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Hi, everyone! I am female. I am 23 years old. That is all you'll get about me. Others may be cool telling strangers where they live, but not me. I'm no longer new here anymore cause it's now been one year since I became a member of this site and that will only get older.

Now for what kind of stuff I'll write.

I love to make stories and electronically write. That kind of thing makes me want to drag out my stories, as long as I can make it while still making it good. For example, Spirits in the Air is going to be a long, long story. It won't take me decades but it will take me a long time to complete, even if I neglect creating other stories to finish that one.

Now there's pokemon that I use. I made so many ideas that I thought of multiple pokemon of the same species. For example, Lopunny. I have thought of tons of ideas with a Lopunny in it, normally-colored or shiny. Spirits in the Air is just the first story with a Lopunny. I even had enough ideas that I have the exact same pairings between two or more completely different stories. I think I'm just lucky they all have different personalities, backgrounds, and settings. Names and plotlines, too.

Additionally, I do either human/pokemon or pokemon/pokemon. I'm not into using manga, anime, or game characters so the main human characters are OCs. I found that I like putting pokemon as they are in stories so I won't be putting any anthromorphs.

Finally, there's gender. I don't want to write yaoi. I'm not against it. In fact, I actually read it in my free time sometimes. I just don't like yaoi where pokemon is involved. I am cool with yuri in pokemon, though. I also make straight couples.

I remembered some extra things about myself. I am a huge nicknamer. I just love giving names to my pokemon characters so there will a lot of pokemon with personal names. There's a couple of things about pokemon I'm pretty much comparing to humans. First would be age. I kind of confused myself trying to figure out how pokemon would age differently from humans so I decided to make them age at the same rate as humans in the end. Another thing is how a pokemon's physical structure is like when they're doing dirty things. I'm learning a thing or two about they might be like but it'll be kind of similar to humans. A final thing I remembered was that I've been thinking up my ideas for stories for a while. Way before the 6th generation of pokemon came out so they'll go accordingly to how they were at the time.

That's about it. I know it perhaps sound very specific to anyone who reads my profile when it comes to the things I like to write. But hey, they're things that I like to write. I'm just telling you so you'll know.

After a while of writing stories and checking out reviews, I want to say thank you to everyone who said they liked my works. Thank you for reading them, liking them, and giving me your honest opinions and/or advice. It really makes me feel happy to have the stories I make liked so much.

Something's happened again, like I always tell you when something affects my posting schedule. Well, I can't do it anymore. Writing and posting a new story and/or chapter every week, I mean. Things I had to do were increasing and, at first, I tried to keep up with posting by the week. But then it became all I ever did. I gotten tired of writing constantly. I assure you, I'm not gonna stop writing. I will finish these stories I started and I will post more afterwards. It's just that I'll post them whenever I'm done writing them. Bottom line, I don't want my life to revolve entirely around this website. If you understand, then thanks.

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