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20051116 / 1451CST -- I've been good, how about you?
No, I'm still here, still writing. Working on something a little larger, and waiting until it's done to post it here. The reason for my return is a short little 1k lap I did that I like to call "Half-Life: Stasis" (1k referring to the number of words, of course). I just finished HL2 a couple days ago, and decided to write this to celebrate. I did go through a time when I wanted to write a full HL fanfic, but it had already been done, and I don't have a lot to add to that community, I admit. In other news, I'm married now, living in the great city of Nashville, TN, working on my writing and a new website, There's not much content there yet, but the foundation has been laid for an internet community called MuseWorks, which supports writing, drawing, and all other art forms through a message board network. The site is at if anyone is interested. My other project will not be done anytime soon, but you can keep up with my progress through CP, which houses my online portfolio and my blog.

20050703 / 0900CST -- Taking a Breather
AE: I went to the library on Wednesday. The last book I read was Ringworld by Larry Niven, about two months ago, and the one before that was Hitchhiker's Guide, by Doug Adams, in February. Suffice it to say, the lack of reading has taking a serious toll on my writing, not just in the inspiration department, but also in the quality of what I'm putting down on paper. So I got five novels -- Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice; Watership Down, Richard Adams; The List of 7, Mark Frost, Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman; and Eden's Gate, David Hagberg -- mostly at random from the shelves in the fiction section, that I'm going to try and consume in the next three weeks; that is, before they're due. I just got Interview done last night; it took me four days, right on schedule. Until I get the other four done, I'm not even going to think about writing anything. Afterwards, I'll try to get back in my short stories, and we'll see what develops. Hopefully I'll have some more material to put up here later, and soon.

20050528 / 1922CST -- E0 - Part II
AE: I, er, uploaded Part Two yesterday. Forgot to make a note. Yeah. o.o EDIT: Oh, and I deleted the "Redux Community," since no one cared about it, including me..

20050525 / 1258CST -- After a LONG hiatus...
...I am back. FFoM: Episode Zero is now released on I've already posted it on SVT forum, Mobius Forums, SVT fanfics, and deviantART, but it took me the longest to get it on here. You know why? BECAUSE I HATE FF.N'S DOCUMENT MANAGER! I really hope they're listening to this, because they could learn something. NEVER in my nearly-two-year career at have I needed to upload a document only once. I don't know how they coded their document manager, but it's a bloody piece of crap. Every time the formatting gets royally screwed. Which really sucks when I have a piece like "Impetus" and all the other chapters of this series that rely on formatting to convey the mood. It was never as bad in the past as it is now, so I don't know what's going on. I just hope they change it. Anyway, E0, right. This is the backdrop for my previous series, FFoM, and the other Sonic: Neo Redux stories in the works. It was a story I really wanted to tell, and figured now was as good a time as any. It is also a test for a new kind of narrative style, one that I can work through faster than my other ones, which is good, because writing has been going really slowly lately. Episode Zero is a two-part story, each part 5,000 words long. Please read, review, and all that jazz.

20041116 -- Sad News
AE: Freedom Fighters of Mobius has been postponed indefinitely. I've found myself ambushed by schoolwork,plus I want to get my hands dirty in some other projects, to clear my head a bit. I've been working on this thing so long it's beginning to cloud my writing, and looking pale and stale compared to my other work. So until further notice, no more new chapters of FFoM. Rest assured, I'm not done yet, I'm just taking a hiatus for a while. I promise when I return we'll be back in action and better than ever. Also, if anyone would like to contribute to the Redux community, and needs some help or guidance on what to do, go ahead and contact me. I love sharing my knowledge with all you other blokes.

NEORDX: "Just What is 'Neo Redux,' 'Pode?"
Glad you asked, little Jimmy! As you may have noticed, some of my fanfics bear the subtitle "Neo Redux." This implies that it is a special "aternate universe" type of fan-fiction that might be a little different than you're used to.

You see, Stanley, when I started work on my Sonic the Hedgehog story sooo long ago, I created it with the intention of melding all the universes of the franchise together in one storyline, in an attempt to rationlise everything and make all the purists happy. While that wasn't exactly true, it did establish for me exactly what it was I was writing. In simplest terms, a "redux" is a reimagining of the core stories of a franchise, like Sonic or Star Wars, that keeps all the elements but presents them in a way to make the reader re-think everything they "know," and make a franchise they love seem new and exciting again.

The way we do that, Cornwall, is to research all the different facets of a continuity -- usually a continuity that fans insist can not meld with the others (sacrilige!) and pull it all together in a story that makes sense, is fun to read, and makes long-devoted fans of the series sit back and think, "whoa, I never realised THAT before." The motto of the redux is "to make the reader forget all they 'know' and present an old series in a fresh, new light." This can be done with nearly all "classic" series, especially those that have a large following who donate their own interpretations, or have several "official" versions that different kinds of fans rally around. The most (in)famous example of a "redux" would probably be American McGee's "Alice," a dark and twisted acid-trip remake of Lewis Carrol's Looking-Glass duology.

So you see, Jerome, a redux can be something magical, indeed. If you wish to start your own redux, I would be more than happy to lend my experience on the subject. If you have written a redux and wish to show it to the world, it would be interesting to start-up the ill-fated "Redux Community" C2 here at again.


Half-Life: Stasis
1k One-Shot
Summary: Summarising a 1k? Madness! Whatever, this takes place between HL1 and HL2, while Gordon is floating in nothingness of G-Man's "stasis" and pondering his life and recent events while waiting for his assignment. Pointless, I know, but I felt like writing a little something after finishing HL2 and writing a review for my blog.
Finished: November 2005

FFoM: Episode Zero
5000 words x 02 eps
Summary: Doctor Gerald Robotnik fights to create the ultimate form of life, but his disregard for ethics lands him on hot water with the government. With his self-aware creations now without his guidance, how will they cope with life? Are these "evolved beings" that much better than the real thing? A dark Sonic-themed story that weaves a story of scientific ethics, the constitution of life, searching for self, and meddling in God's domain.
Special Features: Parts 03 and 04 (limited release): 03, which shows the transport of Angel Island into the past, a key element in the story that also ties it in with the upcoming FFoM. 04, a deleted scene that shows the death of Maria Robotnik, and ends the short story on a sad note.
Finished: Spring 2005

Freedom Fighters of Mobius
Started: Sept 2003
Chapters Complete: 18 / 30
Description: A fan retelling of the events of the entire Sonic the Hedgehog metaverse, covering all seasons of SatAM (even the unproduced 3rd season), the Genesis games, the Dreamcast games, and some information from the comics, all tied together in one strong storyline.

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