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Author has written 8 stories for Epic Mickey, My Little Pony, Invader Zim, SpongeBob SquarePants, Cartoon X-overs, and Wander over Yonder.

Hey everyone, guess you stumbled upon my garbage account by accident. Since you're here, wanna check out my fics... please? No one...? Alright then, that's fine too.

Announcements and such: I wanna try to get ch.4 of "FanFiction of Doom" up sometime this week o r next week. "Prescott Plays" is CANCELLED. Sorry, but I just don't want to write it anymore. :/


So I'm a teenage girl with no social life whose just trying to leave her mark on the world of FanFiction. I'm 5'5, my favorite color is yellow and I have an odd obsession with cartoons. Writing is pretty much a means of escape and hobby of mine.

Some of you may remember me as an Anon but I guess you could say I've moved up in the FFN world. If you guys really want to know what fandoms I like writing for then just look at the "Coming Attractions" section below. Also, if you ever wanna chat with me don't be afraid to shoot me a PM. Really I don't bite... much.

Writing Style: Well... that really depends on what type of fic it is. If it's non-serious and humorous (Ex: "Prescott Plays") then mostly I'll focus more on dialouge and less on description. However, if it's something like "Eclipse" or "Martyrdom" where it has a more serious tone I'll focus on details tend to have the character's actions speak for themselves at times.

Also, and I hate to say this but, I am a very very slow updater and poster. While I try not to take too long, don't expect a fic of mine to update for at least a month. I'm trying to change that but for now don't expect much (especially when I have a lot of one-shots and other ideas I want to get out there). In terms of posting new fics, I have a tendency to post new fics mostly on weekends when I have more time to write.

I Have a Forum:

It's over in the MLP section and it's called "New Lunar Republic vs. Solar Empire RP" where you can RP as a character from "Friendship is Magic," an OC made by you or both! Go check it out here:

I also have a "Truth or Dare?" forum in the X-Overs section.

There's also a Wander Over Yonder RP forum I just made. Like the MLP one, you can RP as an OC, character from the show, or both. There's also discussion threads and soon there'll be many RPs on many things ranging from a zombie apocolypse to an RP with no plot whatsoever.

Coming Attractions:

Eclipse (My Little Pony): Based on the YouTube animatic by WarpOut, Princess Celestia looks back with regret at the events leading up to Luna becoming Nightmare Moon and her banishment to the moon. Contains a little bit of headcanon backstories. AU

Five Nights of FanFiction (Five Nights At Freddy's): When the resturant gets a computer, the animatronics discover the wonders of the internet, along with stories about them and other characters from the FNAF universe. Join them as they begin their journey into the hilarious and crazy world of fanfiction! AU

That One Smile (Epic Mickey): It was a rare smile, the kind of smile he only showed to Markus. After all, he was the only one that could bring it out. Prescott/Markus one-shot.

Recommended Fics and Why

Lost To the Sands (My Little Pony): A tale of sadness and tragady, the likes of which not often seen. To see what we have, and to discover what we've lost. Time is meaningless; we are all but swept away. There is no greater pain than that of utter helplessness. Celestia, Princess of the sun... grand ruler of Equestria, and loving sister. Painful are the tears she will shed, and broken her heart will remain.

Really, this fic is amazing. The descriptions are wonderful and the characterization is spot on. Even if you're not a Brony you should check it out.

Trampled (The Lion King): Well, I suppose the stampede was technically meant for his brother...There's just, I don't know, one small problem with that: the cub died instead.

What if Simba had died in the stampede instead of Mufasa? Turns out, a heck whole lot of backstabbing, epic fight scenes, multiple character deaths, awesome flashbacks filled with Scar and Mufasa backstory, and OCs that are anything but Mary-Sues. But you know, just another day in the Pridelands.

Someone I've Made Up (Wander Over Yonder): What would happen if Lord Hater were to take Wander prisoner aboard his spaceship? Let's just say it isn't exactly "The Prisoner" all over again... This is actually an off site fic, but man is it great! Not only is everyone perfectly IC but it feels like an actual episode of the show (Well except for one part of Ch. 1 that's kinda dark). The story can be found on Tumblr and the co-author's name is RinnySega.

Night-Waker's Epic Mickey Meme (Inspired by "The Lion King Meme")

1. How did you first find out about the EM series?

I was watching a show called "X-Play" and they mentioned the rumors of the game were true. (Yes I'm doing my own meme. What? It looks fun!)

