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Percy POV

I awoke with the worst headache of my demigod life. "Oh my gods that hurts." I muttered to myself as I put my hands to my head. As my hand made contact with my face I finally felt the bandages around my head covering my eyes. That's why I can't see then I thought as I sat up.

I was in a bed in what felt like a room. I could smell coffee in the air and movement from somewhere to my left and below me. So I was on the top floor of wherever I was and it smelled friendly because I highly doubt that Kronos and the Titans would be making coffee while I sit up here bandaged and unable to see. The thought of that made me smile.

My smile faltered as soon as the events of the throne room came rushing back to me. Kronos, me being cut in the eyes, Annabeth... that b@$#% that betrayed all of us for power. She will have to be dealt with eventually but for now, I need a break. I smiled at the thought of me cutting her hand off. I know, I know, your probably thinking "wow dude, your happy about cutting off a girls hand" but seriously, if that girl got many of your good friends killed, frame another innocent person, then tried to get you killed you would think of her as dirt to. As I sat there wondering about life and such the door opened and I felt heat pour in from the door, it wasn't a harsh heat like Hyperion but it wasn't a soft heat like Hestia so that left one person.
"Hey Apollo, what's hangin?" I asked him. There was an uncomfortable silence before he finally responded. Probably because he didn't expect me to be able to tell it was him since I'm blind.

"Hey Percy, I didn't expect you to be up so soon. Seeing as you got... You know what that's not important. What is important is that your awake and alright." He said but he was leaving out something. I decided not to push him though I figured he had a pretty tough time lately.

"Where is everyone? Are they alright? Did you get Thalia out from under the statue? Did the campers make it through the battle? Grover?" I asked rapid fire style.

"There fine, everyone is fine, in fact we are all waiting for you to begin the award ceremony and then the celebration." He answered.

"Well if your waiting for me your behind Fred." I said using the name he gave me so long ago. I swung my legs out from under the covers of the bed and jumped out." Umm, Apollo, am I dressed?"

"Yeah, but still in the clothes from the battle. I managed to heal most of you, but there are a few things that couldn't be helped."

"I'm blind aren't I?" I asked him straightforward

Just as bluntly he said," Yes Percy and it's beyond my power to heal you."

I didn't say anything I just nodded. I walked towards the sound of his voice and stopped right before I reached him. When I felt he was right I front of me I gave him a hug." Thanks Apollo, for everything."

"Ahh, don't mention it cuz. Just doing my job"

I let go of him and backed away. "Hey Apollo, can you help me get down the stairs?"

He flashed us out and I immediately felt the change in surrounding." Or you could just flash me here."

He chuckled," Alright, you stay here I'll be right back after I gather the council I'll come get you. Don't wander to far." With that he flashed out.

I stood there kinda awkwardly since I couldn't find a bench and I didn't have a stick.Thanks for just leaving me here Apollo.

As I stood there though, I found my self actually being able to see things. It wasn't like sight but I could see objects in a silvery-blue color. As I saw a circular spot of the silvery-blue color with a little of it being shot in the air I began to wander. I reached out to it and I saw what I now identified as a fountain explode into the air. I pulled it towards me and made it swirl in air around me before I returned it back to the stone fountain. I then began to notice people like figures and trees and the grass as I began to realize I could sense the water in living objects. This meant I wasn't completely blind. But if still to find someway to travel in place with no water. As I gathered my surroundings I began to realize I was in a park. I quickly found a bench and waited for Apollo to return.

It wasn't long before I felt the familiar flash on the bench next to me. I used my new found "sight" to make sure it was Apollo and I could see him in a bright gold next to me. This was sooo cool cause I could see everything around me without having to turn!

"Alright Perce, the council is ready in the throne room. Are you?"

"Yeah Apollo, as ready as I'll ever be. Is everyone gone be there?"

"Yep, the camp, hunters, Olympians, and even a red headed mortal that asks waayyy to many questions."

I chuckled at that," Sounds like Rachel crashed the party. Alright, let's get a move on." I said.

