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I told you all that I was going to be a busy little bee! ;) I am 12 chapters into Unexpected Beginning, updated Harry Potter and the Love Letter and a new update is in the works, and I also started a new story in the Once Upon a Time fandom; Quest for Merlin. Writing will begin to slow down due to school starting back for me on 8/5/15 (teachers only). The kids will be back on the 10th and the updates won't be coming as I would like them. :( I would like to thank you all again for sticking with me even though I don't shoot the updates out as fast as you all would like. Thank you for all the alerts/favorites/reviews. They all are appreciated!



Again, I haven't posted anything in forever! Very sorry, the rehearsals and the shows took up all my time and energy! Now that my Kindergarten students had their awards program and the show is over, I can focus back on my writing! Yay! I have updated Unexpected Beginning. I have another update for that one coming soon; very soon! Harry Potter and the Love Letter is in the works. I am almost finished with that chapter and will post it soon! Yes, I am one busy little bee and I have to keep buzzing along. :) Thank you all again for all the favorites/alerts/reviews! All are deeply appreciated!



Wow! Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. Lots of things happened to me since the last post. I lost my only grandfather I had left in January, I was recently casted in a musical in my local community theater that I was waiting to be a part of since I was 10 years old, and of course teaching 26 5/6 year olds in Kindergarten is not an easy task either. I am just now updating Harry Potter and the Love Letter! I know it took...forever! I apologize for being so slow with updates but I don't know when I will be able to write again being that rehearsals are starting soon. I will write when I can and post when the update is complete. Please excuse chapter 7 of Harry Potter and the Love Letter. It is very rough and I wanted to get the update to you because y'all waited for so long. Don't worry, I will edit it then repost it. Thank you all again for your continuing supply of favorites/alerts/reviews! They are deeply appreciated and now it is back to writing for now until I hit another speed bump on the road of life. :)



I have a new story that has been up since August 30th and it is "Unexpected Beginning"! It is another Once Upon a Time fanfic. It has two chapters up already and I'm almost finished with the third! Harry Potter and the Love Letter: The Beginning is proving to be a pain in my backside! Chapter 7 is a challenge! I would like to thank those fans for having a lot of patience with me! Thank you all again for all the favorites/alerts/reviews! They are appreciated deeply and now it is back to writing for me! :)



Well, I did it again...not update this in a while. :( I have some new stories posted; The Mummy: End of Days, and Letters Through Time! I have another story in the process that someone requested for a friend's birthday that will be posted at the end of this month. It is another Once Upon a Time fanfic entitled Unexpected Beginning. Thank you all for all your reviews/favorites/alerts. I appreciate it and I am eternally grateful. Well, back to writing for me. :)



Maleficent: My Life and Times is finished! The sequel/in-between-quel, Becoming Maleficent is up but it's only the first chapter. To the Harry Potter fans, I started back on Love Letter and I've revised Tales of the Marauders and Friends. This new story will be titled The Unknown Marauder. I am in full Love Letter and Unknown Marauder mode so updates will be coming soon! Now that I'm off for the summer, I can do many many updates! :) Thank you all for the favorites/alerts/reviews! You are all appreciated and I will bef eternally grateful. Well, back to writing for me. You Harry Potter fans need some updates! :)



Wow! It's been since November since my last post here! Note to self, don't do that again! Love Letter is going through the rewriting process. I have hit a couple snags, but I'm going through it. Chapters 1-4 have been updated. DO NOT READ PAST CHAPTER 4!!! The other chapters have nothing to do with what happened in chapter 4! Thank you all again for the favorites and alerts. Appreciated deeply and I so love the reviews! Hopefully, I will not let any of you down with what I am going for in this story. :)



The wait is over!!! I present to you, Wedding of a Lifetime Chapter 1! I also present to you, Tale of the Marauders and Friends Chapter 1! I'm a busy bee right now trying to give you updates while I am off for the Thanksgiving holidays. :) Go check it out and let me know what you think. :) Thank you all for bearing with me for so long with no updates. I don't want you guys to think I abandoned Love Letter because I didn't. Real life is being a pain in my butt right now. :( Thanks again, for all your favorites/alerts/reviews! I love you all to pieces!



