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Author has written 11 stories for M*A*S*H, X-overs, A-Team, and Strange Days at Blake Holsey High.

First update since 11-23-2008:

Yo! I changed my profile since I'm more awake than usual. Now I don't seem as nuts as I really am. It's still way too long though.

Only three things I've written are finished because I'm lazy, and for some reason I only write when I'm tired so my stuff is not too good. I'll fix it when I'm awake, remember to, and feel like it. Which may be never. It still bothers me, though. Ah, well. I wrote almost everything long ago, so...I don't know what's there. Although, I'm not particularly proud of my unfinished pieces, since, as I said, I wrote them a really long time ago...well, except ILMoMS...that's my baby, but it still needs fixing. I don't know why I won't post the new version.

CAUSALITY: Here's what's going on. I have a lot of entries written, but they are out of order. So, entries are posted every two days, until I need an unwritten or unfinished one, such as #4. Being in school, I do not have unlimited time or brainpower. Plus, these entries need to work between the already-written ones, and have necessary substance. Also, I would like to make each entry a minimum of 1,000 words long. It might take awhile, but I am not ditching this fic. Like I said, it will seem J/L-ish for awhile in part one, but nothing will come of it. The story will get pretty twisty in parts, and I actually have very high expectations for it because some of the later entries are really neat (at least I think so.)

So, ya wanna know about me? You're probably going to regret your curiosity. I am thorough. And I ramble.:

My name is Jillian. I'm 21 (going on 8.) I like history, science, tennis, skiing, art, reading, comedy, politics, theoretical physics, playing Irish tin whistle (pennywhistle,) shiny things, and whatever says "Don't Touch" on it. One of my greatest ambitions is to invent a perfect hoverboard. I Irish dance, but all those years of it didn't make much of a difference...I should have actually practiced. Now my knee's messed up. Joy. Playing tin whistle's my preference, though.

I'm very random.

I overuse parentheses (but not in stories.)

Airplanes are awesome. I have almost no knowledge about them, but they are so cool.

Insanity fascinates me.

I am ultra-conservative-- probably the only republican on this site. Know: never get me started on politics, and Ronald Reagan is my hero.

I blog sometimes about politics, etc., but almost none of the snarky Facebook or Myspace bulletin stuff I do is on my real blog. Frostys and hoverboards, however, are.

I often sing the Greek versions of Disney songs at random. Το λατρεύω!

My dog is my best buddy.

If you are on Myspace and care to be friends with me, I'd like that.

Doo Dah is my nickname. Maybe that should be my penname... hmm.

I keep to myself a lot but when I talk I don't shut up.

I never make promises but I always keep secrets.

I tend to play the passive peacekeeper, but I'm fiercely loyal and sometimes volatile in certain situations.

I am equally right- and left-brained.

My favorite word is "rococo," followed by "espionage" and "muffin."

I like mustard. A lot. No, I don't think you quite understand... I really like it.

I've been told I have an obsession with spheres and a tendency to argue with myself.

When it comes to being mentally unstable, I wrote the book. It's a Klingon/Persian language combination, anagrammed with no vowels. I'd translate but then I'd have to kill you.

I switch between a few favorites and obsessions quite often, which may be reflected here. So far almost everything I've posted is MASH(TV), but that's fading and I got back into The A-Team full force after a five-year hiatus (also fading.) Back to the Future inspiration hits me often, too, and I might try Gilligan's Island, which actually started me on fan fiction (I did do BTTF, but I didn't explain my "whys" well enough. Heh. Another to be fixed.) I've decided I love Strange Days fics, too, but only in the past two years.

My favorite characters to write and read about are Hawkeye and Radar from the show MASH, Murdock from The A-Team, Marty from Back to the Future, and Lucas from Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (Yay science nerds!)

Please review gently if I stink, though I already know it, but at least review! I've been feeling unappreciated again. It makes my day. Yes, I am that lame.

I will update this when I am awake again (which may take awhile but I hope not too long).

I took my "To-Be-Written" list off, because no one really cares. I have a lot of ideas, I JUST CAN'T REMEMBER THEM ALL! AHH! Also some ideas are too piecey, and not whole-story-workable. Yet. Some are just really bad.

I've come up with some good romance stuff, but... I'm just not really into that. Other people would probably really like it but I wouldn't. I love the whole friendship thing, but my stories will probably have nothing past occasional hugging. I don't know why. I came up with a wonderful Murdock/Amy thing (I know...weird) word-for-word, but never typed it. It's just too wrong to me. This stuff just always comes to me at random times and I usually toss them back. (Update: Egads! I actually posted a romance fic! Me! What has my life come to? Why am I sharing this? Did I really just say "egads?" Gaaa! Okay.) For some reason, I support the Josie/Lucas ship. Idunno why. I didn't for a long time. I've just become addicted to it in the last year, maybe. School is destroying my mind.

My to-write list is getting pretty long...I should get going on some of it! I just have severe writer's block. I seem to be just an idea person, not a writer, as two years of nothing posted proves. The ever increasing number of un-started stories is a good example of that too. Of course, when it comes to assignments...no ideas, great writing. Hmm. Actually, if I were able to use a you-talk-it-types thing in the shower...that would be just the thing (rambling.)

I don't even like writing! Just making the stories up in my head. Only this way I can finish them (yeah, right,) hear some good stuff to help my self-esteem (I hope,) provide y'all (my mom wants me to stop saying that) with some entertainment and enjoyment (again, I hope,) and stay sane (sort of) all at once! Yippee!

Okay...I guess that's all for now! ;

Oh, yeah, Everything's being redone, except for "Flights of Fancy" and "Lunch" but even they may be victim to my constant writing perfectionism (Ha.) So, read at your own risk. Haha. Ya, it's all old and bad. I'm serious.

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