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Alright it's time to set up my profile.

Name: Spidey108 (Not giving out my real name online)

Gender: Male.

Residence: USA.

Personality: Well I'm usually quiet and I stick to myself-leading to barely any social life-I'm autistic so I'm not really good at speaking with people but I do listen if they need something-if I don't annoy them half the time because I'm only talkative once I know a person for quite awhile.

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We can become the one to save a story, save a writer, even, with just a few taps on the keyboard and a good bit of constructive criticism.

Because aren't we all?


–– DarkHorseBlueSky

Alright, this is going to be a bit of a summary for my Pokemon A Surprising Journey story-currently still in the Kanto Arc-it's a long one but I hope everyone will enjoy this.

Name: Austin Kevin-Currently Ash Ketchum.

Age: (Kanto Arc) Physically-10. Mentally-15.

Description: (As Austin) A Fifteen Year old teenage boy with black hair and brown eyes, usually wears a simple black shirt and blue jeans.

(As Ash) A ten year old with messy black hair and brown eyes, usually seen wearing a red and white hat, a black shirt with a sleeveless blue vest over it, green fingerless gloves and blue jeans along with sneakers.

Was Introduced in Chapter 01: I choose You.

Bio: Austin has been a fan of Pokemon ever since he received Red Version when he was four years old and took it to a whole other level from there to where he practically memorized every little bit of Pokemon info-called the Master of Useless Knowledge by his older brother as there wasn’t anyway that this would really be useful in real life.

Unknown to Austin and everyone around him that knowledge would be extremely valuable when he somehow ends up in the body of Ash Ketchum on the day he starts his journey. Not knowing how this happened or why, Austin realized he had a roommate in this body with an Ash who was journeying in the Sinnoh Region showing that Team Galactic may have had something to do with it.

So they began to work together-with a lot of bumps along the way to get stronger so they could fix what happened.

As a result, Austin began to catch some Pokemon that Ash never caught along with the ones he did and used every resource available for training-showing that he could be a very capable trainer, especially with the strategies that he and Ash whip up in the heat of the moment.

Some of his weird but effective strategies include teaching a Metapod to swing on String Shot like Spider-Man, Pidgeotto using Twister on a pool to send a Pokemon flying and Pikachu digging through a wall to deliver a Brick Break to Surge’s Raichu.

Now while his strategies can get him out of some tight spots it’s also responsible for getting him into them as shown in his first battle against Gary when he accidently caused a Forest Fire when Charmander ended up learning Flame Burst in the middle of the fight or when he pickpocketed Blue as she tried to scam him to teach her a lesson-unknowingly earning some attention from her that could either help or bite him in the ass later.

It has recently been shown that Austin was raised in Hawaii and that he has a great fear of heights-although the reason is unknown.

He also has a deep hatred of arrogant people who are stuck up due to past events.

Has a tendency to use hit and run tactics and in a battle fight with a type disadvantage to make his opponents cocky and sloppy with their techniques.

Note: Ash and Austin recently obtained an ability to switch places at will, once mastered it will provide new tactics in a fight.

Badges Earned: (Kanto) Boulder Badge, Cascade Badge and Thunder Badge

Pokemon Seen: 69

Pokemon Caught: 16 (Evolutions Included).

Key Items: Pokedex V2, Rainbow Feather and Thunderstone.

Pokemon He has Caught or Trained.

Pikachu (M).

Ability: Static.

Moves: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip, Quick Attack Iron Tail, Electro-Ball, Thunderbolt, Agility, Brick Break, Dig, Double Team, Magnet Rise and Discharge.

Combos: Ion Tail (Iron Tail and Electro Ball), Sword Strike (Iron Tail and Quick Attack), Electric Impact (Thunderbolt and Quick Attack), Burrow (Dig and Quick Attack), Counter-Shield (Electric-Style) and Flash Clone (Double Team and Agility)

Field Attacks: Electric Ice-Shard (Only useable on Icy Fields)

Given to Austin by Prof. Oak in Chapter 01: I Choose You.

Bio: Like with Ash, Pikachu hated Austin upon the first meeting and didn’t hesitate to show that with the small Thundershocks and attempted to run away when he had the chance, running into a Spearow by mistake showing the first divergence from the original timeline with him being the cause of the Spearow Flock attacking rather than Ash/Austin.

Austin however made the flock follow him to give Pikachu a chance to escape-something that sparked the beginning of a friendship as Pikachu refused to leave him behind after that. Luckily they were saved but from that moment on Pikachu gave Austin a chance, something he never regretted.