Well, my computer decided to go cuckoo and delete what I wrote on Wedding of a Lifetime! Oh, I was so upset! Don't worry, I rewrote it and I'm back on course! :) I'm hoping I can write some more on it tonight. I really want to give something to you and right now, it's not happening. :( Go check out Tale of the Marauders and Friends which is a novella companion to Wedding of a Lifetime. I should have chapter 1 on that one up soon. :) Thank you all again for bearing with me. Sorry it is taking so long. :(



Well, my mind really did take a vacation! I have been in a rut for over a month! Finally, I'm writing more on Wedding of a Lifetime! It should be coming soon. Can't really give a time frame, but it is coming soon. ;) Check your email; you might have a surprise over the weekend. ;)



Couple of the Century is finished! Posted the last chapter two days ago! Taking a much needed break at the moment before I begin writing on Wedding of a Lifetime. School is in back in session for this Kindergarten teacher, so that means updates will be less frequent. Thank you all so much for being patient with me. It means so much to have devoted readers and reviewers. Will be writing soon, but right now, I need a break! My mind needs some R&R (rest and relaxation). For those of you who know me, my mind and imagination never take a break! :) So that means, I'll be back to writing very soon. ;) Thank you all (signed and anonymous reviewers)! 574 reviews and still counting! Love you all! This all means so much to me.



Love Letter has been updated! Go check it out! Working on Chapter 16 as we speak. It will take a while being it is the last chapter in Couple of the Century. Thank you all that has been keeping up with this series. 560 reviews and still counting! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) Remember, this series is still a work in progress. I will be going back and fixing some issues. Part 1 still has an issue that I skipped over that needs to go back and get addressed (the new Unforgivable). After Couple of the Century is finished, I will be working on those issues then start on Wedding of a Lifetime. Thanks to all of you (signed in and anonymous reviewers). I value everyone's opinion because that's what makes a better writer. It is appreciated deeply.



It is wise for those who've read the Love Letter series to go back and read it again. I have added a new chapter 4 to the Beginning and it will help clear up some confusion and Lady-Cougar-Trombone, yes, chapter 29 is an old posting due to the new chapter in the Beginning it pushed all the old material down a chapter. Sorry for the delay but I am now back on track with Couple of the Century! The rewriting process is over!!! Now I'm off to work on chapter 13. :)



Love Letter is currently being rewritten. I have too many people telling me how it needs to happen and I can't have it. Too many of you want me to hurry up and put Harry and Hermione together. I am writing it over to how I want it written. No one will influence me to do anything that I don't want. Also, there will be another chapter added explaining why time isn't speeding up for those that are still not understanding the time thing. I apologize for any inconvenience. I just want this story to be how I want it. Again, I apologize for your inconvenience.



I want to address something. My stories on this site is not the final product, so they are in a rough draft. Yes, something maybe repeated. The characters are out of character because I am not following canon. I don't like canon so that's why I am writing Love Letter to change the events that happened in canon. All authors make mistakes even J.K Rowling. No telling how many times she wrote Harry Potter until she got it the way she wanted. I write my original work different than what I am doing with my fanfictions on this site. Love Letter was written five times before it became what it is now (Sorceress's Staff, Staff of Merlin, Deathly Hallows: A Retake original and the rewritten version) so, it is still a rough copy. I am listening to all of your comments. I am waiting until couple of the Century is finished so I can address the problem areas in both stories before I write Wedding of a Lifetime. Thank you all again for all reviews. They are appreciated.


