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Hey There! Name's Dan

Gender: Male
Location: New Jersey, USA
Age: 20
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Ethnic background: be more specific Vietnamese... to be even more specific South Vietnamese
Writing Style: If you haven’t noticed by now, I usually write using "..." known as ellipses... it links thoughts and sentences very well and I'll use it heavily in my fics and reviews.
Things I like: Anime, strategy games, RPG's, swords, reading fanfiction -good ones, Linkin Park, sleeping, condy (sweets), comedy stand-ups, anime songs, staying on the wired (net/internet) all day long.
Aspiration: No, I don't want to be an author when I grow up. Although I would like to go into the video gaming industry or working on making animes (plotline development), I will unfortunately or fortunately become a Pharmacist. Because as it is: Doctor = money... which ultimately means Dr. BladesDeath O_o
Things I want changed in INDENTATIONS! Why can't I have them!? No tab thing, no manual space bar spacing, and for heavens sake why doesn't that indentation button on Quick Edit WORK! What's the point in having a meaningless button, that doesn't do anything but piss me off! Anywho, just ask is for FF. net to put back the indentation effect; it formats a story so I can actually want to read it. -And Don't get me on my rampage against the ban of interactive fics and cool nice special effects formats... like ~_ and other cool buttons... screw the page line.

Update 10/09/08

Ummm...yea its about a good 2 years since I said I was going to update on this, and umm...sorrai? :p In any case, I have been working on a Remastered version of Unknown Love. I have the first 8 or so chapter's "rewritten" to reflect my current and more mature way way of thinking. However some unintended roadblocks lie ahead of me as I guess I need to smoothen out the plot by not making it too umm... cliche (and for lack of better words, "stupid") since I wrote the fic some 4 to 5 years ago :p So until then, I will continue my work in my free time. Strangely, my fanfiction hiatus starts with joining up in the forums of, and just as I'm about to leave (after 4 yrs in there) I want to come back with a big finish here.

Also, where are my indentations, dammit! :p

Update 9/02/06

So here I am in year 2006. I like to say I'm still alive and well and also in my first year of college. True to say I might not have time or inspiration to ever write for fanfiction again, but if you know me, my true skill lies in critiquing stories and giving suggesting to make other stories the best they can be. Also, I will give an update on Unknown Love by giving it a face-lift by fixing the grammatical and mechanical errors in my youth days. The main plot line will stay, but I plan to adjust it in a way so thats more professional manner and may give the reader a better read-to-emotion understanding. Though I will hate there not being any indentations as placed in the years I wrote the fic ago...alas I figure that life isn't fair. So thats it. Send a PM some time, it'll make me feel loved. :P

The rest of the Bio is in a completly random order so...


Yes, yes I am a manager of a C2 community what not. It's at
and it's about the best NC Zoid fics out there. And yeah it differs from my personal top ten zoids list... mine includes Rated R and has different rules...

So here are the rules that I didn't have room it type in...

-Be a New Century Fic in any way or form -Have a completed fic or have a fic that would seem to be done -One-shot, poem, muti-chapter, humor... hey I read them all...-Unfortunately no Rated R. It is restricted by to have rated R in the C2s. ( I know, its dumb)-Format must readable... meaning no one big paragraph as entire chap... space it out peeps...

And congrats to the people who have made it thus far. You people will obviously go far in life with your writing skills. You are the pride of this place...


Okay for starters Zoids are soooo cool! I've been reading them since September 2003 like crazy! So obsession? Hell yeah! I especially love the New Century Zoid series for some reasons that are unbeknownst (sp?) to me, but I think it has to do with the Bit/Leena thing... I'm a real B/L fan till the very end... I mean Harry? He can go to hell for all I care...



All right here's the explanation of how this works...I've been reading A LOT, I mean lots of Zoid fics out there. Especially Bit and Leena fics (sorry I don't read that many of GF or CC Fics that grab my attention or that’s any good…try to recommend me some) I've read about all the Bit/Leena fics out there from the very beginning of the now 2,000 stories on the net which is a hell lot - probably reading about over 15,000 Pages or about 900 to 1300 different fanfics (which is way more than a human should be reading btw) From Rated R to G, I know a hell lot of stories out there. Yes, including the lemony ones, the one-shots, to weirdest and most stupid fanfics out there, the horror fics that are so disturbing it makes me shiver to what the author was thinking. the times where even the authors can't write for crap and even more...

So try not to question my authority cause I know and wasted my life on a lot of useless stuff and also if I didn't review I'm sorry, cause if it was a B/L story I've probably read it There's a good chance I probably read it before my pen name existed and before me personally knowing how the review thingies/system worked.

Okay…this is how I rate stories. There are no exceptions to the rules:

-Have a story in progress (updated within the last three months) or have a completed story
-Have a story more than 5,000 Fanfiction words short stories don’t usually make an impression on me too much even though I do read them
-Not be a some kind of one shot fic sorry but those will not be considered
-Have a twisted/good plot (I mean seriously, this is the ten top)
-The story is in English I don’t feel like translating in my head or using the computer (wording messed up)
-Have no other anime or any other plots significantly mixed. For an example have Gundam Wing being mixed in with the Zoids plot. aka "crossovers."

! added/made-up characters are okay!

This it strictly MY OPINION on what the best is...

So without further delay here it is:

1.) Premonition by Kitai Matsuru

2.) Waiting for You by Tempest Child

3.) Past Best Forgotten by Kitai Matsuru

4.) Becoming a Better Me by Sakura Scout

5.) Twisted Fate by Heavens Angel 15

6.) Rebel Love by Mirrlynn (pka Kitten Star)

7.) Shards by Peccavi (pka Nyight)

8.) In my Arms by Tempest Child

9.) Loves Arrow by Aurora626

10.) Dark side of the Moon by Mark Kallan

(pka-previously known as)

Last Updated April 23, 2004

All of these listings may be subjected to change like if I find a better fics or if one story doesn’t update for awhile and etc

To all of these stories they are simply the BEST on the net. This would also includes the stories at Throughout all my readings and finding all of these are all a MUST READ; especially the top five. And yes, they are simply that good. I congratulate everyone who made it on this list. I’ve read it all from the okay one-shots, to the worst piece of crap on the net, to ones where I wish it ended but never have.

And remember, it’s just simply my opinion, so if you don’t like my list, simply make your own. But at least read all of those selected because I bet at least several of these stories will be on your list if you're a Zoid Fic Fan Fanatic. (lols...the things I say)

So thats that, I have shorten my bio considerably by cutting some useless stuff, but that's it.

Later people,
BladesDeath out...

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Zoids - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,220 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 9/4/2004 - Published: 8/27/2004 - Bit C., Leena T.
Unknown Love reviews
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