Once he began to listen, Pikachu was shown to be a powerful fighter despite his small size when Austin took his speed into account and taught him moves that would cover his weaknesses.

His victories include fighting against Misty’s Starmie, taking down Giselle's Cubone and more recently taking on Surge’s Raichu and Electivire winning and showing a lot of promise for future fights.

Outside of the battles, Pikachu is extremely caring and playful to his teammates along with his trainers travel companions, always willing to help out if needed.

Spearow/Fearow (M)

Ability: Keen Eye.

Moves: Peck, Leer, Focus Energy, Fury Attack, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Mirror Move, Assurance and Agility.

Combos: Aerial Wing (Aerial Ace and Steel Wing)

Caught as a Spearow by Austin in Chapter 01: I Choose You. Evolved in Chapter 07: Challenge of the Nugget Bridge.

Bio: A ferocious Pokemon, even as a Spearow-Austin caused another divergence by catching this feisty bird Pokemon as his first capture and he has been a powerful addition to his team throughout his adventures from Pallet Town to Cerulean City.

Spearow hated fighting alongside others and was willing to do whatever it took to become the strongest flying type-so much that he practically isolated himself from the others and looked down on them-especially the Pidgeotto that joined the team later.

While he talked big, Spearow could definitely back it up considering he’s taken on some tough opponents early in his battling career. Like when he fought Pinsir when he was grounded for the fight, took on Team Rocket twice for his trainer, took down Brock’s Geodude and did some considerable damage to his Onix.

However since Austin was still in the process of getting used to this world he never truly bonded with Spearow and that created a rift when he evolved into a ferocious Fearow who began to disobey his trainer and fight on his own terms, even picking fights with the other members of the team creating an even bigger rift.

Austin then slowly began to mend the rift between him and Fearow by having him out more often and caring for the Fearow despite the annoyance the bird showed.

It was only when Damian threatened Austin by stealing his Pokeballs and set a Machoke on the young man that Fearow flew down to defend his trainer, especially when he took a Rock Blast to the wing, breaking it and putting him out of commission for awhile.

Fearow joined back up with the team in Vermillion City and while he is a bit behind everyone else in terms of strength his attitude has taken a turn for the better in which he finally accepted Austin as his trainer.

Rattata/Raticate (F)

Ability: Guts.

Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Iron Tail, Dig, Hyper Fang, Sucker Punch, Attract, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam *Not Mastered Yet*.

Combos: Sword Strike (Iron Tail and Quick Attack) and Burrow (Dig and Quick Attack).

Caught as a Rattata by Austin in Chapter 03: Viridian Forest Part 1. Evolved in Chapter 09: The Sensational Gym Battle.

Bio: When caught outside of Viridian Forest, Rattata disliked Austin due to how he thought she was a male on the first meeting but quickly overcame that dislike when he began to train her and showed to be a feisty Rattata that wanted to get stronger like Fearow, however she also knew that strength depended on her teammates as well as her own so she’s pretty well liked by the others.

Rattata silently declared herself as Pikachu’s rival as fellow mice Pokemon to get stronger against each other and thus created a unique friendship between them.

She is pretty strong-even moreso after evolving and has held her own against Surge’s Electivire as well as defeating Gary’s Graveler and holding her own against his Nidorino.

Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree (M)

Ability: Tinted Lens.

Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite, Confusion, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Gust, Psybeam and Energy Ball.

Combos: Chemical Warfare (Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore and Confusion)

Caught by Austin as a Caterpie in Chapter 03: Viridian Forest Part 1. Evolved into Metapod during training in Chapter 05: Pewter Showdown-evolved once more in the same Chapter in the Gym Battle.

Bio: As a Caterpie, he wasn’t much of a fighter-he didn’t even put up a fight when Austin caught him without a battle but he was pretty friendly to everyone-while staying away from Spearow in fear of being eaten.

Despite that Caterpie was shown to be versatile when he took on Team Rocket’s Meowth-encasing him in a silk cocoon to win and dreamed of someday flying into the sky as a Butterfree.

Upon reaching that goal and gaining more strength, Butterfree wanted to help his friends reach their dreams and became more of a fighter, overtime learning to enjoy them.

He already has some impressive wins underneath his belt with being the one to win the Boulder Badge and holding his own against some strong Pokemon despite being a bug-type, his psychic abilities giving him the edge to win many of his battles, like Gary’s Growlithe when they battled on the ST. Anne.

Pidgeotto/Pidgeot (F)

Ability: Tangled Feet.

Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Steel Wing, Twister, Aerial Ace, Double Team, Wing Attack and Heat Wave.

