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For the sake of keeping this space interesting, I am first and foremost an artist, a writer second. When I do write, it's typically long. Consider that a warning. :P I'm not much of a reader, especially these days, and yet I've been told I'm quite the writer. Take it with a grain of salt. Go figure that one out. :P

I can say one thing: when I do get around to watching or reading what ever it is that's on front of me, I have expectations. Fanfiction, I have particularly high expectations, since writers are taking some of my favorite characters in a specific universe, and writing something out of it. That, of course, includes myself.

So, given all this, I hope that whatever I write up here, I hope that it honors the characters and the universe they come from, and I hope that, in spite of shortcomings of my own, those who read my work will ultimately enjoy them.

Until then, Aegis signing off.


Tekken: Kings and Queens - What started as a warm up to get my writing groove back has since turned into a frickin' novel. :P And the worse part, this is taking longer to finish than I thought. Still haven't given up on it, just that updates are too slow. >> Oh well, hope to get a new chapter up soon. One year before the start of the story, the Mishima Zaibatsu and G-Corporation were both destroyed in what would be the final world war between the two corporations courtesy of Jin Kazama. The economy had suffered from the fallout, though still very much alive. While the war between the two companies and their PMCs are figments of the past, the world is still not quite at peace. From this backdrop, Jin Kazama, awakened from his coma after his latest attempt to save the world, now finds himself working with his hated father, Kazuya Mishima, with an offer that neither man could refuse. The assignment itself, while very important, seemed relatively simple enough: hire some muscle in the form of the Williams sisters, get into Soleil Inc, a genetics and pharmaceutical company, and the newest sponsor of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, seek out information, and procure the one thing that both men desired the most. A chance meeting with a mysterious woman simply named 'Hanako Yamada', however, made this job a little more complicated than either men first realized. Soon, father and son would find themselves wrapped in a conspiracy involving Hanako and Soleil Inc. Who is Hanako? What is this Soleil up to? As the old saying goes, 'history repeats itself', and things will eventually come full circle... whether they like it or not. (Status: ongoing)

Street Fighter: New Recruit - A quick little one shot I wrote while taking a momentary break between writing Kings and Queens. Years have past. An older, more experienced (and dare I say happier) Cammy is on the lookout for some fresh blood for Delta Red. Her interest perked the moment she laid eyes on one particular rookie - Avery Lewis. The man wasn't just tall; he was formidable even amongst experienced agents, and he has the foul temper to go with it. So foul was his mood and so strong was his might that practically everyone in MI6 was afraid of him, not even a single man or woman willing to stand up to the giant... except Cammy herself. Seizing the opportunity to get to know this new recruit better, not to mention teach him some manners, Cammy pulls rank and sets up a little sparring match between the titan and herself. Someone is definitely in over their head. The question is, who? (Status: completed)

Tekken: Papa I Adore - Mushy title, yes. A little distraction I am slowly putting together piece by piece. Takes place before the events of Kings and Queens, pretty much starts well before Tekken 4, and revolves around an OC that I created but didn't make the cut. If I'm ever in the mood, however, this OC may show up in a sequel to Kings and Queens. This thing is meant to be a short story three chapters long and should remain that way upon posting. :P It better be short. >> The woman then known as Hanako Yamada, one of many within Soleil's own Devil Gene experiments, recollects her childhood in Soleil, as well as her time in G-Corporation while raised under the wrathful eyes of Kazuya Mishima. (Status: ongoing)

Street Fighter: Lost Shadow - I don't know how long it will take me to finish either of my Tekken fics, and as of this writing, it's been a while. Then this idea came to mind and I decided as a warm-up to start writing this little thing up. Once again, it features an older Cammy White along with my OC, Avery in search of M.Bison/Vega/Dictator. Short story, was to be three chapters, turned into four, and looks like now it will be six chapters long. Hopefully I can still finish this. She thought she had buried the past, but a recording courtesy of Crimson Viper reopened old wounds and brought out old demons long buried. A vacation cut short, Cammy found herself heading to a remote island in search of Vega, a man she had thought dead for years. (Status: ongoing)

Tekken: In His Ashes - A new one short story! Hooray! Now I just gotta start finishing my other stuff before I get too distracted... again. The second Iron Fist Tournament had ended. Kazuya suddenly found himself wide awake inside an active volcano. How he was awake, he wasn't sure, at least not at first. As he awaited his death, an unexpected, and most hated visitor appeared before him... the cursed being known simply as Angel. (Status: completed)

Tekken: Beloved Child, Beautiful Angel - Been a awhile... an attempt to revive my writing. Angel and Devil meet one last time. It is the battle for Kazuya's soul... though will there even be anything left to save in the end? (Status: ongoing)

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