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Author has written 5 stories for Sailor Moon, Ranma, Code Geass, Vandread, Sakura Wars, and Record of Agarest War.

I'm a big fan of both Suikoden and Final Fantasy Series, though I must admit I like Suikoden better. I'm also a fan of Ranma. I tend to go to the usual Ranma-Akane pairing, but I'm very much open to the Ranma-to anybody else or every girl pairings. Lately, thanks to a co-worker of mine, I suddenly found myself liking Code Geass. In my perception Lelouch and Ranma are on opposite spectrums. While Ranma is not stupid...just to proud, he is never on the level of tactics and strategy of Lelouch...and Lelouch on the other hand is nowhere even close to Ranma's physical condition...ever.

Also, by now you would have noticed that most, if not all, my fics are always crossovers.

Regarding my fics...they are not dead. But they under re-writing stage. I'll post those changes when and if I catch-up with the current chapters. That is if I can get off my lazy-ass do some serious writing.

Favorite pairings (the standard one):

Ranma-Akane. (Ranma 1/2)

Tir-Kasumi. (Suikoden)

Hugo-Chris. (Suikoden III)

Fayt-Maria. (Star Ocean Till End of Time)

Wein-Charlone. (Growlansser II)

Rudy-Cecilia. (Wild Arms)

Cless-Mint. (Tales of Symphonia)

Stahn-Rutee. (Tales of Destiny)

Ramza-Agrias. (Final Fantasay Tactics)

Xion-Neige. (Shining Tears)

X-Alia. (Megaman X)

Isaac-Jenna (Golden Sun Series)

Leiner-Misha (Ar Tonelico)

Lelouch-Kallen (Code Geass)

Leo-Elaine (Agarest War)

Ladius-Valeria (Agarest War)

Thoma-Noah (Agarest War)

Duran-Silvi (Agarest War)

Rex-Beatrice (Agarest War)

Favorite pairings (harem fics):

Ranma-Akane-Kasumi-Nabiki-Shampoo-Ukyou-Kurumi-Natsume. (Ranma 1/2)

Fayt-Maria-Sophia-Nel-Claire. (Star Ocean Till End of Time)

Wein-Charlone-Arieta-Riviera. (Growlansser II)

Ramza-Agrias-Meliadoul-Rafa-Alma (scary I know). (Final Fantasay Tactics)

Xion-Neige-Elwyn-Ryuna-Mao. (Shining Tears)

X-Alia-Nana. (Megaman X)

Isaac-Jenna-Mia-Feizhi (Golden Sun Series)

Leiner-Misha-Aurica-Shurelia (Ar Tonelico)

Lelouch-Kallen-Milly-C.C.-Shirley-Euphie (Code Geass)

Leo-Elaine-Fyuria-Luana (Agarest War)

Ladius-Valeria-Yayoi-Sherufanir (Agarest War)

Thoma-Noah-Lavinia-Faina (Agarest War)

Duran-Silvi-Hilda-Ryuryu (Agarest War)

Rex-Beatrice-Dyshana-Ellis-Murmina-Sharona-ViraLorr-Plum-Reverie-Qua (Agarest War)

The following is an old fic that never got off the ground, but who knows maybe someday I'll continue on it:

Keitarou sighed. “I think she used her charm and refused me. Tama-chan, will I still have a chance….” He asked his pet turtle. About a few minutes before, he accidentally met up with Naru in front of the train station. He tried to talk to her about his confession a few days earlier but she managed to stir around it and mentioned she’ll be going to Kyoto for 3 days and 2 nights as part of a discussion group.

“Mi!” The turtle on his shoulder pointed in front of them.

“Tama…what’s up?” He looked to where the rare hot spring turtle was pointing to. “Huh, isn’t that Motoko?” He then did a double take, there besides the person he thought was Motoko was a beautiful girl…a beautiful, petite, well-endowed, redheaded girl. “Wow, that girl’s so beautiful….”

“MI! MI! MI!”

Keitarou sighed in frustration, Tama was rather excitable today. “What is it now, Tama-chan?” He wanted to look at the girl more but decided he couldn’t ignore the persistence of his pet. He looked at where Tama was pointing to now. “Huh?”

The people around began screaming as they dodged a truck barreling down the streets. “OH NO! DRUNK DRIVER!”

The said truck was heading straight towards him. “I’m dead.” Keitarou thought, “Considering my injuries I can’t get away from this!”

From out of nowhere the redhead he saw earlier, landed in front of him grabbed him in a bridal carry and jumped out of the truck’s path. “WAAAAAA!” “This girl’s strong…” He then turned to see the person he thought as Motoko stepped in front of the speeding truck.