Combos: Aerial Wing (Aerial Ace and Steel Wing) and Sand Twister (Sand Attack and Twister)

Caught by Austin in Chapter 03: Viridian Forest Part 1. Evolved in Chapter 21: The ST. Anne Part 2

Bio: Pidgeotto was pretty strong right off the bat when Austin caught her and despite the one-sided rivalry with Spearow, she has shown a lot of promise in the team along with being affectionate with Austin whenever she won she would fly on his arm or his shoulders even if she was a bit too big to do so.

Despite her size, Pidgeotto has a lot of speed that she uses to her advantage in battles, capable of holding her own against even electric Pokemon due to the training with Pikachu as evidenced by her fight against Surge’s Jolteon where she deflected electric attacks quite easily.

She’s also shown to be pretty caring and willing to be sent back to Oak’s ranch when Bulbasaur joined the team-after Austin already had six Pokemon.

She evolved in a battle against Gary’s Nidorino and shown a lot of strength winning the match, however she fell unconscious due to the poison caused from the move Toxic.

Scyther (M)

Ability: Technician.

Moves: Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Slash, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Agility, Fury Cutter, Razor Wind, Sword Dance and Air Slash *Not Mastered Yet*.

Combos: None as of yet but working on them.

Caught by Austin in Chapter 08: Cerulean Cape.

Bio: Scyther was surprisingly originally caught by Paul but released due to how he couldn’t keep up with the trainer’s expectations. That led him on a collision course to Austin who was training for his second Gym Battle.

After being caught, Austin had to work to earn his trust and managed to do so by not forcing Scyther to battle and show him that he wasn’t anything like Paul, evidence pointing to despite his loss to AJ he didn’t blame any of his Pokemon.

While Scyther hasn’t won any major battles he has slowly been getting stronger, eager to fight for his new trainer.

Although the repercussions of the recent loss against Paul’s Nidorino without causing any damage may have damaged his confidence as he fears that his new trainer would give up on him.

Bulbasaur (M)

Ability: Overgrow.

Moves: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Take Down, Razor Leaf, Grass Knot, Endure and Energy Ball.

Combos: None as of yet.

Caught by Austin in Chapter 12: The Village Hidden in the Woods.

Bio: Extremely distrustful of Austin at first, Bulbasaur thought that all humans were alike after his experience with his former trainer, but on meeting Austin he saw that his views may have been wrong.

Upon joining the team, Bulbasaur has been shown to be a strong fighter and has deemed himself the protector of the group, taking Charmander under his wing after meeting the abused lizard and is willing to injure anyone who threatens his new family.

Has a small friendship with Scyther due to similar pasts and is a bit pessimistic when talking with other Pokemon, always expecting the worst.

Charmander (M)

Ability: Blaze.

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Bite, Ember, Metal Claw, Smokescreen, Flame Burst *Not able to control it yet, Double Team and Thunder Punch.

Combos: None as of yet.

Caught by Austin in Chapter 13: Burning Rage.

Bio: A pretty young Pokemon, Charmander really cared for his former trainer Damian and wanted to make him happy and tried to get stronger so he listened to him by staying on the rock for nearly a month almost dying in the process.

As such he was extremely fragile when Austin came into the picture-defending the Charmander when Damian mocked the lizard-even going as far as to breaking Damian’s nose in the process.

Once he learned of Damian’s real intention of never coming back, Charmander looked about ready to just give up as his tail was nearly out-but Austin’s caring nature and friendly personality won him over, allowing for Charmander to join his team-giving him something to live for.

Thus, he’s been let out the most out of all of Austin’s Pokemon-Pikachu aside-and while he hasn’t fought as many battles he managed to get along with many of the other Pokemon-Bulbasaur and Pikachu the most. His first battle however practically made him afraid to use any fire attacks as it resulted in a forest fire and nearly got his trainer arrested making him think he was nothing more than a burden.

Squirtle (M)

Ability: Torrent.

Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Withdraw, Water Gun, Bite, Rapid Spin, Protect, Aura Sphere, Mud Sport, Double Team and Ice Beam *Double Team not mastered yet*

Combos: Counter-Shield (Water Style)

Field Attack: Can turn just about any field into an Ice One-except for fiery fields.

Caught by Austin in Chapter 14: Squirtle Squad.

Bio: A troublemaker and prankster at heart, Squirtle formed his own little gang with various other Squirtles that were abandoned by their trainers and began to cause trouble for a small town, with them stealing and pranking various people. As the leader, Squirtle has made himself responsible by looking out for his gang and becoming stronger in order to protect them.

