Hiei's Black Dragon
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Hi! Lemme tell you a little about myself ^^

Name: Kitsune-Chan (Not tellin my real name ^^)
Age: 15 on July 21st ^^
Height:5'4" T.T i'm so short...
Weight: Around 110lbs
Hair: Dark brown with Copper highlights. It turns golden in the sunlight ^^
Eyes: Brown, but i have Wolf-eye contacts ^^
Race: Mixed-breed!
AIM-Umbreon007, Darksouldragon89, Yokosdarkkitsune, RabidKuramaFan
Favorite Songs:Toxic, Holidae In, Stand Up, Yeah, Sunrise, Harder to Breathe, Headstrong
Favorite Movies: InuYasha 1-2, Yu-Yu Hakusho 1-2, All DBZ, Pirates of the Caribbean, Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie (It kicks ass!),Twister, Lion King, the Matrix (2 and 3 sucked!)
Favorite Shows:InuYasha, Yu-Yu Hakusho, Wolf's Rain, DB, DBZ, DBGT, Witch Hunter Robin, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, Oh My Goddess!, Sailor Moon
Currently suffering from: Broken arm, the Flu, writer's block


InuYasha- He's so cute and i love his doggie-ears ^^ he's also protective of Kagome
Kagome- I can identify with her
Miroku-He's a lecher
Sango- She's not helpless. she's strong
Sesshomaru-I dunno..i used to hate him but now i love him!!
Rin-She's so cute!!
Naraku-Don't hate me...please...

~*Yu-Yu Hakusho*~*
Hiei- Lemme give ya a list...
Botan's whistle
His belts
His ability to replace every sword that's broken
His reluctant respect for Yusuke
His not being afraid of death(or practically anything else)
His awesome sense of balance
The sword, he's great with the sword
The way he looks when the wind blows
His reaction to being called Hiei-chan
He's so cute when he yawns (like a little cat)
His ability to lose strategic articles of clothing as frequently as possible
He's so manly!!*cough cough*
He's so cute when he's SD
The eye!! The eye!!
His protectiveness
The hair!! (who could resist the hair?)
His best friend, Kurama *WHAM*
The voice (TM)
His "close" friendship with Kurama
His being short
His kawaii temper!!
His cluelessness about Ningenkai
Three words. Rock Paper Scissors!! (Actually, I think this is the most popular one. And the cutest too! This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! KAWAII!)
His fights with Kuwabara
He always wins, no matter what (except against Yusuke, oro...)
His I'm-So-cute-but-i-don't-want-to-admit-it attitude
The Dragon Tattoo!!
The way he sleeps
He lives in trees
He's stubborn
His cute little clothing ^.~
His rarely-seen smile (Ooooh...I'm drooling just thinking about it..)

Kurama(Yoko and Suiichi)- They're always calm! plus, Yoko has cute ears ^^
Karasu-I have no clue...
Yusuke-Eh...i dunno ^^
Elder Toguro- He's creepy, but he's cool

VEGETA!!!!- I don't have an explination...
Trunks-The sword...
Goku- He's so funny ^^

~*Wolf's Rain*~*
Tsume- His pants...they're so low ^^
Kiba- i dunno why
Hige- My favorite, he's just so cute ^^
Cheza-She's purdy
Blue- she's also purdy ^^

Seto- he's cute
Yugi/Yami- Plain cool!
Joey-He's stupid in a funny way
Malik-No clue
Duke-The eyes...plus he has that marking on his left eye
Bakura- He's so innocent!!

~*Sailor Moon*~*
Raye-She's Sailor Mars and she's like my exact image!!
Rini-She's cute ^^
Serena- She's dumb sometimes, but she comes through



Why do i hate Kikyo so much?

She gave Naraku the jewel shard.
She keeps getting in InuYasha and Kagome's way.
Her trust in InuYasha was destroyed so eaisily.
She gave Naraku the jewel shard.
She's suppoused to be dead!!
She tries to kill Kagome!
She's a two-face (when she was talking to the evil priestess, she first told her not to harm BOTH Kagome and InuYasha, then when the EP told her about Kagome almost killing InuYasha and missing, she changed her mind about Kagome...that pissed me off).
She tries to Kill Kagome.
She keeps getting in the way Of InuYasha and Kagome's romance, making InuYasha remember her just as he was beginning to forget about her...that is so *BLEEP*ed up!
She steals the souls of others to stay alive, and she should be dead anyways.
She gave Naraku the jewel shard!!
(You seeing a pattern here?)
Anyways, in my school, i'm the only one who hates Kikyo enough that when i see her face, my eye twitches and i start to snarl involuntarily, and any DVD's i get of InuYasha, i skip the ones that have even a mention of Kikyo in them. I can't help it. She just needs to realize that she's dead and Get away from InuYasha and Kagome and let them be. I'm looking for a picture of just Kikyo and then i'm gonna get some darts. whenever i get angry, i'm gonna throw a dart at her and maybe scribble on her face. That's how much i hate her, and i will not like anyone who likes Her beacause she's a *BLEEP*ing *BLEEP* and needs to keep the *BLEEP* away from InuYasha and Kagome and just throw herself off a cliff into a ravine full of big, sharp rocks and then be eaten by Wolves then have her bones burned and the ashes thrown out to sea!!MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!

Erm...sorry, but i hate her that much.

Anyhoo...Hope you like my stories. they're not that good, but i can improve.


Dragon's Flame-Thinking up a LONGER chapter 3. There will be a tournament and i'm thinking at least 42 chapters. maybe 50 if i get into it.

Fire Demon-Need more reviews to put up the next part because i'm not sure it's good enough...

Where are you, my Silver Fox?-Same as 'Fire Demon'.



Wolf's Quest- Yes, it's based on Blato, but it's a InuYasha story about a Wolf Demon who goes on a quest to find herself and her former 'owner'. Kikyo likers better steer clear because she WILL suffer an extremely violent and grusome death. I changed it from a YYH story because it wasn't working well. Only two or three other OC's and only a couple other original characters. I'm still working on the characters T.T


Kanika (not telling her real name yet)
Uriko(Main Villan of 'Dragon's Flame)

(those are just in Dragon's flame O.o)

MY DEMONS!! If someone else has made these demons already, i'm sorry -.-
Clyote(s)-Coyote Demons
Vulkran(s)-Vulture Demons
Crawk(s)-Crocodile Demons
Hyandoc(s)-Hyena Demons
Beac(s)-Bear Demons
Torklan(s)-Turtle demons

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