Chapter 12 of Love Letter: Couple of the Century has been posted! I'm now over 500 reviews and still counting! Thank you all for reading my story and for putting on your favorites and alerts. The only way I can thank you all is to keep on dishing out the updates. :) Working on the next chapter as we speak. It is already proving to be a challenge. :( No fear, it will not take as long as chapter 12 did *fingers crossed for good luck*



Will be on vacation until Thursday, hopefully a change of scenery will spark the creative juices. :)


Jee Wiz! I'm doing it again! Sorry for not updating this thing in over a month! I injured my right wrist...don't know how but I did it. So, that is why I haven't updated anything in so long. Go check out my new song fiction, If I Never Knew You. It is with Sirius and Lauren! Also, should I write a story that explains how the Mauraders, Lily, and Lauren met and everything that happened between them up til that dreaded Halloween night? PM or review the song fic with your answer. I'm debating whether to do that or a quick explanation in Love Letter. Thank you guys and gals for all the reviews/favs/alerts. 470 reviews and counting for Love Letter! Super excited about that! Keep an eye out for me! I should be updating Love Letter soon. ;)



Jeez! I haven't updated this thing in a month! I want to ask a question. Should I make Love Letter the Beginning and Couple of the Century under one title as Harry Potter and the Love Letter or should I keep it the way it is? I'm putting a poll up, but if you don't want to do the poll, shoot me a PM to tell me what I should do. Thanks for everything!



Oh good lord! I've haven't updated since November! I'm very sorry. I'm in some sort of block right now that I can barely write on anything! I hope my muse returns to me soon! I want to send you guys an update, but at the moment...I'm stuck! Please forgive me. I promise the next updates will be to your satisfaction. ;)

Thanks again for making my stories so successful. Oh! Go check out Send Me A Song. That is my newest songfiction on this site! Well, I'm going to go attempt to write something. Hope it works...*crosses fingers*



Wow! I seriously didn't update this profile in that long. Sorry! I have Chapter 3 of Love Letter: Couple of the Century up and running! Go check out! With my job and one year old taking up most of my time, writing has become extremely hard for me. Please bear with me. I'm doing the best I can to get updates out. During my Thanksgiving break, I'm committing myself to do some serious updates on all my stories.

Thanks again for making my stories so successful.



Good news everyone! I'm currently writing the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Love Letter: Couple of the Century. In this chapter, I'm going to tie up the bulk of the loose ends that the last story left then go with the new material. Keep a look out for me. I may have this chapter up soon. :)

Thanks again for help making this story so successful.



I finally posted up the last chapter for Harry Potter and the Love Letter: The Beginning! I made it before the electricity got cut off! Thank you all so much for favoriting the story, reviewing, and favoriting me! It is greatly appreciated.

Right now, I'm taking a much needed break then I will start back up again on the sequel. Thank you all again, and I'll see you for Harry Potter and the Love Letter: Couple of the Century. :)



The only thing I hate about living in Louisiana is hurricanes. The update is coming along so well, and I think I will finish it tonight but Hurricane Issac is about to hit us., I don't know how long I will be without internet. I'm doing the best I can to hurry up and have it up for you. I don't want to rush it and it would be bad. I want to give you my best, and that's why you are all waiting for it. I'm sorry for being OCD...XD

Thank you all for your patience. I promise it won't be much longer. :)



Chapter 15 has been posted for some time now, and I'm one review shy from 370 reviews! I can't thank you all enough for help making this story so successful. I'm working on Chapter 16 which is the epic finale of Book 1.

I know you guys want an update so badly. I'm trying the best I can. Work is overwhelming for me right now that I can't even write when I come home because I'm very exhausted, and I go to bed early now. My son was sick with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease making this the second time to have it. It was in his mouth, and he was miserable! So, my husband and I took care of him. He's feeling much better now, thank goodness! So, yeah, I was extremely busy lately. I'm working on the update, but I don't know how long it will take me. I don't want to say a time then go over the deadline. All I'm asking for is patience. As long as we're all patient, the faster I'll have it up. :)

Thank you all again for the favorites/alerts/reviews! You make this chick very warm and fuzzy. Just remember, I'm trying my best to finish this update soon. :)



Chapter 14 of Harry Potter and the Love Letter: The Beginning has been up for some time, and this story has 335 reviews! I'm super excited! Working on Chapter 15, and it's going to be a long chapter with nothing but letters. Yes, I know you all want the letters back, so they will be.