He came into contact with Austin after causing a prank to where Pikachu, Clefy and Oddish fell into a pit trap earning the scorn of Bulbasaur as the turtle wanted to take the plant Pokemon down-having to run when he heard sirens.

As the unsaid challenge was far from over he and his gang were in the area when the forest fire caused by Charmander happened and Squirtle was pinned down by a tree, his squad too far away to help-Austin attempted to help Squirtle despite not being strong enough to lift the tree but it was enough to impress Squirtle to have him join.

Since then Squirtle has been eager to prove his worth, although his troublemaking personality has remained due to him attempting to steal Bulbasaur’s food one time, but he made sure not to do anything to Charmander upon hearing his story and decided to look after the lizard.

He finally got his chance when he took on Paul’s Magmar and narrowly won the fight due to being poisoned due to the Toxic Spikes from an earlier battle with Nidorino fighting Scyther-even managed to change the whole field to destroy the Toxic Spikes, using brain over brawn to take the Magmar down.

Krabby (M)

Ability: Sheer Force.

Moves: Bubble, Mud Sport, Vice Grip, Leer, Harden, Bubblebeam, Mud Shot, Metal Claw and Chip Away.

Combos: None as of yet.

Caught by Austin in Chapter 15: Bill’s Lighthouse.

Bio: Krabby has yet to really show off his strengths in a serious fight due to being the newest to the team but is shown to be extremely playful due to when he pinched Austin’s shin during a training session and was capable of holding his own in a mock battle against Misty.

He isn’t strong enough to fight with Austin’s preferred hit hard and fast strategy but is shown to have a versatile Move Pool.

Name: Yellow De Viridian Grove.

Age: (Kanto Arc) 9

Description: A young blonde haired girl with green eyes that typically wears a black shirt, a sleeveless yellow dress and blue jeans. Also wears a straw hat with her hair pulled into a ponytail at times.

Came Running into the Scene in Chapter 04: Viridian Forest Part 2.

Bio: Yellow is a young girl with a deep love for Pokemon, capable of bonding with them on an emotional level due to some latent psychic abilities-easily able of reading their minds and healing them although the latter takes a bit of energy for her to use.

Being a young girl, Yellow is pretty naive when it comes to dark intentions for people and is very trusting due to wanting friends. As she didn’t really have a Pokemon of her own she snuck into Viridian Forest at night with one of her Uncle’s Pokeballs to catch one.

The result was her being chased by a swarm of Beedrills which ended up sending her into meeting Austin who just battled Samurai-sparking the beginning of a great friendship and the journey she would undertake alongside him.

Due to being saved by Austin from the swarm of Beedrill’s being given her first Pokemon by him, Yellow has developed a bit of a crush on him and began to travel with him-only time would tell if the crush would blossom into something more or disappear.

Not much of a fighter, Yellow would rather make friends with her Pokemon instead of forcing them into a battle giving them nicknames in the process, although recent events has made her realize that they needed to be strong to protect themselves and has asked Austin to teach her to battle effectively making a bit of a student-teacher friendship between the two.

Has a love for drawing and fishing-although if she catches anything she releases them as she does it as a hobby rather than survival but also has a bit of a habit of falling asleep at times-especially when it’s cold.

Currently doesn’t have a dream but is looking to do something with her life.

Pokemon Caught: 5 (Evolutions Included)

Key Items: Sketchbook (Her own personal Pokedex and photo album) and Straw Hat.

Pokemon She has Caught or Trained.

Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill (Kitty) (F)

Ability: Sniper.

Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Fury Attack, Twineedle, Rage, Agility, Toxic Spikes, Brick Break and Aerial Ace.

Combos: Poison String (Poison Sting and String Shot)

Given to Yellow by Austin in Chapter 04: Viridian Forest Part 2. Evolved into Kakuna in Chapter 10: The Unofficial Gym. Evolved into Beedrill in Chapter 17: Vermillion Training.

Bio: Kitty was originally caught to be Austin’s sixth Pokemon but she grew close to Yellow in such a short time that he decided to give the bug Pokemon to her.

Being Yellow’s first Pokemon, Kitty has been out the most and is usually seen on hand whenever Yellow is around. Despite being a Weedle for most of her journey, Kitty has been shown to be a strong fighter capable of protecting Yellow with only knowing two moves at the time.

Despite caring for Yellow, Kitty took her evolution into her own hands knowing that Yellow was hesitant on it and wanting to be able to protect her trainer so while it took her a bit to evolve-she was shown to be a late bloomer as when she became a Beedrill Kitty’s skills skyrocketed to where she was extremely powerful-capable of going head to head with Austin’s Butterfree despite just evolving and winning.

