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For anyone who somehow found their way here...

Okay, in case anybody didn't notice/didn't care/did notice, but doesn't care anymore/noticed AND cared/has been stuck briefly in another dimension and thus had no idea, Hero's Story is dead in the water. I am completely, utterly uninspired. The plot path I had originally intended has died a terrible, horrible, agonizing death, and I am now at a loss to make another. This would be slightly more bearable if ideas for the sequel were not shooting around in my skull like firecrackers.

Despite these insanity-inducing conditions, I'm still trying to write. I can't tell you when or if my story will recover, but please: Keep those fingers crossed, eh?

Announcement: Due to literary nazism, my Guilty Gear humor fic was deleted. Unfortunately, as anyone who has read it can attest to, a conversion from its current script format to a traditionalstory format would cause it to lose much of its charm. Therefore, it will not be returning. My apologies. Take it up with the admins.

Ey. Here's a quick bio for all you inquisitive types.

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Music Preference: Rock is rockish.

Fav Band: Too many
Fav Movie: Lots

Religion: Does it really matter?
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Okay, you can kinda tell I'm running out of stuff here.

Other Junk:

Greatest site ever!

...Ph33r i7.

Favorite DC fanfic of all time. Or maybe it's just fanboy favoritism.

http:///smittywing/stories/tstcaasc.html Gotta love the last line...

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