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Hello there, this is Rachel! Thank you for moseying over to my profile and eventually or hopefully reading my stories. I believe it is safe to say sadly, that after my two first stories, there will be no updating. I am sorry, its been years since they have been updated and I don't believe I have any power to ressurrect them. I may try too when life is a little more calmer.

Right now I am doing that basic college student lifestyle: school, working, homework for ever, but minus the partying adding on church and all various ministries I serve in that...and somehow managing time with my dearest family and friends who are so patient with my insane schedule. I am an assitiant preschool teacher at a christian school. I love working with kids!! I work with kids probably more than any parent cares to admit. I am with them six sometimes seven days a week. My church has retreats for the kids and I am a faithful chaprone who mostly loses her voice as she leads in singing on the way. I have two half jobs...I am american's most wanted babysitter (I get parents who actually fight over me and reserve me months in advance, shesh) and I am a photographer. I love taking pictures and playing with them so much! I do anything from baby showers, wedding showers, portraits, and I believe one of my good photographer friends is enlisting me to do a wedding with her. I call babysitting and photography my two half jobs because the work isnt stable like the other two.

When I am not studying, babysitting, or hanging with friends I love to spend a night writing. I love writing in journals, writing letters to people, or just making stories. I have a really funky memory that can remember basically everyone's birthdays. I still can remember my 3rd grade teacher's birthday to this, twevle years later. My friends enjoy playing a game where everyone sits in a circle and I have to go around saying everyone's birthday and middle name. Those two things just stick with me the most. So anyways, I use my gifted memory (I sound a bit concieted, don't I?) to hand make cards for birthdays and anniversaries. I call it Only Because Of His Love being that I can only love on people because God loved me first.

I also lloooovveee scrapbooking. For people's presents I love putting together scrapbook frames of pictures I have of them. They have been a great success, the first one I ever made was for a girl at work for Christmas, she ended up crying. I actually have three I need to make for the next two weeks.'s so much fun!: )

I love listening to music...however my playlist is probably way different then your average twenty year old. I have a few songs that have words but most of them have the instruments do all the talking. I absolutely LOVE soundtrack scores (as I write Im listening to the best of James Newton Howard scores of M. Night Shymalan movies) I love classical, instruemental music. If you add piano with a few dramatic strings I am bound to be smitten. This music is powerful enough to draw every creative fiber of my being. The way I come up with stories is listen to an instrumental piece, close my eyes, and imagine what scene would go with that music and usaully a whole story line is born.

Someday when the timing is right, I want to get married and have kids. I am no where near ready to have a relationship, let alone a family. I have so much internal work to do before I even consider having another boyfriend. The first and only relationship I have ever been in had a heartbreaking end and even more painful reprecussions but it brought to light my weakenesses. I do not want to enter a relationship with some issues fine tuned.

Just so you know-

I allow anoymous reviews but I do not like them only because I cannot click on your pen name and read your stuff. I love reading fellow readers entries for entertainment but also inspiration and help.

If you know of any good Lucas angsty stories let me know. I really like the dramatic ones. I'm not much into the relationships he has in the show, I think he could do a lot better then anyone he's been paired up, but if I had choose...I guess Peyton and him work. I kind of hestiant because I don't like they went behind Brooke's back through it all but I defintely don't like Brooke and him because she's not serious and grounded like him. I absolutely love his friendship with Haley. I have guys in my life like that. I also like when Nathan and Lucas interact. So if you or someone you know has a story of Lucas with a good deal of angst, send them my way. Stories that deal with his HCM or anything else like that...drives me crazy that the show kept it so casual. Anywhoo...

Anywhoo...if I haven't scared you yet, continue down to my stories. Like I said only the top two are still be actively written. I am really liking how "His Greatest Loss" is coming so it has all my focus right now. Thank you for reading! : D

Lemme know if you got something you want me to read...I love getting inspiration from fellow writers! : ) Have a happy day! : )

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