Kitty is very analytical as she picked up moves she saw as a Kakuna and implemented them upon becoming a Beedrill such as Aerial Ace, Brick Break and Agility and as the Pokedex shown she has the capability of being a Queen of a Beedrill Hive due to her size and strength.

She is very affectionate with Yellow as upon becoming a Beedrill hugged her, being mindful of the three stingers and is capable of lifting her trainer to fly her out of trouble if needed.

Kitty is shown to have feelings for Austin’s Butterfree-something that started as a Weedle when she met Butterfree as a Caterpie but is like her trainer with being shy about it.

Doduo (Dody) (M)

Ability: Run Away.

Moves: Growl, Peck, Quick Attack, Fury Attack, Rage, Pursuit and Aerial Ace.

Combos: None as of Yet.

Given to Yellow by her Uncle Wilton in Chapter 05: Pewter Showdown.

Bio: Dody has been shown to be a Pokemon more for transport rather than battling-not that he couldn’t hold his own-but was used to catch up with Austin and Brock when they left Pewter City.

While Dody has had little battling experience he more than makes up for it in speed and his caring disposition.

Clefairy (Clefy) (M)

Ability: Magic Guard.

Moves: Pound, Growl, Sing, Disarming Voice, Magical Leaf, Double Slap, Defense Curl, Wake-Up Slap, Metronome and Heal Pulse.

Combos: None as of Yet.

Caught by Yellow in Chapter 06: Perils of Mt. Moon.

Bio: Clefy was their guide to the Moon Stone when Team Rocket was invading the mountain and upon seeing Yellow’s abilities and caring disposition for Pokemon chose to go with her becoming a capable fighter to protect her.

Clefy was shown to be playful and would always try and play with the other Pokemon around him but capable of holding his own in a fight against Austin’s Pidgeotto.

Name: Brock Slate

Age: (Kanto Arc) 15.

Description: A teen with black spiky hair, tanned skin and slanted eyes, Brock is typically seen in an orange shirt, brown pants, a green sleeveless vest with a blue camping bag on hand.

Was Spied on in Chapter 05: Pewter Showdown.

Bio: Brock was a person who truly cared for Pokemon whether they were his or not, wanting to learn everything about them he decided his dream was to be a world-class breeder and made plans to leave when he was old enough to travel around.

But tragedy struck when his father disappeared and his heartbroken mother passed away, leaving him in charge of 9 siblings. So putting his dream behind him he became the Gym Leader to earn money for them and took care of them not just as an older brother but as a parent, learning how to cook, clean, sew, everything so his siblings could enjoy their childhood.

After a battle with Austin, it was shown that his father-Flint- has been in Pewter City the last year or so, too ashamed to show his face, but Flint steeled himself to take responsibility for the Gym and siblings so Brock could go on his journey.

He has yet to have forgiven his father for disappearing but Brock took the chance realizing he could finally go after his dream, after some persuasion from his siblings.

Brock was a welcomed addition to the group due to his knowledge of food recipes and Pokemon-a lot of stuff that Austin didn’t know about. As the oldest of the group-not knowing Austin’s real age-he was the mature one who would talk to everyone if something was going on.

That mature attitude however goes right out the window when a girl enters the picture-ones that are his age or older that is-and he tries everything to woo them, wanting to find that perfect someone and not live a lonely solitude life.

Managed to win an egg from the Alolan Region in a randomized ticket draw on the ST. Anne.

Achievements: Won his first breeding competition and has to win two more to earn the right to compete in the First Kanto Breeder Championship.

Pokemon Caught: 4. (Evolutions Included).

Key Items: Cooking Supplies, Map, First-Aid Kit.

Pokemon He has Caught or Trained.

Onix (M)

Ability: Rock Head.

Moves: Bind, Tackle, Harden, Mud Sport, Curse, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb and Rage.

Combos: None as of Yet.

Was introduced in Chapter 05: Pewter Showdown.

Bio: Onix was a gift from his father before he disappeared and Brock’s first Pokemon so he was the strongest of his team and has shown on more than one occasion that he is powerful during Brock’s time as a Gym Leader, capable of taking hits from steel-type moves and ground-types without slowing down.

His main weakness is that he can’t be used in small areas as his size makes it necessary to have room to move and Onix has a great fear of water due to his weight.

Geodude/Graveler (M)

Ability: Sand Veil.