The truck was cleanly split in two, with each half exploding behind the sword mistress in a spectacular fireball. There were “oohhs” and “aahhs” and several onlookers even clapped at her display of skill.

Isn’t this the Zanmaken attack?” He then noticed the driver wobbling from the wreckage. “Good thing the driver isn’t harmed.”

The redhead girl nodded at the swordsmanship shown, then her eyes twitched as she felt a hand on her chest. She looked down to see the hand of the guy she rescued slightly squeezing her left breast. She wanted to pound the perv but took pity at the sight of his injury. She decided to just unceremoniously drop him, which she did.

“OUCH! Hey, why did you just drop me like that?” Keitarou asked from his undignified position from the street.

“Consider yourself lucky ya jerk. If you weren’t injured I’d paste ya for groping me!”

Keitarou blinked at the rough speech, when his mind clicked as to what the girl said. “Oh man, I just met her and she thinks I’m a pervert already!” He stood-up and bowed deeply, well deeply for his current physical situation anyway, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to grab you in the….” He noticed the girl’s eyes twitched, “umm, anyways…ah, thanks for saving me from that truck. I owe you a great deal.”

The girl eyed him warily then waved it off, “It’s a martial artist’s duty to protect the weak.” She then jacked her thumb towards the other woman. “Besides, ya owe her as much as me. If she didn’t point ya to me you’d be street pancake.”

The said woman approached the two and Keitarou was about to thank her when she spoke first, “Mister, I want to ask you…do you know Hinata Sou, that hotel’s location? Can you tell us where it is?”

“What? Hinata Sou….”

Motoko ascended the stairway to the Hinata Sou. She just had an embarrassing incident at the trolley, of all the places to fall asleep and have a nightmare about her sisters. The embarrassing part was she woke with a scream, startling everyone around her.

Why would I dream about my sisters? It was so scary.” She sighed, “Maybe it’s just the stress of too much training.” She then let out a little laugh, “Don’t tell me that sister came here all the way from the mountains of Kyoto…its impossible!” She opened the door to the inn, left her shoes at the entrance and announced herself, “Tadaima!”

Keitarou’s head snapped towards the voice of the resident kendo-ka. “Oh, you’re back! There some people to see you, Motoko-chan!” As he said that, one of the guests spoke.

“Motoko-chan…long time no see.”

Motoko’s eyes widen upon recognition, “WA! WAAAAA! SISTER, WHY ARE YOU HERE?”

Everyone sweat-dropped at the sight of Motoko…she looks terrified but why would she be frightened of her own, sweet, loving sister?

“What’s wrong with you?” Keitarou asked Motoko, “To tell you the truth, I was almost killed by a speeding vehicle a while ago….” He then gestured towards her sister, “It’s a good thing your sister Tsuruko and her friend came and helped me out, that’s why I’m still alive! They’re so good!”

It was then Motoko noticed the person seating besides her sister. She was a beautiful redhead girl whose hair was in a pigtail. “Do I know her from somewhere? Those blue eyes…they looked so familiar!”

“Tokyo really is scary place to be…suddenly there is a vehicle out to kill someone. Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!” Tsuruko said with a hearty laugh. The redhead grunted in agreement, mumbling something about Chinese hair products doing the same thing.

Keitarou resisted the urge to face-fault, less he adds another injury to himself, “I don’t think that’s how it really is!”

Kitsune decided to tease their landlord a little, “But still, Keitarou you’re so unlucky!”

“Yes unlucky!” Suu confirmed with a wide smile.

Keitarou blushed in embarrassment, “Stop that all of you!” He silently thought that they needn’t rub it in.

Tsuruko took in the scene, “All of you are so happy, it makes me feel relaxed! Motoko is so lucky to spend her student life here with you people….” She gave them all a heartfelt, smile (Something a certain elder Tendo sister could do).

Kitsune shook her head to free herself from that bewitching smile. And everyone had the same lines of thought all revolving around how beautiful Motoko’s sister was. One redhead was also blushing. She still couldn’t figure how to counter that dreaded “attack.” Must be an elderly sister thing.

Trembling, Motoko came forward. She has some inkling as to why her sister is here. “But the time for me to take over the school is still…” With a resolve she asked, “Sister, what’s up?”

Pausing from her sipping her tea, Tsuruko turned to regard her sister. She smiled knowing what her younger sister was thinking, and yet it was not the reason she was here…have it been some other time it could have been that. “Relax, Motoko. If you are thinking about me taking you back to Kyoto….” She deliberately paused.

Motoko stiffened as did the residents of Hinata Sou. They were about to voice their protest when Tsuruko continued.

“That’s not the reason that I’m here.” She suppressed herself from laughing upon the sudden relief from her sister’s face. “Although, it is something related to it.”