To my Mad About You fans, the story is posted on www dot yourfanfiction dot com. Red Queen's Revenge is on there as well.

Being that I'm a school teacher, I start back tomorrow, so I don't know how the updates will be coming. Hopefully, I can still do it fast like I have been. All I'm asking for is patience. I know you guys are loving Love Letter: The Beginning, and want to read more of it; however, my job comes first then writing. I promise you that I will try the best I can to update fast. I hope I can. :)

Thank you for all the favorites/alerts/reviews! You give me the boost I need to continue writing. :) Love you, all.



I have Harry Potter and the Love Letter: The Beginning and Mad About You (lemons included) on yourfanfiction dot com. I'm in the process of getting my stories on that site as well so I can have my stories on multiple sites. Thank you all for your support and for all reviews/favorites/alerts. I appreciate them and Chapter 14 is getting close to the end. I should have an update coming very soon. :)



I now have some of my stories on yourfanfiction dot com. As of now, I only have Harry Potter and the Love Letter on there. I'm slowly putting up Mad About You, and Alice in Wonderland: Red Queen's Revenge. I'll let you know when I have them posted. As of now, it's just Love Letter: The Beginning. I'm working on Chapter 14 right now, but it's rather slow at the moment. I'm glad it's going slow so I can make sure it's how I want it plus with the letters you have been missing.



Since no one went to my forum, I deleted it. Anyway, Harry Potter and the Love Letter: The Beginning reached over 300 reviews! I'm so excited! I want to thank you all for making this story so successful. Go to my facebook page to check out pictures of my covers for my next installments plus more inspiration pics and spoilers! Yes, a picture of the desk is on there, so you get to see the desk first hand. Again, thank you to all the dedicated reviewers and to new comers who are just joining this story. Everything you say in your reviews are deeply appreciated and are taken to heart. It is you all that help me be a better writer. Now, I'm going write more to show you guys and gals my appreciation for you. I promise the letters will be in the last few chapters. I will no longer go mushy in this chapter, I promise. :)



I have a forum up with a challenge and here's the link to it:

As you can tell with the title of Harry Potter and the Love Letter, it is now part 1 of a series. It is now called Harry Potter and the Love Letter: The Beginning. The titles for the other books are: Couple of the Century, Wedding of the Century, and New Life. Yes, I'm going to do years 5, 6, and 7 as well. Harry Potter and the Love Letter is so popular right now, and I have many people asking me if I'm going to continue this. Yes, I am, and when it's finished, it's finished. Thank you all for making this new series such a big success. I'm not posting the sequel until this current story is finished. Hopefully, it will be soon. :)

I had one Deathly Hallows: A Retake fan contact me saying how they were upset about me removing that story. I did it for a reason. Everything I had planned for that story is going to happen in my Love Letter series. Some of those plans are happening in this current story, in book 2, some in book three, and the rest in book 4. So, Deathly Hallows: A Retake is still being written, but under a new name, and in segments. Thank you all for your continuing support for this story. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate it, so I just write more updates to show my appreciation. :)

Check out the forum whoever wants to take on a writing challenge(s)!



Wow! I haven't updated this in a while. I'm going to be removing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: A Retake very soon. Since I'm planning to make Harry Potter and the Love Letter as Part One of a series, the plot for the entire series will pretty much do what I'd planned on doing in DH A Retake. I will be posting a forum soon that will be filled with ideas that I have in the form of challenges. So, look out for that! I might go back to it, or I might not. Harry Potter and the Love Letter has taken a life of its own, and I am going to continue it as Part 1 of a Post Hogwarts Series. I'm still undecided at what the name of the series will be. You will see the changes when I make my decision.