Moves: Defense Curl, Tackle, Mud Sport, Rock Polish, Rollout, Rock Tomb, Magnitude, Rock Throw, Flamethrower, Thunder Punch and Stone Edge.

Combos: None as of Yet.

Was Introduced in Chapter 05: Pewter Showdown. Evolved into Graveler in Chapter 16: Rise of a Breeder.

Bio: As a Geodude and being small enough to fight anywhere, he was Brock’s go to Pokemon in a fight so he has the most experience that Onix doesn’t have, but his small size makes him weaker to attacks than Onix. Geodude cares a lot for his trainer and always made sure he could help whenever possible.

His respect and gratitude for Brock made him want to win the Breeder’s Competition at all costs so he evolved to gain more strength for his friend, winning the competition.

Now as a Graveler he has shown much more strength in a fight and will fight to protect Brock at all costs.

Zubat (F).

Ability: Infiltrator.

Moves: Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray and Air Cutter.

Combos: None as of Yet.

Was Captured by Brock in Chapter 06: Perils of Mt. Moon.

Bio: Zubat was the first non-rock type Pokemon that Brock raised and was extremely happy to have a trainer, especially when a lot of trainers look down on her species.

Being cared for has made her extremely affectionate with Brock to where she will nuzzle him and ride on his shoulder whenever she was out, giving small shrieks of happiness. Although she has a tendency to use Leech Life on him whenever Brock gets flirty with other women, not liking the attention he gives them.

Zubat was the one responsible for getting Brock through the first round of the Breeding Competition by hitching a ride on another trainer’s Pidgeotto before jumping off in a race, narrowly winning first place.


Alola Region

Won in a Ticket Drawing in Chapter 21: The ST. Anne Part 2

Although it’s unknown what Pokemon this is, Brock has began to take care of this egg regardless in order to practice his skills as a Breeder.

Name: Misty Waterflower.

Age: (Kanto Arc) 11

Description: A young girl with reddish-orange hair that wears a yellow shirt and blue shorts with red straps that went across the shirt.

Saved Austin in Chapter 02: Pokemon Emergency. Invited to travel with Austin at the end of Chapter 09: The Sensational Gym Battle.

Bio: Being the youngest of four sisters, Misty had a lot to be expected from her at a young age growing up in the Cerulean Gym, one that her parents owned before they disappeared leaving her three older sisters as Gym Leaders.

But considering how her sisters only cared for their looks, the Cerulean Gym became a bit of a laughing stock leaving Misty furious and declaring she would become the world’s greatest Water Pokemon Trainer.

So she left, riding her bike to train by herself, it was then that she met Austin, saving him from the flock of Spearow and berating him for having them chase him thinking that catching his Spearow caused it.

As Austin had no reason to steal her bike due to Pikachu being better than in the show, she never went with him after the Team Rocket mess in Viridian City-although Team Rocket ended up stealing her bike to escape and wild Pikachu in the forest barbequed it.

Misty then spent the next two months by herself training and made it to Cerulean Cape where she ran into Austin yet again, this time he saved her by catching a Scyther that was attacking her.

On ‘learning’ that she was the fourth sister of the Cerulean Gym, Austin challenged her to a battle where he narrowly won. Once he got his badge, she was invited into the group which she accepted.

Misty has shown to be short-tempered and a bit of a hothead but underneath it all she truly cares for Pokemon and will do anything to protect them.

Has a great fear of Bug Pokemon for some reason and Gyarados due to nearly being eaten by one.

Her dream is still to be the greatest Water Pokemon Trainer and to someday surpass her idol Loreli of the Elite Four.

Pokemon Caught: 3.

Key Items: Fishing Rods.

Pokemon She has Caught or Trained.

Staryu (M)

Ability: Natural Cure.

Moves: Rapid Spin, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Swift, Scald and Power Gem.

Combos: None as of Yet.

Was Mentioned at the end of Chapter 01: I Choose You.

Bio: Despite not having much of a personality, Staryu has been Misty’s go-to Pokemon for whenever battling has a physical requirement and is one of Misty’s closest friends.

Starmie (F)

Ability: Analytic

Moves: Psyshock, Power Gem, Thunderbolt and Signal Beam.

Combos: None as of Yet.

Introduced in a fight in Chapter 09: The Sensational Gym Battle.

Bio: If Staryu isn’t enough for a battle, Misty relies on its evolution Starmie due to how much more power the Pokemon has as well as her psychic abilities. Starmie is rumored to have been Misty’s Starter and her strongest.

Oddish (M)

Ability: Chlorophyll

Moves: Absorb, Stun Spore and Grass Knot.

