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Hello there. I'm a Zelda fan since 1990 who has never gotten tired of Link, Zelda, Hyrule, or the formulaic beating of a dead horse, as some people call the series. I took up writing again last year after many years spent never even thinking about it. I've published stories in another game universe but decided to create a separate account for the many stories I've started in the Zelda universe that I have yet to post or finish.

About my writing:

I'm very character-driven, giving a lot of focus to their interactions. I have a hard or almost impossible time getting into stories that lack details about their emotions, expressions, or actions, so you will see a lot of focus on that in my writing. I've received compliments for it, but I've also considered that my tendency to write long, conversation-filled scenes might hurt pacing or get dull after a while. Hopefully I can receive some feedback on that.

I tend to write in third person limited, though I usually change which character I'm focusing on as the scenes change. Some stories or scenes will spend a lot of time in a character's head, so to speak. I've written in first person before but don't generally use it outside of the occasional reflective narrative. It's more difficult for me to get into a story written in first person, but I've read quite a few I've enjoyed. I occasionally think about using third person omniscient but have yet to really try it.

I tend to run the gamut when it comes to tone. I'll write something bittersweet one day, comedy the next, tragedy after that, etc. Fluff, drama, violence, comedy, cursing, lemons... doesn't make a difference to me, writing or reading. I enjoy it all and don't pretend otherwise. If I publish regularly you'll read bloody battles, silly carousing at Telma's, citrus, Link playing the ocarina for Zelda on her birthday, et cetera.

I try to remain faithful to the personalities of existing characters, as I cannot stand reading depictions that are wildly out of character. (Though I take more liberties in less serious or humorous stories). One nice thing about the Zelda series is that much of its characters leave a lot to the imagination, so while you might see a tipsy Ashei poking fun at Link and Zelda for not using each other for stress relief, you won't read about her putting on a pink dress and catching butterflies alongside Agitha. Obviously Link speaks, as he explains things to Renado and Gaepora, for example, even if there's no dialogue on screen. I write more formally than a lot of people, including dialogue, but I try to ensure it doesn't come across as stilted. If it does, please mention it. I will say that I enjoy using that as an indicator of Link and Zelda's moods. For example, Zelda might speak less formally out of her official capacity as princess... unless she gets defensive. Link, on the other hand, might revert to speaking more like a goat herder when he's nervous. Just one of those fun little things.

You'll probably find the occasional typo or slightly awkward grammar. I tend to reread what I've written three or more times and do a lot of editing and tweaking, but I do have a penchant for writing longer sentences. Sometimes I'll miss some awkward run-on and I'm sure there are plenty of comma splices out there. I wouldn't complain about feedback on that, either. Perhaps that's what a beta reader is for... something to consider. =D

Stories written or in the works:

Untitled post-TP, full length: I've been working on a story starting from the end of Twilight Princess. At first it was just a collection of moments between Link and Zelda, but then I began to outline it. For over a year that's been a work in progress. Yesterday I got a sudden burst of inspiration and integrated what I had with another, darker outline and found myself quite pleased with what I came up with. Much of it will be about the life of the Hero of Time/Hero's Shade, his regrets, and how they will affect his descendant. If I write it, though, it will end up being long and complex. I'd really like to, but I have many other stories on my plate and my inspiration is sometimes fleeting.

Nine Years (post-OoT): Link returns to Hyrule after nine years, but he brings with him a number of scars and almost a decade's worth of varied experiences in three different kingdoms. It started out as a short story about his return during Zelda's twentieth birthday celebration, one where he has some shocking news, but I began coming up with some ideas on how to expand it. It's not high on the priority list, but if I can fully develop and publish it it would probably end up being novella-length.

The Unspoken Question: On the eve of her wedding to Link, Zelda still cannot understand why he agreed to bind himself in a political marriage. With the advice of two friends she seeks him out to finally ask the question. Short story length, assuming I can finish it. I came to a fork in the road between two different outcomes and left it for another day.

Ashei's Dangerous Idea: Sympathetic to her worn-out friends but tired of their continuing refusals to act on their feelings, Ashei comes up with a very dangerous idea to get the queen and hero together. Heh. A friend of mine was tired of my own back-and-forth regarding publishing one of my stories, complete or incomplete. As a consequence I was challenged to come up with a short story with ridiculous premise and slap it up there. What I came up with was indeed a bit ridiculous, but it also proved so much fun to write that I had 17,000 words written in one day. Currently being published. Rated M for a reason but it's half comedy as well.

End of an Era: With the death of Ganondorf, Hyrule enters a new golden age. Tragedy, however, leaves its ruler debating long and hard what to wish on the completed Triforce. A short story that was written in one day but shined and polished over and over and over again. There are many places where I could expand on it, but I decided instead to focus on the post-TP story (which is not simply an expansion of EoaA). Perhaps one day I'll go back and lengthen it.

Things I like:

- Believable characters that are faithful (or relatively faithful) representations and/or further developed.

- Vivid character interaction. A good writer can make even conversations about court politics interesting if they're telling it through the eyes of two people who respond to each other.

- While I'm not generally big on them, OCs that either slip smoothly into the story in minor roles, or are well-developed as major ones. I've seen some good stories that included Ganondorf returning or Dark Link, but at this point I'd rather read about an OC than those two, so overused as they've been.

- Stories that don't necessarily follow the rising/falling tension, villain pattern. That's not to say I don't like those, but I also enjoy a story that just... tells a story. Conflict doesn't have to involve the takeover of a kingdom. Some of you out there have written what I'm talking about and done it well. =)

- Comedy, whether it be interpersonal teasing or something like the universe conspiring against the Hero of Twilight and his quest to get a pint from Telma's. If you've written good drama, there's a good chance my blood pressure's up some. Breaking the tension now and then makes the laughter that much better.

- The Twilight Princess world. There's something about the characters in it that just make it my favorite. Midna, Rusl, Colin, Ilia, Telma, Renado, Ashei, Shad, Auru... they're just all so interesting. I like the way Zelda and Link were depicted, as well. Hyrule itself is interesting, what with the waterways, ancient bridges, milennia of implied history, the endless possibile explanations for what happened in the Hero of Time's era and the changes since.

- Multiple points of view. It's always interesting to get into the head of different characters.

Things I don't like:

- Characters written wildly out of character. In worlds like the Zelda universe where there's a lot of things unsaid about the characters, there's room to interpret but if you take it too far then they're no longer the same characters.

- Poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I don't get how anyone can read a few books and still not understand how to put a sentence together. Don't even get me started on spell check. Doesn't need to be MLA perfect, but any published book is example after example. If you've really tried and just aren't any good at the actual writing, consider finding someone else to type it up. You might find someone like me who has trouble with original ideas but who does a halfway decent job with the writing. (I think)

- Non-standard punctuation. While I definitely understand what it's like to not feel bound by some conventions, language isn't one of them. I want to be immersed in your story, not distracted by its punctuation. So please stick to quotation marks rather than apostrophes or hyphens or the like.

- Author's notes or explanatory parentheticals in the middle of a chapter. They disrupt the flow and break immersion.

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