I want to address some issues some people have with how I have the Love Letter going. I didn't bring in the Death Eaters because I want them to cause havoc on everyone. Draco handed Harry the key to bring them all to justice as a peace offering plus for Draco's character development. I know that the Death Eaters wouldn't come out on their own. I didn't do that. The Death Eaters were planning on letting the Wizarding World know that they're still there, and can still do damage. That's why they attacked the Royal Family, and in Diagon Alley weeks later. Death Eaters are all captured, and will no longer be a henderance on the Wizarding World. I'm calling Letum per Somnus a new Unforgivable because its worse than Avada Kedvra, but it's only lethal to Muggle Borns. It will be explained more thoroughly in Chapter 12 which is currently in the writing stage. I try to please everyone, but as we all know, you can't please everybody.

I have a forum up with a challenge ready to go! Please go check it out!

Thank you for reviews/favorites/alerts. They are all appreciated deeply. Keep a look out for me. I'm just full of surprises. ;)



Harry Potter and the Love Letter reached the 200 review mark! I'm so excited! Go check out my facebook page to see pictures of inspirations in the Love Letter (cover, back cover, animagus, Yule Ball dress). Also, if any of you are wondering if I write my own stories with my own characters, yes I do. I have a fictionpress account under the same name here. I have one story so far. Only the prologue is written due to being overwhelmed with Love Letter, and writing in first person is extremely hard. :S Thank you all for the reviews/favorites/alerts. It's deeply appreciated. I should have Chapter 10 of Love Letter finished by this evening, and posted. You all know I always have tricks up my sleeve. ;)



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: A Retake is on temporary hiatus. Harry Potter and the Love Letter is SO successful at the moment that I'm going to focus on that one for now. To my DH A Retake fans, I'm sorry for doing this. But, whenever HP and the Love Letter slows down, I'm going to jump back on DH A Retake, and go full swing! Thank you all for your reviews/favorites/alerts. Thank you for even putting ME on alert! It is appreciated. Keep me on the look out; you all know how I'm full of surprises. ;)



I posted the revised version of Mad About You Parts 1-3 Chapter 2. So far it has only one review...yikes! I guess without those lemon scenes it sucks! Sorry guys, I'm removing it. I can't continue to delete those lemon scenes when I really want them in there. I can't post this story on this site, but I will be posting it on another site. I'm not sure yet, but I will let you know. In the meantime, I'm working on HP and the Love Letter. I should be finishing that chapter soon. Keep a look out for me! Thank you again for your patience with me!



I am removing Mad About You due to it's rating actually being a MA rating which is not allowed on this site. I'm also removing Red Queen's Revenge due to it's rating being MA instead of a M. I'm going to be rewritting those to fit the M rating then repost them as I update them. Sorry that I'm removing so many of my stories but it has to be done. I don't want my account removed due to not reading the rules all the way through. I will, however, post my MA rated stories on another fanfiction site. Will let you know when I do it. Thank you all for being patient with me and for reading my stories. Thank you for your support during this time. Be sure to keep a look out for me. I will have LOADS of updates coming.



I removed Harry Potter and the Sorceress's Staff and Staff of Merlin because I'm going to be rewriting those two stories after I finish DH A Retake, Love Letter, and Mad About You. I'm going to be updating those stories to my current writing style. Those stories were written when I was just starting out and when I was starting to develop into the writer I am today. The story Staff of Merlin is not abandoned it just got put on the back burner and I forgot about it. I've also removed Blanche's Surprise and Scream the Final Massacre because I don't have any ideas for them plus I don't have time to write on them. Note to self, stop writing new material before you finish a previous story. Wait until you're finished with one then start on a new one. Again, I'm still looking for someone to draw up a picture for me of 21 year old Harry writing a letter on a desk with 15 year old Hermione writing a letter on the same desk. PM me if you are interested. Thanks for all your reviews/favs/alerts. It is appreciated and updates are coming soon! Keep a look out for me ;)