2. Did you initally like the game when you found out about it? If not, when did you become a fan?

No, suprisingly. I wasn't a big Mickey Mouse, or Disney in general, fan. I got the game anyway after watching E3 2O1O on TV with the game catching my interest. Once I got the game it wasn't until aronud the time I was on my first visit to MickeyJunk Mountain and Tomorrow City that I got really into it.

3. Favorite Charater?

It's a tie between Oswald and Prescott.

4. Least Favorite?

NO ONE! Why did I even make this a question?!

5. Most likable character?

Ortensia. She is just adorable.

6. Least likable?

None that I can think of.

7. Who are you most like/Who do you relate to the most?

Oswald. I think every siblings has been jealous of their brother/sister at least once. Maybe not as bad as him but still.

8. Character you used to hate but now love?

I've always loved everyone.

9. Character you used to love but now hate?

See above.

1O. Character(s) you wish got more development/Were in the games?

It would been nice if Prescott got some more development since his motives weren't really explained that well.

11. Two characters who never interacted but you wish had?

Jamface and Prescott. It's hinted they don't like each other much and I would've liked to see them get into an aurgument or something.

12. Favorite deleted character?

Scrapper Mickey, and the Storm Blot.

13. Favorite scrapped areas/plot ideas?

The Wonderland area and the original plot of EM2.

14. Favorite area(s) in the game?

Dark Beauty Castle, MickeyJunk Mountain, and the Floatyard.

15. Favorite score?

The music for Dark Beauty Castle. Something about a twisted version of "Once Upon a Dream" is just so fun to listen to. Also, Mickeyjunk Mountain.

16. Favorite EM2 song(s)?

All of them! :D

17. Favorite quote(s)?

Gus: You built the rocket out of paint?!

Oswald: It was a budget issue.

Mickey and Gus: (Exchange worried looks)

18. Least favorite quote(s)?

Any of Doc's "I'm so good now so let's all be friends!" lines. C'mon seriously, how did you ever trick Oswald and everyone else? -_-

19. Favorite group? (Gremlins, Blotlings, Animatronics, etc.)


2O. Favorite EM game?

The first one. Yeah the second one has actual voice acting, songs, costumes, and all that, but overall EM1 is longer and the plot is better.

21. Funniest moment?

See the answer for the "Favorite quote(s)" question.

22. Saddest moment?

Hearing Junction Point closed, destroying the chances of EM3 happening.

23. Scariest moment?

The first time I visited MickeyJunk Mountain, though it wasn't scary as it was more creepy.

24. Happiest moment?

The ending to the first game. So beautiful. :')

25. Most frustrating moment?

Trying to get past that eye thing to get to the projector that takes you to Prescott's Arena in EM2. Nearly threw my Wii remote at the TV.

26. Do you consider "Power of Illusion" and/or "The Tales of Wasteland" digicomic series canon?

I consider "The Tales of Wasteland" canon, but not "Power of Illusion" for some reason I can't come up with, probably because it's more of a "Castle of Illusion" sequel that just happens to take place in Wasteland. At best I think of POI as semi-canon?

27. Pet peeves? (At least one for each game)

EM1: No voice acting. This didn't use to bother me at all until the second game came along.

EM2: Too short with a predictable story. Also Prescott feels like wasted potential to me.

EM: PoI: Haven't played it yet, so no answer.

28. Crack Pairings you've heard of?

Pretty much anything that aren't canon pairings. Oh, and for some reason the fandom likes pairing up Prescott with everyone. Oh, you crazy fandom! XD

29. If Epic Mickey 3 ever got developed, what would you like to see?

Besides the obvious longer and better story, I'd say allow people to play as Gus and Ortensia, more songs (By which I mean have characters besides just the Mad Doctor sing), and have the choices you make actually affect the ending.

3O. What about a prequel focusing on the Blot Wars?

YESYESYESYESYES THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN I mean... probably some more backstory on what Wasteland was like before the Blot Wars.

31. Could Gus really be Prescott's and/or Jamface's father?

It's an interesting theory, and would certainly make EM2 2O% more depressing, but I don't think Gus is Prescott's father (I'mtotallynotsayingthatbecauseifhewasthat'dbemakingMarscottincestoranythinglikethat!Nopenotatall!) As for being Jamface's father, I actually do support that.

Now now I know what your thinking. "But Night, Jamface and Gus don't even have the same accents, let alone look alike!" I have a headcanon that Jamface is actually British like everyone else but he once traveled to France, picked up the accent and some of the language, and now can't shake it.

As for the "They don't look alike" thing... (Points to Mickey and Oswald) I know they're half-brothers, but still. Besides, maybe he got his looks from Fifinella?

