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I'm Zanza. I'm your average smart, scary, dangerous,STALKER teen, though I'd like to think I can write!

Here's some basic info on me:

Height: 54


Weight:122 (yay! i lost weight!)

Hair: Light Brown with golden streaks

Eyes: Green with flecks of yellow

Label: Not goth, punk, or prep.

Things I hate: My brother, all the good boys, My brother, preps, backstabbers, good for nothing parents, people who take things out on other people, those darn doors that keep popping up everywhere and i KEEP RUNNING INTO! Did I mention my older brother?

Things I love: Tamora Pierce Books, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, YuYu Hakusho, Zoids, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshinn, .//hack sign, Digimon,HarryPotter, scary things,poetry, hard core rock, songfics, my stupid friends (yes i love ya).

"I have the heart of a a jar...on my desk..."

"The therapists are coming! THE RAPISTS ARE COMING!"

"Yeah, I'm depressed. I took a walk, thought it would help. I even mugged someone! That normally helps!"

"I'm gonna be bored...maybe do something illegal..."


"What do you like to do little girl?"-old lady
looks up bored and shrugs "Dunno. Light stuff on fire...?"-me

"Party? But aren't there PEOPLE at parties?"-me when recieving party invitation

"Do I even LOOK like a people person!"-me

"Wait. Is that illegal?...good...heh-heh."-me

"If you're happy and ya know it...GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU GAY FAG!"



"Sporks come in many forms: minty sporks, tar covered, flaming, multi-colored flaming, impaling sporks, etc, etc. Which would you prefer to be impaled by?"-me

"Don't take candy from strangers...only take rides with them. Well, if you insist..."-me

"Tampa Bay beat Canada in some world competition right? I don't get it. Canada invented the damn game and they got beaten by a country who doesn't give a rat's ass about it and a state that DOESN'T HAVE ANY NATURAL ICE!"-me

"China is a large country inhabited by many chinese."-me

"Most cars on our roads only have one occupant, usually the driver."-me

Even if the voices aren't really there, they have such DARN good ideas!"-me

"Mystify people with your intelligence and if you can't do that, mystify them with your BS!"-me to my retarded friend

looks at curly fry "How do you think curly fries are made curly? Curling irons or what?...Was it something I said?"

"I was just attacked by a hummingbird..."-me
"What?" -my dad
"Well, maybe not. It could have been a woodpecker..."-me

"The only good bunny is a dead bunny. The cutsiness, the fluffiness, the BOUNCINESS! ...protect me from the bunnies?"-me

"GOD SPAM IT!"-oh, yeah. me.

"Evil laughter? That's SO overrated..."-Chas
"Ya really think so?"-me
"What should be my evil trademark then?"-me
"Well, there is the trenchcoat and dark sunglasses..."-Chas
"I think more of a sound..."-me
"Hmmm...maybe more of an evil chuckle?"-chas
" for me..."-me

"Pudding." -everyone who knows i laugh at that word.

"No it isn't..."-Kristen
"Yeah, it is. I've been doing it since I was two..."-me

"Hurry up!"-me
"Why? Its not like you have anything to do..."-my dad.
"...Don't destroy my hopes of actually having a life..."-me

discussing evil laughter again
"evil chuckle?"-me
"maniacal laughter?"-me
"insane giggling?"-me (what was i thinking?)
"Evil chortle?"-me
"ROFLMAO! THAT ONE!"-SillyBandit

"Can you have a sock named Frederick?"-me (upon Piedermort's request)
"How about a wooden spoon named Bob?"-Monikka
"Bob is SOOOOO overused!"-me
"How about Freddy?"-Monikka

"How about a chair named Charley?"-Monikka
"But it has to be Frenchie like!"-me
"How about Pierre the Chair"-Monikka
"Peeeeerrrrrrrrrfffeeeeeeecttttttt! And it rhymes!"-me

doing a project on Greece where I had to dress up
looking at ribbon
"Just not sure that's Greecey (pronounced Greasy) enough..."-me. I have Adhd (if you believe're just stupid.)

"I am a chronic liar."-me w/ twinkle in my eye. (if you don't get that...well you probably like the color pink ~that's an insult~)

"Pink is the color of evil."-me


"PICKLED pudding."-LJ


"You're so fat that when you got in the bath tub, your neighbors' toilets overflowed"-chas

"YOU'RE SOO fat, when you got hit by an 18-wheeler, it went into your belly-button."-me (we were having a fat joke contest...i call her fattie...alot...)

"Twiddle sticks!" -fwiend

to be continued

lady of the Underworld (and soon the world)

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