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It seems like more people are interested in this profile than I thought. I just assumed that people weren't interested in this thing; I really wasn't interested in other people's profile. shrug I guess people are different.

Name: My real name is actually Piper.

Age: I havn't updated this in a LONG time. I turned 17 Febuary 12th.

Gender: Female (Did the Mr. thing throw you off? My friend came up with that in 7th grade.)

Location: The suburbs outside Chicago. I used to live in the city, but not anymore.

Future Occupation: I finally decided that I want to go into Animation. I want to work for Pixar.

Current Interests: Anything that has to do with the body and how it works. Computers. Art of almost any kind (Except photography; I don't really care for it.). I've recently started reading a lot... time just passes more quickly when you read.

Books Currently Reading: The Quiet Girl. I'm not actually sure if I like it...

Ummm... what else do I do? I watch some TV, but TV's not what it used to be. It used to be hilarious and filled with wonderful cartoons that captured you until you couldn't look away. Now it's like... eh... 'I've seen this seven times already, but I'll watch it again because there's nothing else on.'

Oh yeah, and I'm in theatre. I'm not an actress, not particularly interested in that. I'm usually a stage hand. The play we're doing next is Peter Pan. I really like it. It's defiantly my passion.

Passion... is one of those things that you can never completely get out of your system. For a long time, drawing and writting had been my only passions. But they were solitary things. Things I would do instead of going to parties or hanging out with people I hardly knew just to get away from the house. But Theatre was different. It's like a family. There are days when you can't stand someone; but then a few days later; sometimes a few hours later; you make up. You never know how much you've grown to love someone until they tell you they're leaving. Not forever; they'll come back and visit durring college breaks; but it feels like you're loosing something you desprately want never to end. Something you would give up everything for for just another day of normalicy. I'll never have that same normalicy back; and even though I'll be a Sr., and there will be other people I grow to love, there will always be this feeling of 'I wish I could go back...'.

The funny thing is, I got into Theatre completely by accident. This girl, Tyni, was in my algebra class freshman year. She was always talking about how much fun it was, and what adventure she was going to have next in their next show... it sounded fun, but I had other responsibilities that I thought were more important. But then, I stumbled into the theatre one day and asked what they were doing.

"Unloading the truck," Was Mr. Wall's (the technical advister) responce. "Go unscrew something. Push hard, go slow, and if it doesn't scream, you ain't doin' it right."

He probably dosen't remember that, but I do. I'lll probably remember that statment for the rest of my life.

Go unscrew something. Push hard, go slow, and if it doesn't scream, you ain't doin' it right.

Q & A

Apparently, you guys have a lot of questions about stuff... so, here ya go.

Saiyan Cub:

Q: Is his name Kage or Kagen?

A: It's either one. Kagen, to me, sounds more formal, so he's usually called that when he's in trouble.

Q: How old is Kage at the beginning of this story?

A: 13. His background is actually that he was abandoned at eight or nine, and has been on his own for quiet a while. He has the mind of a child, somewhat, but still has the capacity to be mature, if he tries.

Q: Hasn't he been living with the Briefs for a long time?

A: Not really. About two years.

Q: How come he can speak English so well, then?

A: On average, it takes about four months for a child to learn a language fluently.

Q: Is his accent Scottish?

A: His accent is whatever the hell I feel like on whatever day it is. It's not supposed to have a real structure to it.

Q: What was the point of that Chili Kid?

A: Kage had friends that tend to be the opposite of him. He's drawn to people that are least like himself; Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, ect. He looks for people that are unlike himself because he already knows everything about himself, so people like him are boring.

Q: Did he have an injury to his head when he was younger?

A: Sure, why not? I never really thought about it. It would sure explain a lot of things, but I think if that was the case, everything would be too easy to explain. It would just be 'He is the way he is because of his head injury', ya know?

Q: How come Kage never fights?

A: Who says he doesn't fight? This isn't Shakespeare; if things are not mentioned, that doesn't mean they didn't happen. The story is told from Vegeta's point of view. His sense of normalcy and our sense of normalcy are completely different. Fighting is one of those things that is always there; like food. You don't need to mention every time you eat, do you?

Q: Is English not your first language?

A: Embarrassingly enough, it is my first language. I just can't spell to save my life. If I was on a deserted island, I would probably spell out 'Holp Me!' with rocks, and never get saved.

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