Joined alongside Bulbasaur in Chapter 12: The Village Hidden in the Woods.

Bio: First seen attacked by Misty who was hoping to catch him, Oddish lived in the Hidden Woods and has been a good friend of Bulbasaur’s for awhile. He’s pretty forgiving as he came to like Misty when she apologized on hearing his story and chose to join her team when the group left the woods.

Despite being the newest on her team, he has shown to be a good fighter in a tag team match with Dody against Bulbasaur and Charmander, winning the battle.

Due to being the youngest of Misty’s team, Oddish has a tendency to play around with the other Pokemon, most notably Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Zubat and Clefy.

Alright, this part will be about the OC in the Red-X Story, be warned as this will contain spoilers if you haven't read the story as of yet.

Name: Jonathan 'John' Strike.

Current Aliases: Robin IV, Rob.

Age: (Volume 0) 15-16

Description: A dark-haired, blue-eyed teenager that typically wears a jacket that's zipped up and jeans, when taking the alias Rob he wears sunglasses to hide his eye color. As Robin he wears a red tunic with the R emblem on the upper left corner, a cape that is black on the outside with yellow on the inside followed by a hood, dark pants green gloves and the famed domino mask that sticks to his face.


John Strike wasn't your average kid with how he had a tendency for getting into trouble with the teachers at his school, always getting into fights and being blamed for them despite how he just defended himself. With that and a father that chooses to work on his company than raise him practically guaranteed that John wouldn't make anything of himself until he was saved by the Batman-the Dark Knight of Gotham after a fellow student Tim Drake who was the third Robin notified the Dark Knight of John about to be targeted for a beat-down by a gang.

Their first meeting was a bit rocky considering how John endangered himself by tackling a guy with a gun aimed at the Vigilante, resulting in the guy stabbing him a few seconds later. Waking up in the Batcave, John met Alfred who was disguised as Agent-A but was able to deduce who Batman was because his photographic memory allowed for him to instantly recognize Alfred when he was on the news with Bruce Wayne.

Despite the rocky meeting, Bruce saw potential in John but only made his decision when Tim talked to him via E-Mail about him accepting a new Robin and he approached John in his home.

Since then John has taken his life as Robin with eagerness after a long night of thinking it over, training for a good six months before he was ready for the field. Over his time as Robin he has had quite a few adventures and made a reputation of being both talkative and unpredictable when it came to fighting criminals.

After nearly a year of being Robin he began to look up to Batman as a father figure due to how he has done more for him than his biological father has done. He has also made some sibling relationships with the rest of the Batfamily.

Known Allies: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Alfred Pennyworth/Agent-A, Dick Grayson/Robin I/Nightwing, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl I/Oracle, Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood, Tim Drake/Robin III (Currently Retired), Stephanie Brown/Spoiler, Cassandra Cain/Batgirl II, Kaldur'ham/Aqualad II, Irey West/Impulse II, Mia Dearden/Speedy II, Virgil Hawkins/Static.

Rogues Gallery: Lonnie Machin/Anarky and Rose Wilson/Ravager.


Photographic Memory: Is able to recall anything at a moments notice and with Batman’s training he was able to weaponize it to where he could tell what an opponent could do depending on how they tense and their muscle movement allowing for him to predict their next move-still a work in progress. Peak Physical Condition: Having undergone an evidently intense and vigourous training underneath Batman, Nightwing and Oracle John is pretty fit for someone of his age despite still in training. Reflexes: Reaction time is above normal due to training and practice in intense situations to where he is able to throw a Birdarang at point-blank range without looking at an enemy to dispatch them. Speed: Is fast enough to keep up with superhuman abilities, evidenced during a fight against a copy of Amazo while teamed up with Speedy. Human Endurance: John’s endurance for a teenager is impressive as he is able to fight off a small army composed of Multiplex and Everywhere Man while teamed up with four other young heroes before helping fight Solomon Grundy without stopping. Human Durability: Despite being a teenager and human he survived getting backhanded by Amazo with only cracked ribs-his suit absorbing most of the impact. Hand-To-Hand Combat: Despite only having a year of training, John has been a quick study due to his Photographic Memory and is able to hold his own against Spoiler in a hand-to-hand fight. While he still has a lot to learn he is pretty good for his age. He has studied under Batman, Nightwing and Oracle and is proficient in a few different styles.
  1. Judo (Beginner)
  2. Boxing (Efficient/Originally Self-Taught and was improved on in his training)
  3. Ninjitsu (Beginner)
  4. Capoeira (Beginner)
  5. Eskrima (Beginner)
Computer Hacking: A skill essential in the Batfamily, Oracle has taught John a lot about hacking to where he’s able to blow through quite a few firewalls with ease, although he still has a lot to learn in comparison with the others. Escapology: His training with Batman ensured he was prepared to escape just about any trap-including when Grodd held him captive he dislocated one hand to slip it out of restraints, taking the time to relocate it and then pull a hidden lock pick out of the emblem on his chest to escape. Investigation: While he hasn’t used this much he was able to deduce who the Red Hood was without any help while attempting to keep it hidden from Batman and deduce who Batman was after only one meeting with him. Stealth: Is capable of sneaking in and out of facilities on lockdown and is also capable of sneaking up on the likes of some superhumans. Leadership: Was able to lead four other young heroes in escaping Grodd and holding their own in a fight until the League showed up.

