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Hi anime fans! Something screwy was going on with the website and my entire bio was made up of symbols, so now I have to start it ALL over again. I'll just start it with the basics.

Real Name: Like I would tell you!
Nicknames: Akiko,Yuki, Baka, Blondie, Fox Girl.

Demon Description:
Full name: Akiko Minori (Akiko means autumn child. Minori means harvest.)
Species: Demon fox
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue or red (depends on if I'm pissed or not)
Ear color: Black on the outside, red on the inside
Tail color: Red with white on the tip
Age: Ummmm... I think I'm around... 250 years old.

Human description:
Hair: Ummm... more orange than blonde
Eyes: Blue to green to gray (changes colors. Very cool)
Height: 5'7"
Age: 15

Internet friends:
I_Luv_Hiei (Shea)
Yume Hikari (Rikku)
White Phantom (Chibi)
CrimsonKitti (Kitti)
Shayba (Shayba (is there an echo?))

Brief Bios on my Friends

Yume Hikari
She's a crazy blonde in the nineth grade who goes to my school. She loves Kingdom Hearts and other anime games (she doesn't know much about Zelda, though. ;). She has a shoulder moogle named Bob. He's supposedly her brain :. Anyways, she gets hyper with sugar and will do a lot of crazy things, so stay out of her way!

A nineth grade brunette who also goes to my school. She is quiet most of the time, but she also gets veeery talkative. She also loves Kingdom Hearts.We sometimes call her Kitty because one time, she scared the hell out of me while I was waiting for them in the bus area of our school. She jumped out of nowhere and I nearly died! She also get hyper, but only with chocolate.

White Phantom
One of my cool friends! Sadly, she doesn't go to my school. I wish she did. T.T I think she's either in the 11th or 12th grade. : Sorry White Phantom. She's a huge fan of the Zelda games, just like me! She's also waiting for the new Zelda game coming out.

Favorite Animes:
Yu Yu Hakusho
Rurouni Kenshin
Fushigi Yuugi
Wolf's Rain
Digimon (the first one)

Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Kabuto (Naruto)
InuYasha (Inuyasha (is there an echo in here?))
SESSHIE! (InuYasha)
Adult Link (Ocarina of Time game)
Kiba (Wolf's Rain)
Matt (digimon)

This person with me right now is my original character appearing in the Three Keys.

Kyo: Hello people.

Did I ever tell you how cute you are_

Kyo- About a million times.

Already? o Whoo! I lost count.

Kyo-;;;;; Right...

You're so cute!

Kyo: Make that a million and one.

Sweet! I broke my own record!



"Amanda versus crack. Crack wins!" -Rikku (it's not what you think, she tripped on a sidewalk crack at a party)

"Play with fire and you'll get burned, but mess with me and you'll be ashes." -me

"Kinky." -Miroku (a friend we nicknamed for his personality)

"Doosh!" -Shea and me (please don't ask -)

"Baka Blonde." -Shea to Rikku (always calls her that)

"It's all about me. Deal with it." -Happy Bunny ( I love Happy Bunny)

"You wanna start something? Cause I'm gonna end it." -me

"Dude." -Shea

"Nuke 'em." -Rikku

"David killed the llama with his ugliness!" -me, Rikku, and Shea

"Mooooooooooogle!" -Rikku

"I forgot..." -me, Shea, and Rikku (our most frequently used excuse)

"I hate you. Have a joy-joy day." -my friend's hat.

"Show me the chocolate and no one gets hurt." -Shea's shirt.

"Meep!" -me (my word. Do not steal!)

"I bought you this birthday card for5 reasons:

1. It's your birthday!
2. It's a nice way to say I'm thinking about you.
3. The voices! Oh, my God... those hideous voices made me... they MADE me... they're driving me mad, MAD, I tell you! Please... help me...
4. You're special!
5. You mean the world to me!

Happy birthday! ... and don't worry- I'll be fine... just... fine..." - a birthday card I gotfrom Shea along with a Sesshie plushie. hugs the plushie _

will add more... eventually

I have two websites! One is for the Three Keys story stuff and another is for different animes.