We flashed to the throne room and I immediately felt the wave of power rolling off all the immortal beings here. With my newfound sight I could see everyone in the room. Apollo left my side and sat on his throne as I stood in the middle.

"PEEERRRCY!" bleated Grover as he came flying out of the crowd to tackle me. He quickly got up when he realized where we were but then the entire camp came running over to me and we had a big group hug.

"Hey guys, did you miss me?" I said sarcastically. We stood there for a couple seconds just glad we were all alive. When we finally dispersed Tyson came over and wrapped me in a hug that broke a bone or two and Thalia came to give me a sisterly hug and I swear I could feel Artemis' glare from the middle of the room.

When finally everyone was done giving me hugs and congrats Zeus cleared his throat." Right, so heros. Congratulations on your victory over the Titan Lord and his forces. And congratulations to the gods on a battle well fought against Typhon. Without my brother Hades to defend Olympus and without my brother Poseiden it would have been...difficult—."

"Difficult? Brother?" My dad asked in an innocent voice.

"Fine, impossible to defeat Typhon. Now, with that out of the way, we shall honor the heros that deeds stood out amongst those that fought in the battle for Manhattan."

Ares rose from his seat," Clarisse La Rue!" He said and Clarisse rose from here position on the floor. She bowed to Zeus and then knelt at her fathers feet.

"For your courage and prowess in battle, you are rewarded with a new spear, and set of armor." Ares said. Clarisse nodded as she rose and nodded rising and returning to her spot with a big smile on her face.

"Nico Di Angelo." Athena announced as she rose from her seat and surprising us all. When Nico had bowed to The Lord of the skies and then Athena she began," Without your valiant effort to convince Lord hades to aid us in the war, superior tactics to turn a losing battle to a winning one in the final battle, and unswerving loyalty to his family we would not all be standing here today. For your service you have are extreme gratitude and we turn to your father for your reward."

Hades rose and facing Nico he spoke," My son, I grant you the title of supreme commander over my army answerable only to me, a new sword and armor, and my blessing."

After Nico came Thalia, she was congratulated and promised help with filling the ranks of the hunters again. Grover was given the title of lord of the wild and the Cabin counselor so were each thanked and given new weapons and half-blessings.

"Perseus Jackson, my son and champion, savior of Olympus, defeater of Hyperion, and Bane of Kronos." Thalia and Nico came over to guide me to the thrones, still thinking I'm blind, but I stopped them. I walked normally up to Zeus' throne and bowed to him. I turned Hades and bowed, then to Hestia who nodded her head to me, and finally knelt at my fathers throne.

"Perseus Jackson through your sacrifice, bravery, unswerving loyalty, superior tactics and combat prowess you have achieved what no other hero has before you. You have defeated the Titan Lord of time and defended Olympus with fewer then a hundred troops against an almost endless horde of enemies. Does anyone here think my son is not worthy?" To my surprise no one protested.

Zeus then spoke up," Then Perseus Jackson, because of your deeds and service to Olympus, you shall be granted one gift."

"Any gift my lord?" I questioned

"Yes, and I know what you'll ask and yes, if you so choose, then you, Perseus Jackson, will become a god."


"Apparently a dim-witted god, but yes, a god undying and eternal."

Silence had entered the room and everyone was looking at me expectantly. As I thought about it, I realized there was nothing holding me back, but for some reason, I couldn't accept, I had a feeling I would be needed again. Then I thought of my friends and and cousins. I couldn't leave them and I knew my answer. " No."

"No? You are turning down our generous offer—"

"Don't get me wrong Lord Zeus, I am humbled by your offer, but it's strategically smarter that I don't become a god because I have a feeling I will be needed in the future and I cannot leave my friends to fight in my place. Also I think my wish can be better spent elsewhere. Do you promise to grant my wish?" I respectfully asked him, this would half to be handle very carefully if I was to make it out of here alive.

Zeus looked at me in silence for a while before finally speaking," if your request is within reason then we will honor it."

"Do you swear on the river Styx."

Zeus turned red at this," You do not trust my word?"