Non-Combat Abilities

Drawing: Due to his photographic memory, John is able to draw extremely well with an eye for details despite not being taught how to draw. Gaming: While not really shown how well, John has a liking for playing games-mostly horror survival and once said he can be very competitive in a game. Baseball: In order to explain his frame for being fit as well as his reflexes and hand-eye coordination, John took to playing Baseball. Multilingualism: In his training, John had to learn different languages and while he isn’t fluent in them he knows the basics of Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Fighting Style

True to his reputation, John as Robin is unpredictable and isn't above cheating to ensure his win like when he spat in Batman's face during their first spar so the man could judge where to begin or when he used his grapple gun to fling a trashcan into a group of enemies to take them down.

Even with his unpredictability and being taught to use non-lethal weapons-Bo-staff, Stick Fighting, etc. John prefers to use his fist and enjoys a good fight, eager to test his skills against a tough opponent.


Robin Suit: John’s suit is made of a Nomex fire-resistant, triple-weave Kevlar-lined material. It has excellent protection against damage and is insulated to protect from electrocution. The cloak is made of memory cloth which makes it perfect for gliding when he needs to get around. The Domino Mask holds a built in computer that records and analyzes crime scenes along with a form of ‘Detective Vision’ that allows for him to see skeletal structures to isolate weaknesses and see through walls to avoid running into an ambush. There’s a built in computer on his gauntlets to help with hacking. The suit can absorb impacts to where he can take a hit from a copy of Amazo and only come out with cracked ribs. The suit also masks his heartbeat and heat signature from being detected. Utility Belt: Although unremarkable in appearance, it’s one of the most important piece of equipment John could have and has been taught by Batman to never leave home without it. Has a few must-haves for fighting crime.
  1. Birdarangs: Collapsible shurikens that are tossed at enemy.
  2. Freeze Discs: Like the name implies uses a formula from Freezes weaponry to freeze enemies in place.
  3. Explosive Discs: Perfect for either causing a distraction or knocking walls down.
  4. Smoke Pellets: Helpful in situations that require a quick escape.
  5. Grapple Gun: Allows for John to reach high places and get out of danger quickly.
  6. Disruptor: Is able to jam guns to turn the tide of a fight, due to it being a prototype, he can only use it twice before it has to recharge for a good hour.
  7. Shock Discs: A small circular disc that emit a shock powerful enough to penetrate Kevlar and disorientate super humans.


Figured out Batman’s identity in less then twenty four hours without being told or knowing the man personally. Despite taking six months he learned the Red Hoods identity without using information that Batman had and making his own file from scratch while keeping it hidden. Survived a run-in with the Joker after headbutting his nose while restraint without injury. Escaped restraints and located the other young heroes when held captive by Gorilla Grodd and his Secret Society. Identified the real Everywhere Man and Multiplex in the midst of a fight and took them out, the effect knocking out all of the duplicates. Formulated a plan to beat Grundy before the League showed up. Delivered the Finishing Blow on Amazo after getting cracked ribs due to dropping explosives on the exposed robotic parts, efficiently blowing his head off.


Is way too prideful so when he messes up he takes it hard. Has a small fear of disappointing Bruce due to seeing him as more of a father than Benjamin. Can be a bit too competitive when it comes to a fight, usually with Speedy whenever they team up to see who can take out the most bad guys. Sometimes jumps headfirst into situations without thinking, the results being nearly getting killed by Scarecrow after causing an explosion that knocked Spoiler and Batgirl out, having to be saved by Red Hood as well causing for Anarky’s face to be burnt badly in a different situation. He’s also naive to the point where he trusts his allies without question once he knows them for awhile, while not a bad thing his blind trust could be used against him to where a person could abuse said trust and betray him.
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On Hiatus.
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On Hiatus.
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