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Well then I am a 89' model and a Icelainder and my name will remain cute-kitty for all fellow readers for now. I am an utter HP fan, and read, read, read and read all sorts of HP stories. As I said I mostly just stay on the Harry Potter part of fanfiction, though I do tend to drift to other stories, especially Charmed, Buffy and even sometimes Artemis Fowl...

Someone who knows about some good HP/Charmed crossover that does not involve the charmed ones teaching in Hogwarts may feel free to let me know... :D...

3 December 2004

Well I've finally started my own story... Harry Potter and the Angel of Time. It's gone much better then I ever expected really, though the first five-six chapters or so need to be re written but I never seem to be able to find the time.

I am trying to do it now, but rewriting, and still write what where I am, keeping up my soicial life, working and going to school really keeps my schedual too tight.

I have started the first chapter again though, and am about to start the second one, but I won't post any one of them untill they're all finished...

Anyway so I've decided the pairing in the story... I think... It's most probably going to be Ron/Hermione, Harry/multy-ship, Draco/Lavender, and I'm not sure about Ginny...

Anyways, I always love new ideas, so if you have any please let me know, or of you simply want to correct any mistake I may have done then please do so...

I've had few other ideas for stories but I really want to finish this one first... then I might see on writing something else... I don't know really... I'm so busy at school right now since my FINALS are only about five weeks from now, and if I flunk, which I probably am going to do then I won't be able to get into any school and my father will most likley murder me...

Anways... talk to ya later


11 Juny, 2005

Well I still haven't posted any rewritten chapters, but they are still in making and I hope too post some of them soon. But My beta is very busy as she has a life so it will take some time. I also haven't updated in over a month now I know. But that is not my fault. First there were exams and stuff, then there was the final trip which was sooo much fun cause we went river rafting on the way home and it was sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. I jumped off a cliff in the water and it was the coldest thing ever but it was so much fun that I have too go back someday. And er anyway then after that we started the other finals. and now I've finally finished.

I graduated just last Wednsday actually which is so weird. I've been in Seljaskóla since I was five, so that's ten years. So it feels weird to be graduating now, but that's part of live. I did ok on my exams too. I didn't fail anything anyways. My avarage score was7, 10 being the higest you can get and 0 the lowest. My sister though, she got9,5 on hers. But I'm still happy, especially about my math resaults since I really didn't expect to pass that one since I didn't even manage to finish the exam, had about ten questions left when the time was up and the test taking from me and most of my friends who did finish failed. But I still managed a 6 so I'm happy.

But enough of that, I did well on my other exmas also and I'm confitant that I will get into the school I finally apllied for Actually I only just applied today... but I'm happy that I've gottentthat over and done with. And I started work yesterday, seven hours a day, five times a week. Not much but it's just for the summer. I'm looking for something else since it's not that well paid. But for now I have plenty of time too write so not too worry. I've already send my beta the latest chapter so it shouldn't be too long untill it will be posted.

But I'mm off for now...




Attention all Angel of time readers. 24:08:2006

I’d like to express that I’m sorry that I have been so very lousy at updating my story for such a long time. I could tell you heaps of excuses but I won’t bother. The fact is that I’ve lost almost all interest in the story, the plot was starting to annoy me with it’s complications and loose plot points that I have forgotten my intentions with in the first place. The story is all over the place. Recently I started to read over the story and I didn’t really like what I saw so I’ve decided not to write it anymore until I’ve finished polishing my plot point and updating all the chapters so I’m pleased with them. I’m very sorry for all this but… it is how it is. I hope you’ll all be patient while I try to get the story back on rode. Thank you.

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