Motoko sighed in relief, she wasn’t here to bring her back but then she mentioned it was along the same line. “Then why are you here sister?”

Tsuruko placed her tea on the table and gestured towards the redhead girl. “I’d say it has been ten years since you two last saw each other.” The girl nodded in agreement.

Motoko titled her head as she looked at the said girl. She was searching her memories as to when they met. She did look familiar but then she couldn’t place her finger on it. But those blue eyes…she knows she saw them somewhere before….

“I don’t think she recognizes me at my current form.” The girl said to Tsuruko.

“Oh, my! Pardon me. I must have forgotten about that!” She grabbed her tea from the table and dumped its contents on top the redhead, who grumble about smelling like oolong tea.

Everybody’s eyes turned to size of dinner plates as the young girl vanished replaced by a taller, handsome young man. And that threw out all perverted thoughts from the only other male in the immediate area…for the mean time that is.

Motoko soon recovered from her shock as recognition finally hit home. “Ra-Ranma!” With a squeal, she latched onto the pigtailed boy, “Ranma it is you!”

The boy soon found himself in a tight hug…something that would have made any Amazon proud. “Ack! Motoko…gasp…can’t breathe…gasp…need…air….”

Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes. Motoko, a certified man-hater, was clinging onto a man and was all giddy. Kitsune grumbled a bit about the unfairness of it all.

“Motoko, Ranma is turning blue. You might want to let him breathe.” Tsuruko stated, noticing Ranma’s face turn pale.

Motoko eeped as she let the pigtail boy go, “I’m so sorry Ranma. Are you alright?”

Ranma was glad to breathing normally again, “No prob, Motoko.” Actually he was rather impressed with the said girl’s strength.

“That’s good to hear…err, wait a minute…you were a girl just a while ago? How?”

Ranma sighed, “It’s a curse I got from China about a few weeks ago. There’s this cursed training grounds called Jusenkyou and well, pops and me couldn’t read a word of Chinese fell into the cursed pools. And apparently ya take form of whatever drowned in the pool. I fell in the spring of drown young girl and I take that form whenever I get splashed with cold water. Hot water changes me back until the next time I get hit with cold water.”

Motoko nodded. “And what of uncle Genma? What does he change into?”

“He fell in the spring of drowned panda.” It was quite comforting that the people of this inn were quite accepting of his special condition. What he didn’t know was that the residents were quite accustomed to seeing weird things.

“Somehow I think that suits him perfectly.” Motoko stated. She wasn’t really fond of that man. He was one of the main reasons for her hatred and mistrust of men. Regarding Ranma…well, most rules have certain exemptions…. “So how did you end up with my sister?”

“Funny thing though. As soon as we got back, pops have been indignant that we go to this place called Tendo dojo but before we did, mom, along with several Shinmeiryu swordswomen accosted pop, saying they have been searching for us the last decade. Besides, the old man never told me that mom was still alive…all this time I thought she was dead!”

“What kind of father would lie something about his child’s mother being dead?” Keitarou asked offhandedly.

“My old man did.” Ranma shrugged, “Though I haven’t seen him since we passed by Kyoto.”

Tsuruko nearly lost her composure. Apparently Ranma hasn’t noticed the brand new panda rug back at the dojo entrance. Well no need to tell him that yet. “Well, Genma had a lot to answer for and the Shinmeiryu Grandmaster took care of him. He won’t be bothering you again, Ranma-kun.” ‘Especially after they found out he engaged Ranma to twenty different women, with families like Kuonji, Tendo, and Daikoku just to mention a few.’

Apparently everyone missed the emphasis on took care. “Well, so long as the old man stops pestering me.” Ranma just shrugged. The past few days have been one of the best he had so far.

Tsuruko nodded, “Well that said…going back to Motoko-chan’s earlier question, the reason for my visit.”

“Yeah, been curious myself. I know you didn’t bring me along just to get Motoko and me re-acquainted.”

Motoko turned to Ranma, “You mean you don’t know why sister brought you with her?”

“Not a clue.” Ranma then turned to the older Shinmei swords mistress, waiting for the answer to their question.

“It’s quite simple really. Motoko…” with a wave of her hand towards the boy seated besides her, “…meet your fiancé, Ranma.”

Motoko stared.

Ranma stared.

Everyone in Hinata Sou stared.

You can hear the ashes from Haruka’s cigarette fall to the ground.

Then Motoko, in a fashion that no one…and I do mean NO ONE from Hinata Sou, has ever…EVER seen before, glomped onto the still bewildered boy, with an expression a kin to a child given a cute and cuddly toy. “YES! MINE! MINE! MINE!”

Everyone face-faulted save for Tsuruko, calmly sipping her recently refilled cup of tea, and Ranma (since Motoko was still attached to him).

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