32. Do you prefer to call Ortensia by her original name, Sadie, or her current name?

Ortensia mostly, but Sadie is fine too.

33. Do you believe in Oswald/Ortensia (Sadie), Oswald/Franny, or both?


34. Do you think Gus was obnoxious in EM2?

There were moments, but overall he didn't bother me too much.

35. Do you think Daisy was rude in EM2?

A little.

36. What do you think happened to the Fifinellas and Widgets?

My personal headcanon is that they were all sent away for safety reasons and stayed there throughout the first game. Then after the Blot's defeat they all came back, and in EM2 they were all in Gremlin Village.

37. What would you think of a movie and/or TV Show?

YEESSSS!!! A movie series based on the games and a TV show must happen. I'd watch the heck out of those.

38. Think the games could tie into anything else Disney related? (If so, what?)

Kingdom Hearts. Think about it...

39. Do you like human/AU fics?

I love AU fics. I'll read humanized fics, but I'm not too much of a fan of those.

4O. Voice actors you loved (Foreign dubs included, if you want)

Frank Welker as Oswald, Cary Elwes as Gus and Dominic Keating as Prescott, oh and whoever played him in the german dub.

41. Do you think Ortensia could be the Bunny Children's biological mother?

Maybe. I mean, in a world like Wasteland anything is possible (Like books literally flying off the shelves) though I think they're adopted.

42. What do you think happened to Franny?

Either she died in the Thinner Disaster or we just never saw her. I like to go with the second one.

43. Were Prescott's actions in EM2 justified? What about the Mad Doctor's?

For Prescott yes and no. I've always believed there was more to his change of heart than some projectors and the whole "My job sucks, no one understands me" thing, and his projector plans being ignored was the straw that broke the camel's back... At the same time, he didn't have to go as far as he did.

As for Doc, his plan doesn't even make much sense to begin with. Add that with the fact he basically screwed Prescott over and was a large factor into making him who is is now, and no. They weren't.

44. Crossovers you like?

I don't really do crossovers. Though there is a pretty good fic I've been reading on DeviantART that has some "Wreck-it-Ralph" in it.

45. Fan theories/pairings you support?

Other than what I've already said there are a few thoeries I came up with myself, but I'll share those later. As for the ships, I have a list of stuff I ship if you scroll down.

46. Fan theories/pairings you don't support?

Going straight to pairings, Micwald. Yes... it exists.

47. Mickey or Oswald?


48. Ortensia or Franny?


49. Gus or Prescott?


5O. Markus or Jamface?


51. Mad Doctor or the Blot?

The Blot.

52. Laralee (The girl in the Museum) or Copernicus?


53. Paint or Thinner?

That's the million E-Ticket question, isn't it? Paint.

54. Mad Doctor or Prescott?


55. Animatronic Goofy, Donald or Daisy?

Animatronic Goofy.

56. Minnie or Ortensia?


57. Big Bad Pete, Petetronic, Small Pete or Pete Pan?


58. Blotlings or Beetleworx?


59. Mickey or the Blot?


6O. Abe or Prescott's Mech?

Abe! :D

61. Gus or Jiminy Cricket?


62. Yensid or Walt Disney?

...Both... (Wonders why I put this question here)

63. What is the best EM fic you ever read?

I can't decide, they're all so good.

64. Have you written any Epic Mickey fics? If so, how many?

So far, about two. There's more on the way though!

65. Which fic is your favorite?

So far, "Prescott Plays."

66. Who's your favorite character(s) to write for?

Go back and read the "Coming Attarctions" section of my profile, his name is mentioned at least once 98% of the time. I know I must sound like broken record with him by now but I can't help it!

67. Describe the Epic Mickey franchise in three words?

This. Movie. Now!

68. Glad this is over?

I dunno, it was kind of fun.

Now just copy and paste this into your profile and answer these questions!

My Ship List:

Epic Mickey





-Prescott/Markus (OTP)


-Telephone/Clock Tower

-Animatronic Donald/Animatronic Daisy


Invader Zim


-Zim/Tak (OTP)





My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

-Twilight Sparkle/Luna

-Applejack/Rainbow Dash

-Pinkie Pie/Cheese Sandwich (OTP)


-Cadance/Shining Armor

-Derpy/Dr. Whooves

SpongeBob SquarePants



-SpongeBob/Sandy (OTP)


-Mr. Krabs/Mrs. Puff



Crossover Pairings (Dun dun dunnnn!)

Dani/Timmy (Danny Phamtom/Fairly Oddparents)

Wander/Pinkie Pie (Wander Over Yonder/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) (OTP)

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