"Someone once told me that you should always get a solemn oath." I said surprising everyone when I looked at Hades,

He shrugged saying " Guilty." before attention shifted back to Zeus.

"Fine, we swear on the river Styx that we will grant your wish as long as it is within our power to grant." Thunder sounded sealing the deal.

"I wish that each god and goddess claim their children before the age of thirteen, no more ignoring them—"

"You accuse us of complacency—!" Zeus bellowed.

"No my king, but your children felt abandoned and that is why so many demigods joined Kronos. They felt as if you didn't care about them, your children, a mistake that nearly cost us the war. I also request that all the minor gods be honored too, Hades too."

"Are you calling me a minor god?!" Hades yelled

"No Lord Hades." I quickly said," but your children should not be shunned. I also wish for cabins to be erected for all gods and goddesses so that there is a home for all the children of the gods. That is all."

Ares snorted," Is that it?" He said sarcastically.

"Percy." my dad said," You ask much from us."

"I hold you to your oath."

"The boy is correct." I was surprised to hear the voice coming from Lady Athena's throne, she sounded a bit shakey, no doubt because of her daughters betrayal." Our ignoring our children was a strategic weakness that, as young Perseus stated, almost proved to be our downfall in the war. I approve of the wish."

"All others in favor?" Zeus asked and the whole council raised its hand. "Very well, Perseus Jackson, your wish shall be granted."

"Thank you my Lord." I said beginning to rise from my position but was stopped by Lady Hestia.

"Wait, brother, should we not make it official and give young Perseus the title of champion of Olympus?

"That sounds like an excellent idea!" My father piped up. Murmurs of agreement were heard throughout the throne room.

"Yes, I think that would be suitable." He said as he stepped off his throne with his master lot, shrinking to normal size." Kneel Perseus Jackson, son and champion of Poseidon, vanquisher of Hyperion, slayer of a thousand monsters, and bane of Kronos." I kneeled in front of him as he brought his master bolt down slowly to tap me on each shoulder." Now rise Perseus Jackson son and champion of Poseidon, vanquisher of Hyperion, slayer of a thousand monsters, bane of Kronos, and champion of Olympus. You are granted partial immortality, only able to die in battle and your are given my half blessing, you are allowed in my domain and slight control over lightning." He then flashed back to his thrown as each god rose to give me their blessing. From my dad Poseidon I received complete mastery over water. Hades blessed me with the gift of power over the shadows. Hermes blessed me with the gift of stealing, Hephaestus gave me slight understanding over mechanics and immunity over fire, Ares blessed me with enhanced battle prowess, Apollo with medicine, and song, and Dionysus with the gift over madness. Hera blessed me with the "gift of family and marriage" whatever that means. Artemis, archery, animals (particularly wolves), and the "blessing of the moon". Demeter gave me slight power over the harvest and understanding of the sacred law (legit look it up) Aphrodite blessed me and it was not cool, her blessing made a cloud of perfume surround me and she handed me what felt like a mirror, but I just stared at her. "What?" She asked.

" Do you seriously think I'm acting like I'm blind? I asked her and you could hear chuckles from the entire room.

"Oh, sorry Percy, well just know you look almost perfect." She said, I smiled.

"Thank you Aphrodite, but it's the imperfections that make everything so beautiful."

"Maybe so Percy. I also blessed you with the power to see love."

"Thank you again Aphrodite." I said bowing to her. After came Athena's blessing who blessed me with strategy.

"Use the gift wisely" she said then she leaned in closer and dropped her voice to a whisper," I'm sorry about what happened with my daughter, I never knew one of my children would do such a thing."

"Do not worry about it Lady Athena, you are not responsible for your children's actions." she just nodded and flashed back to her throne.

She was the last god so I rose to exit. I turned to walk out of the throne room.

"Honor guard!" my father commanded. The cyclops army of Atlantis made an alleyway to the door for me to walk through.

"All hail Perseus Jackson, savior and champion of Olympus and my big brother." Tyson announced as I walked down the aisle. Shields were banged and roars of approval were heard from the campers and the army as I exited the throne room of the gods.

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