I posted a new story titled Harry Potter and the Love Letter! Go check that out when you get a chance. To all you artists out there, I'm looking for someone to draw a picture for me of Harry in 2001 writing on a desk with 4th year Hermione writing on the same desk. PM me if you are interested in doing it. It will be deeply appreciated! Deathly Hallows: A Retake is coming along well. I'm working on Chapter 7 as we speak. Wow, I haven't updated this profile in a long time! Again, keep a look out for me. I'm just full of surprises! ;)


I'm getting close to ending Chapter 5 for Deathly Hallows: A Retake. I should have it posted up sometime tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for voting in my poll and my decision is made. You will find out later which way I went. I am putting up a new poll for my Alice in Wonderland, 2010 fans. You all know who you are so check that out. I'm thinking about making a sequel to Red Queen's Revenge; however, the way it was set up didn't call for a sequel. I have some ideas up my sleeve, but I want to know what all of you think. Thanks again for reading and adding me to your favorites. Reviews are very lovely even if it is flame. I'm going to be a novelist someday so constructive criticism is welcomed. It will help me become a better writer. Alright, stop rambling, WRITE! Thanks again for all alerts and favorites. It is appreciated and helps my self-esteem.


Happy New Year to all of you! A late Christmas gift to you guys...I posted Chapter 4 of DH A Retake! It took a while and sorry about that :( I don't know when I will update again so I don't want to make an empty promise. Hopefully, it won't be too long ;) Check out my poll and vote! Oh and don't forget to read and review. Constructive criticism is welcomed as always since I'm working on being a published writer in the near future. I'm working on that novel so that's why I'm not updating as often as I like. Again, thank you for being patient with me and keep an eye out for me!


Yay! I'm back on! I put up a song fic for the Scooby Doo fandom called The Witch's Ghost Music Video featuring...yep...the Hex Girls. I'm working on DH A Retake as we speak. College years is at a stand still for right now but I'm glad it is so I can focus on DH A Retake. Hopefully, the next chapter will be up before New Years. I thought it would have been ready for Christmas, unfortunately, it didn't happen. I'm off for another week after this week so I'll be writing until my fingers turn blue. Thank you all for being patient with me. You won't be disappointed with the update. Alright, enough talking, go work...thanks again for all the alerts/favorites. It is deeply appreciated.


Well, I started back at work on 9/26. So being a teacher plus a house wife and a mother of a three month old...YIKES THAT'S A LOT TO JUGGLE! I barely have the time to write anything and that sucks. NO MY STORIES ARE NOT ABANDONED! I will finish them, but I just don't know when. Thank you all for being patient with me. I still love to see the favorites and alerts still come in through my email. Hopefully, I can somehow get into a groove to where I can pick up writing again. Until then, I'm still getting adjusted to being a working mom with a three month old. However, I'm putting up a poll to see if you still want Sirius to come back into the picture. I'm pretty sure what the answer will be but I'm still going to do it. Thanks again for your patience.



Just to let you guys know, I did not fall off the face of the planet. I put up an old story that I tweaked and retweaked, Blanche's Surprise. Yes, it's a Golden Girls fanfic. I'm updating DH A Retake as we speak. The update should be up either tonight or tomorrow. Oh, my stories were recovered from my old computer and are now on my new computer. The hard drive wasn't even touched. I was so excited. Remember, review and let me know what you think of the updates.



I had my baby and it's a boy! Due to some complications, updates may take a while and my computer died in the process. So, I lost all my stories including the updates that I was working on. I hope there is some way that I can recover my stories by sending it to the computer fixer guy that I know and he could maybe recover it by removing the hard drive. Ugh...I hope and pray that I can recover my stories because I don't want to go and rewrite my updates *cross fingers* Thank you all for the alerts/favorites/reviews. It is deeply appreciated and I want your opinion on the current updates in DH A Retake. Send me a PM or say in your review what you thought and what I can do to make it better. If you read the original, tell me what you want to see kept or what you want me to trash. Thank you guys again for your support during this process.



