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Author has written 9 stories for Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Once Upon a Time, and Harry Potter.

My name is Reagan. I'm sixteen years old, female, and live in Pennsylvania, United States.

Writing is the only thing in this world that I want to do with my life. I created this account when I was thirteen, and so most of the stories here are immaturely written. I keep this account around, really, just for the stories to read, as I prefer ao3.

My fandoms have changed. Last time I updated this profile I was fourteen. My fandoms were Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. However, they are quite different now.

My new fandoms:

Hannibal (wasn't a huge fan of season three but devastated to see it canceled)

Supernatural (monstrously dedicated fan of 1 - 5, kept up until season 9 but can't stand it further)

Harry Potter (perfect all the way - the marauders era has a special place in my heart)

Once Upon a Time (season 4 was pretty good bc CS, but i hated the author storyline - i have no hope for this "dark swan" plot and will not be tuning in for season 5)

Daredevil (perfect through-and-through)

Marvel Cinematic Universe (no arguments here)

Lord of the Rings (always amazing)


My name is Reagan, again. I'm sixteen, female, and live in the USA as stated above. I'm an INFP, Slytherin, Dean!girl, and Will Graham!stan. I have general anxiety disorder, as well as some other things that I think may be wrong with me though I'm not entirely sure, and I'm in love with tattoos. I used to be the type of person who said either one of two things: "don't get a tattoo unless it means something to you" or "just don't get tattoos." Now, however, I love them, because I understand how much they can mean to somebody. However, I do find things like getting Bill Cosby, a cartoon ghost saying boo, or a beer bottle tattooed on yourself is just absolutely ridiculous. A tattoo doesn't have to be the death date of a family member to mean something to you, but it should mean something to you. I highly doubt a beer bottle tattoo that takes up your entire thigh is something you cherish rather than a mistake. However, I guess I could be wrong. Bottom line is, I like tattoos that are art.

If you're interested, my tumblr is @raiseddean, my 8tracks @deanwinchster, and my pintrest @willowinchester


I have four main otps that I love so much I'll drown with these ships, as well as other couples whom I absolutely love together but don't necessarily "love." The way I define what my true otps are and what are just ships I really, really love is by the amount of fanfiction I read for them.

For example, back when I was thirteen&fourteen on this site, I read 10/Rose fanfiction all. the. time. They were definitely my otp. I blame this on either not being caught up on seasons of shows for some more quality ships or just not watching better shows. Not that 10 and Rose are an unquality ship, but I definitely don't understand them being your otp if you've seen a good number of quality shows.

These are my big four:

Cherik = Charles and Erik from X-Men, Marvel

Sterek = Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf

Destiel = Dean and Castiel from Supernatural

Captain Swan = Killian Jones and Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time

I also enjoy Harry and Eggsy from Kingsman, Snow and David from Once Upon a Time, Scott and Allison from Teen Wolf, Sam and Gabriel from Supernatural (only in fanfiction though, i see no chemistry between them in the real show but when the author has free reign of their own plot, i actually really like Sabriel, if only as a background ship), Robin and Regina from Once Upon a Time, 10 and Rose from Doctor Who, 11 and Clara from Doctor Who (could've been an otp but i absolutely never read their fanfiction), Harry and Ginny from Harry Potter, Sirius and Remus from Harry Potter during the marauders era, and Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter.

The Big Four.

Cherik: I'll start with Cherik, because my story of shipping them is pretty different from the rest of them. I actually stumbled upon this ship with no real intention of it becoming an otp. I didn't ship them in the three X Men, and I'm not a huge comic reader or up on the knowledge from it, so I had no idea about their past friendship. In X-Men: First Class - which is in my top 5 for Marvel movies, btw - I thought they had great chemistry and was intensely surprised they never ended up in a relationship, considering that's how they seemed in the movie. I've loved Marvel since I was young and a little after that movie had just discovered ao3, so I was binge-reading anything I could find that was marvel related. Once story in particular was all of the marvel characters with no powers, in a modern-day high school setting, with the older adults (coulson, fury, azazel, etc) as teachers and staff. The story focused on the character's relationships and introspection, and was just really, really great, which is why I'm so upset that I can't find it. One of the ships was junior-Erik and sophomore-Charles. Their relationship was by far my favorite, which led me to kind of creep out of my fanfiction-less cave and slowly start to look through their stories. I was instantly in love with them, not just because of their incredible chemistry, but because the community that ships them produce hands down some of the most amazing works that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

I Prefer: Canon Compliant AU

If AU: My favorite kind of fanfiction for these two is anything in a modern-day setting where the still have their powers. I generally don't read high school fics, but they can be good.

Fic Rec: There are so many amazing ones out there, but the masked man (who has everything) is adorable, I love it to pieces.

Series Rec: I only keep up with four series for these two, but by far my favorite of them is the Daycare Verse. It's just so adorable and perfect. The writing, as per usual for this ship, is flawless, and honestly it's just a really great read. With 32 parts and a rounded 200,000 words. Enjoy.

Sterek: I fell in love with this ship through tumblr, and was instantly hooked. But I didn't watch Teen Wolf. I started the show and really tried to like it, to hold out so I could get the amazingness that was the Stiles/Derek bond, but couldn't. I just couldn't get hooked to the show, especially because of Stiles fixation with Lydia which was both unhealthy and weird. (also that's just text-book nerds loving populars that always happens in tv and almost never happens in real life) This is another fandom who just writes this ship so flawlessly. Honestly, I just don't understand how somebody can write this good and not make it their profession. Despite not getting through the show, I will ship these two til the end, and love their fanfiction.

I Prefer: Canon Compliant AU

If AU: I'm not sure why, but I really like those werewolves-are-known-and-have-human-slaves fics. (don't ask. just don't.) I really don't like the high school fics, because one of my favorite things about their relationship is not only the age difference but Derek's personality, which was shaped by all the bad things that have happened to him that end up not occurring because of the high school au.

Fic Rec: I really like bodies can be bought but the heart cannot be owned; only given freely. Coincidentally, it's in my favorite au style.

Series Rec:

will complete at a later time


If the story isn't finished, it never will be. I'm sorry. My writing style has changed dramatically since I was thirteen, and I have no desire to pick up any of these stories. My sincerest apologies, truly. I still get private messages and comments about the stories, so if you ever - for some reason - wanted to know what I was going to do or where to take the story, I can send you any notes I still have or write you a detailed description.

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