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Hi, everyone, and thanks for taking the time to stop by my profile. The name's BassDS, and while I have gone through SEVERAL names, and some very stupid, might I add, this one has stuck to me since 2005 when I joined DeviantART. During that time, I was just getting into the Mega Man series, Battle Network 4 (One of the most hated installments by fan, but enjoyable to me), one of the several installments of the Mega Man Battle Network series, and I immediately loved the character of Bass.EXE, the BN counterpart of the Bass from the Mega Man Classic series. I also enjoyed the concept of the DS Net Navis within the game, and was disappointed when Bass didn't have a DS form to fight against; so that's what led me to recreate the username I've been synonymous with over the years.

And now that brings me to why I'm here on Fanfiction.Net. I'm a fan of many games, anime, manga, etc, especially those that have two characters who make a great looking couple, and it's even better when the pairing between the two is canon. And if they aren't canon, well, there's some pretty sad pandas in the room. (I'm looking at you, Digimon 02 Epilogue...) But NONE of my favorite pairings of any fandom has been shipped more passionately than that of Geo Stelar and Sonia Strumm from the Mega Man Star Force games; the spiritual successors of the Battle Network series.

October 8th, 2007 was when it all started. I had just recently 100% the first game in the series, and due to some influence from a close friend that I brother banded in the game with, I was just drawn to write a story taking place after the first game, and wanting to pair the two most obvious characters that would make for a great couple: Geo Stelar and Sonia Strumm. Thus, Star Lovers appeared that day on FF.Net, despite my grammar being so poor and the chapters extremely short (a paragraph and a half for the first two chapters, I believe.), people were just drawn to it and adored the story.

Since then, I made installments within my Star Lovers series, taking place after each of the next two games, before creating a small side story that led to the climax of the fourth and final installment.

By late 2010, I had come a long way author-wise from where I originally began. I wrote more properly, and I had so many ideas. Looking back on my original works, there were several inconsistencies created during my amateur days, to be honest, it was a bit painful to read, fact of the matter was, I sucked back then compared to how I was at that time, and how I am now. Originally, I wanted to rewrite every installment and link them up together with an over-arching plot that led to a big finale; the project was aptly named Star Lovers: Final Mix, the idea taken from the Japanese-Only re-releases of Kingdom Hearts I and II, with those games having additional content and more pieces to the overall story. Sadly, that didn't pan out too well, and the project looked to be on hold. It wasn't until the next year that I decided to forgo the idea of re-writing the originals, and I chose to go a new route: creating a completely new series, while maintaining certain elements that happened in the originals; at that point, I decided to classify the original Star Lovers installments as prototypes, and chose to make the new project the story that should have always happened, making it take place AFTER the entire Star Force series, allowing me to build on my own ideas, and when the time called for it, incorporating events from the games to best suit my needs, and bringing these two characters together in a very special way, and thus, discarding the Final Mix title and taking on part of the translated name from the original name Star Force used in Japan, Shooting Star Lovers was born.

After coming all this way, until the end, I plan on bringing the best Mega Man Star Force stories I can create to the fans of the series, and to those that have enjoyed my work over the years. One day I may even spread out to another of my favorite fanons, but until then, if the fans want Mega Man Star Force along with Geo and Sonia together, then they're going to get it.

I've created a C2 that will house many Geo x Sonia-centered stories that others have written, for which I've aptly named the pairing of these two characters; StarHeart Shipping. It's in bit of a mess right now, but I plan on getting it up and running once again.

StarHeart Shipping

Bare in mind there ARE several odd things with the C2, it was created for another pairing I enjoyed back in the day, but since FF.Net doesn't let you completely delete any old C2, it had to be converted, so its listed as existing back in 2005 with 28 followers...with perhaps a good half of those being from the old C2 fanon, so feel free to ignore that.

You can also reach me on my DeviantART page. I'm doing my best to improve on my artwork, cause let's be honest, I want to be good and get good enough to where I can portray Geo and Sonia in a visual sense. You know the old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words.


I also plan on creating Let's Plays of games that I enjoy to play, with a good majority being from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, but that doesn't mean Mega Man will be missing out either. I'm currently in the middle of planning my return to Youtube, so until then, this spot will remain blank.


And finally, if you ever want to get in touch and ask me questions, feel free to hit up my Twitter account. I'll mostly use it for Youtube-related material, but I'll also post updates for all of my stories there, so feel free to follow me if you desire to; I'm not forcing you.


This is BassDS, Logging out!

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