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: A Retake is currently in a rewriting stage. I also believe that someone has stolen one of my ideas from my 8th chapter which is when Harry goes to Godric's Hollow and talks with his parents in spirit form. I'm currently investigating that as well. This story has gotten so far away from what I originally planned and some characters were not true to canon (even though this is a complete rewrite). Therefore, I decided to go back and rewrite this starting with the awful chapter 1 which received the most hits of it being ridiculous. I apologize for this upset but it has to be done. I hope this will not take forever because I want to finish this before my baby is born which could be anytime now.

Thank you for the reviews, favorites, and alerts. It is you, the fans, that make this story successful and that give me the self-esteem boost I need to finish this story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)


Nickname: Krys (that's as far as I go with name)

Where do I live? Louisiana in Avoyelles Parish (that's as far as I go with location)

Add me as a friend on Facebook: http:// www. facebook. com/ #! /profile. php?id= 100002420911430 Take out the spaces.

Favorite College Football team: Louisiana State University (LSU!)


Favorite manga: Love Hina, Onegai Teacher, Fruits Basket, Angel Sanctuary, Mermaid Saga, Ceres (I don't read Manga anymore but these are still my favorites)

Favorite anime: Love Hina, Ceres, Angel Sanctuary, Mermaid Scar, Fruits Basket, Fushigi Yuugi, Weiss Kreuz, Weiss Kreuz Gluhen, Please Teacher (Not into anime anymore but these are still my favorites)

Favorite Movies: Alice in Wonderland 2010, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter, The Last Samurai, National Treasure,The Polar Express, Avatar, etc.

Favorite TV Shows: Golden Girls, Glee, Ghost Whisperer, Big Bang Theory, Cold Case, NCIS, CSI, Dancing with the Stars, Initiation of Sarah, and 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC.

Favorite Characters: Mickey Mouse, Riku (kingdom hearts), Hotohori (Fushigi Yuugi), Aya (Weiss Kreuz), Yuki (Fruits Basket), Hermoine (Harry Potter), Frodo (Lord of the Rings), Mizuho (Please Teacher), Elphaba (Wicked) and the list goes on.

Favorite Books: Wicked, Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, anything by Stephen King, Chronicles of Narnia, Dracula, The Master and Margarita, Wethering Heights, and the list goes on.

Favorite pairings: Harry and Hermione (Harry Potter), Alice and Tarrant Hightopp/Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland 2010), Sora and Kairi (Kingdom Hearts), Yuki and Tohru (Fruits Basket), Edward and Bella (Twilight), Mizuho and Kei (Please Teacher), Rick and Evelyn (the Mummy), Tony and Zeba (NCIS), Lenard and Penny (Big Bang Theory), Will and Emma (GLEE), and Fin and Rachel (GLEE).

Fanfictions that I removed from the website and explanations why:

1. The Married Life of Keitaro and Naru-It was my first fanfiction and it had only 16 reviews. Mostly flames and the rest were praise. I was tired of watching it just sit here and have no one read it or have people read it and not review it. So I removed it. Sorry if I offended anyone.

2. Kei and Mizuho's Married Life-Once upon a time I was into anime. College, graduation, got married, and bibbitey bobbety boo I grew out of it. I got sucked into a black hole on this one and the ideas never came back. So, even though this one was one of my big review stories, I didn't want anyone to steal what work I had already done and called it abandoned. I removed it and sorry if I hurt anyone. I don't like hurting people's feelings.

3. Dracula the Past, Present, and Future-I am rewriting the whole thing except Chapter 1. I will not post until all of it is finished. Again, sorry if I offended anyone.

4. Blanche's Surprise-I seriously ran out of ideas. So I will not start on it until I get some ideas for it. Right now, I'm drawing a blank.

