Homeroom Teacher
Millennium Item: Millennium Mirror
Symbol: Rooster
Power: See and transport to the past/present/future
Info: Linda is Yugi and the gang's homeroom teacher.

Name: Tong
Age: 28
Yami: Soang
Occupation: Emperor, P.E. Teacher
Millennium Item: Millennium Orb
Symbol: Dragon
Power: Control anything and even have enough power to destroy the world.
Info: The school's gym teacher. He is Linda's and Raymond's oldest brother.

Name: Sanh
Age: 27
Yami: Ming
Occupation: Prince of Bow and Arrow. Math/Science Teacher
Millennium Item: Millennium Bow
Symbol: Sheep
Power: Shoot arrows.
Info: The school's scary math/science teacher, he comes up with questions that can torture students.

Name: Phuong
Age: 25
Yami: Gim
Occupation: Princess of Music, History Teacher
Millennium Item: Millennium Flute
Symbol: Dog
Power: Make people fall asleep.
Info: Yugi and the gang's MOST scariest history teacher, at least to Bakura.

Name: Ute Gong
Also Known As: Moonlight
Occupation: Demon/Angel
Info: Wants revenge on the Emperor and the others for sealing her sisters and herself.

Name: Sor Wa Wa
Also Known As: Aqua
Occupation: Demon/Mermaid
Info: One of the four sisters that was sealed while avenging Blackrose.

Name: Faw Lar Long
Also Known As: Flame
Occupation: Demon/Fairy
Info: Second oldest sister of the four demons.

Name: Hak Moo Gwy
Also Known As: Blackrose
Occuptation: Demon/Vampire
Info: The eldest sister among four demons. She's also part of Fiona but she never knows it yet.

My Stories:

Aloha, YuGiOh: Yugi and the gang are going to Hawaii! Unfortunately, their vacation is going to a downfall as a volcano is about to erupt and a certain demon is out for revenge.

Legend of the Millennium Item: New people has come to Domino City, but many strange things began to happen!

Babysitting Troubles: It's finally summer, and that means a break from the tortures from three most scariest teacher ever existed. But what id Yugi and the gang have to baby-sit three of their cousins? Will they survive or suffer the consequences?

(coming soon)
Trouble at Atlantis: After a vacation to Hawaii, Yugi and the gang next trip will be at the Bahamas! But what trouble seeks them at the Atlantis Hotel?

Ryou's Wish: Ryou made a wish that Ying and Bakura would get along, unfortunatley the wish had came true but not what the gang had expected!

The Substitute by Sailor-Helios reviews
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