Misc. Anime website: http:yaminohikari.bravehost.com
Three Keys website: http:thethreekeys.bravehost.com

I'm getting two Zelda manga for my birthday on the 26 of January!spins around Me soooo happy!

Merry Christmas everyone! I got three games today and played all of them until I fell asleep on the couch. Heehee.

Hiya peoples! I will not be updating the Three Keys for a while because I'm in a huge writer's block! Gomennasai! bows

Random Conversations:

me: I still want to get on the go-carts so I can ram your ass.

Miroku: pervy grin Ooh! In what way?

me- Pervert.
(this was at a friend's birthday party at Mulligan's)

Abel (random guy at school): walks up to me and Shea Hello, girls.

Me/Shea: RAPE!

Abel: o.O;;;; runs away
(a random moment at school)

Abel: walks up to me, pokes me in the shoulder

Me: HELP! I've been sexually harrassed! runs behind Shea

Shea: How could you, Abel, harrassing an innocent girl.

Abel- Since when is poking sexual harrassment?

Me: Since you came along.

(not long after the last one)

mom: Just listen for the groceries, okay honey?

me: kerblinkies Groceries?

mom: Oops! I mean laundry.

me: Are you losing it, mom?

mom: Nope, I lost it a long time ago.

me: ;
(before she left to get my sister on laundry day (Wed.))

Abel: staring at me and Shea with dorky glasses on

Me: O.o Why the hell is he staring at me?

Shea: He's trying to undress you with his eyes.

Abel: continues to stare

Me: I know you want me and all, but please stop staring.

Abel: O.o backs away quickly in his chair

Me_ Works everytime.
(one day at an anime meeting at my school)

Abel: Now you two are first on my list.

Shea: O.o What list is he talking about?

Me: O.o His "Next People to Molest" list.

Shea: ...Eeew...

Me: O.o You said it...

(another random moment at the anime meeting)

Erica (new girl in our group): Is it true that Akiko freaks everytime you poke her?

Abel: Yeah. Just watch. pokes me in the shoulder

me: ...

Erica: I thought you said she would freak out.

Abel: I don't know what has gotten in to-

me and Shea: RAPE!

Abel and Erica: o.O;;;

Abel: Hi! .

me/Shea/Rikku: You raped a llama! break down, crying

Abel: o.0 WTF?

me: How could you? What did it ever do to you?

Abel: ... I think I'll just leave now...

Rikku: Well, that got rid of him. .

Shea/ me: nod

will add more

Blonde Jokes
This little area is where all of my favorite blonde jokes go.

Joke one:

There was a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead and they were all stranded in the middle of the desert. The brunette was carrying a fan, the redhead was carrying a canteen, and the blonde was carrying a cardoor. The blonde asks the brunette, "Why are you carrying a fan?"

"So whenever I get hot, I can fan myself," answers the brunette. The blonde then asks the redhead, "Why are you carrying a canteen?"

"So whenever I get hot, I can drink the water," she responds.

"Why are you carrying a cardoor?" the redhead and brunette ask the blonde. The blonde simply smiles and says, "So when I get hot, I can just roll down the window."

Joke two:

The blonde was sick and tired of being called a stupid blonde, so she dyes her hair brown and moves out into the country. When she passed by a herd of sheep and a farmer, she stops and asks, "Hey. If I can guess the number of sheep you have, can I have one of your sheep?" The farmer figures she'll never get it, so he agrees. The blonde is silent for a second, and then she says, "296."

The farmer is surprised by this that he gives her a sheep. Before the blonde could put it in her truck, he asks, "Wait. If I can guess your real hair color, could I have my dog back?"

will add more.

I have a sister named Ayame who is a real pain in the-

Ayame: Akiko! Where's my candy bar?

What candy bar? chewing on a Three Musketeers

Ayame: comes in with a katana Ah-hah! I knew you had it!

Kyo: O.o

O.o Umm.. see ya' later people! runs out of the room

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