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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Titans, and Dragon Ball Z.
Hi, I'm K.Blacre and welcome to, uh, hi! Well anyway, here are my fics below. I can asure you, I'm not that good of a writer.

Things about ME:
-I'm seventeen, on my way to eighteen.
-I'm a crazy-ass, white female with problems(and don't forget it!).
-I'm not a social person so this is my way of meeting people(what, it's not a crime).
-I was writing a novel and it was like a thumbnail(width) from being published(and that was in my sophmore year).

I one day wish to become a well-known author of fantasy novels and to do that, I've decided to start here. So, when you read, you'll be helping out my future career by reviewing so please do. Anyway, enough of that bullcrap.

I mainly watch Dragonball/Z/GT so a lot of my fics will be based on that. I like to add new races and characters to all my fics, but some might stick with the original characters of my chosen topic. I LOVE vampires so expect those a lot. I might put in stories from other things, too like Dragonlance (love that), Teen Titans (maybe), and any others I decide to take for a spin. No matter what it is, I'll add something new to every one of my fics (fair warning). I usually can't stick with one fic so I might juggle a few at one time. I also like "the dark side" so my stories will always have a feature somewhere and they'll usually have some romantic element to them whether or not that's one of the main genres or not. Also, you might catch references or even meet some of the characters I'm planning to professionally write about. Don't worry, I'll tell you if I do.

Fav Couples:
Bra, Goten
Trunks, Pan
ChiChi, Goku
Vegeta, Bulma
Krillin, 18
Marron, Uub
Goku, ChiChi
(I might not always stick with this but a few of the couples will always stay the same though I can't guarantee which ones at which time)

Teen Titans-
Starfire, Robin
Raven, OC
Beastboy, (I'm sure he has someone out there)

(I'll just stick with the main pairings but Dalamar LOOK OUT!)

Sometimes I might add songs to my fics and make a reference to the artist and writers responsible for them. With every new race or character I add will come an explanation within the fic itself so pay attention. I don't usually do same sex couples, but who knows, I might try something new.

Well, for the most part I think I hit everything that counts. Just enjoy the fics and please review (all reviews are welcome except ones that totally shoot the fic down).

Thanks everyone for the reviews I got. I've probably said it before but you guys sooooo rock!

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