5. The Mummy The End of Days-Not a whole lot of people were reviewing and it was just sitting there with only the hits piling up and no more reviews piling in. So, off it went. I will pick that one back up because I like the Mummy and this would be a great story once it's finished.

6. A New Tale to Tell-I simply loved Beauty and the Beast and I wanted to do a modern Beauty and the Beast story but I opened a huge can of worms that I shouldn't have. I had some good reviews but it stayed at 8 reviews for five months and I thought forget it. So I removed it and sorry if I upset anyone who read it. I really hate upsetting people because it makes me feel terrible.

7. Lay All Your Love on Me-It was up for about a month and a half and no one reviewed it! I thought to myself, "ok it must really suck for no one to read it." Then I realized that it was part of my story Mad About You that couldn't stand by itself. So, I removed it and I think no one's feelings got hurt on that one.

8. Dear Tarrant Dear Alice-It is in the rewriting stage. I'm basically scratching everything in it except my 'soul mate found by singing' tactic and turning it into musical format. Yeah how awesome does that sound! I'm practically pushing my boundaries but hey...I wanted to do something that no one in this fandom has tried to do yet. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone who read the story and really enjoyed it but there were issues with it that I don't want to go into detail with. That's why the only story I was able to update on was AIW the Musical and not any of my other ones.

9. Alice in Wonderland: The Musical-Since I'm going to be writing a musical, I removed this one so I could use some of the songs I used in this one in the musical itself.

10. Harry Potter and the Sorceress's Staff and Staff of Merlin: Some of those ideas will be incorporated into the Love Letter series. Those fans will probably recognize the ideas when they read them.

11. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: A Retake: This will be the last part of the Love Letter series in the year 1997/1998.

Let me get on my soap box. I can't stand Ron and Hermione together and Harry and Ginny. I feel Hermione had to settle for second best because she pushed the best thing in her life away. Ginny never really loved Harry as just him. She loved him as THE BOY WHO LIVED. I really didn't like the way the Harry Potter series ended. Altogether, the series made Harry weak and incapable of killing Voldemort. When Voldemort was killed, he got killed by the curse he fired when Harry summoned the wand out his hand. THE CURSE BACKFIRED ON HIM! VOLDEMORT KILLED HIMSELF! Wtf? I think the epilogue was crap. 19 years later...Harry's kids go off to school along with Ron's kids. Awe...lame! You could tell JKR got tired of writing at the end. I know I sound pissed because I am. I really don't know if I want to see the last movie because I don't like the way it ends. But, I will be a good sport and go see it even though I might shout, "Long live Harry and Hermione,"at the end. I know I am evil...mwa...haa..ha..ha..haaaa. Don't hate the evil laugh. Alright time to get off the soap box.

I am mainly interested in well written fanfictions ranging from all my favorite movies, books, and anime. I am not really interested in anime anymore since I've graduated from college and gotten married. Although I still have my favorites listed above. I do not want any reviews simply complaining about the tense I write in. If I want to write in present tense then fine, I will write in that tense. All of my stories are written the way I want them whether it is past or present. If you don't like that, don't read it and don't review it. I hate people giving me such cruel reviews that will actually convience me to stop writing all together. If you are going to review my stories, give me constructive criticism. To the people that give horrible reviews just put people down, shame on you. You are the people that don't have any stories written that are doing it for fun or you are the ones that have stories posted but can't write worth a flip yourself. We are all here on this site to learn how to write. So stop telling us we can't write, and tell us how we can improve. Stop being hateful, and give constructive criticism.

To those of you that did read my stories and actually enjoyed them, thank you for giving me praise and constructive feedback on how I will become a better writer. I hope you will all continue to read my stories.


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This is a song fic on Hermione's reaction to what Harry said in Don't Stand so Close to Me. You need to read that fic before this one or you won't have a flip on what's going on in this one. Listen to I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables while reading.
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Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,018 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 3 - Published: 1/1/2010 - Harry P., Ginny W. - Complete
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