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"The good writers touch life often. The mediocre ones run a quick hand over her. The bad ones rape her and leave her for the flies." -Ray Bradbury

Ok, well I don't have much for a bio except that I'm a17 year old New Yorker... obviously in highschool.

And yes! That's all you get.

F A N F I C T I O N . N E T S T O R I E S :
HP fanfiction: Harry Potter and the Power Pendants - This is my oldest fanfic, started about two years ago and then... um... never continued. I don't plan to continue this because I honestly have no clue as to where I was going with it in the first place, and I don't like to write fics that go in Harry's time because I feel like I could never do justice to Ms Rowling's brilliance. But still, I can't bring myself to delete it - it holds dear memories of my earliest ambitions...;-)

HP fanfiction: Turn Me Green, Kiss Me Pink - Despite the fact that I haven't updated in a couple of months, I'm still continuing with this fanfic. I have a huge future drawn out of the characters in it - Lily, James, the Marauders and a few of Lily's friends. I've become attached to the characters and I have plots drawn out for them until the death of the Potters (the fic begins in their sixth year) and if I'm not tired out by then, I've got more coming for a sequel that would take place about 16 years later. So please, if you read it, encourage me with some reviews because I know that I have a tendency to not finish anything unless I’m nagged and I really, really, really am going to kick my own ass if I don’t go through with it (takes deep breath). Okay. Also can be found at .

HP fanfiction: Living The Riddled Life – I’m not an obsessive Tom Riddle fan, if people are getting that off this story, and up until one fateful night of insomnia, I thought it was ridiculous to write about him (especially about Ginny’s undying love for the cad – Oh please, she deserves more credit than that!). Well, everything changed one night in December when I just couldn’t sleep and I kept thinking and thinking and ugh, thinking, and somehow I got hold of some mysterious scenes of Tom Riddle actually having a heart at one point and then why not add a soap-opera-esque damsel that once had wits and falls hopelessly in love with the devil and then gets stomped on by aforementioned evil overlord? Yeah, except I tried to tone everything down a whole lot since I’m consumed with self-disgust at how eagerly I commit to such a plotline. Ugh. But still, if I must say, I think it’s better than other fics and also a whole lot different – it’s a mix of flashbacks into the characters’ days at Hogwarts and their “current” affairs. I know I haven’t updated in a bit but I promise that I will. Also can be found at .

HP fanfiction: A Chaotic Encounter – This is obvsiously going to be a short lived fic, and seeing as to how I haven’t bothered to start thefourth chapter, yeah it’ll be VERY short lived. What can I say? More insomnia, I thought of this, I thought it would be cute. Harry, Hermione, and Ron go into a muggle bookstore that just so happens to be hosting the cast of the HP movies for some autographs and… well, read it for more! And don’t worry, I will continue it, I definitely will. I promise. Also can be found at .

Ella Enchanted fanfiction: Peering Through the Window – This was my take on an alternate ending where Mandy and Ella are able to escape the night of the last ball, before everyone gets home and Char finds them. Maybe I’ll finish it someday. I actually did finish it, by the third chapter, but then I decided to do an alternate ending because of all those flames.

F I C T I O N P R E S S . N E T S T O R I E S :
Poetry: The Vein Unwinds – I was annoyed that people kept Iming me while I was simply trying to relax and listen to some music so I wrote up this for my away message J. I’m not much of a poet so this was so rare for me that I had to post it.

Okay, now that I’ve given you all a nice little bit of nothing for everything I’ve written, be sure to read up and review. Feel free to flame, but please tell me why you don’t like it (reading things like “this sucks” “I hate this” and blah blah blah are just irritating). So go ahead, give me a nice, well-rounded flame of every bit of the fic or chapter that you hated and that I ruined so that I can feel insulted in peace. And yes, I do mean that – I would rather have piercingly honest criticism than “this was good”.


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Turn Me Green, Kiss Me Pink reviews
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