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Basically I just loved the entire ATLA series...right up until literally the last five minutes of the show. Zutara should have been. I am a sucker for "the hero gets the girl"(not that a girl is something to be got, so don't freak out ;) endings, but Aang wasn't the hero (call it a role model if you will) really for me. Throughout the show, Aang didn't mature at all. He never willingly sacrificed anything for the benefit of doing what's right. He was a coward who was constantly running away. He wouldn't even have defeated Ozai in the end if he hadn't been slammed into the pointy rock that jolted him into the avatar state. And his obsession with Katara was unhealthy detrimental to what he needed to get done. Zuko displayed way more characteristic changes and development that shaped him into a better person. I mean the dude had to go against everything he ever knew and loved to do what was right. That's real courage, and that's character to emulate, so I really believe that Zuko was more of a hero in the story than Aang was. Zuko and Katara had more chemistry anyway, so they complement each other. It's all make-believe anyways, so I'll just choose to make-believe Zuko and Katara lived happily ever after.

ATAL is literally the only anime show I've ever been interested in. My stories are what I imagine Zuko and Katara's story could have looked like. I write them because if I don't they won't leave my mind, so I write them for myself really, but you are more than welcome to read them. All my stories happen in the same little universe in my mind just at different points in time. :)

Legend of Korra RantYou've been warned.

Soooo I avoided watching Legend of Korra for a long time because I was afraid that it would make it so I couldn't pretend Aang/Katara never happened and just go on dreaming about Zutara. Well my fears were all for nothing. LOK hasn't changed my zutara feels at all!

Legend of Korra, as a stand alone show, is pretty good. It has this sorta cool, post WWII in Gotham city vibe to it that's rather charming. The characters are entertaining, each season's plot is decent, and the graphics are great. Korra is great. I love her confidence. Bolin is funny. Mako is kind of alluring. Not going to lie, I can't stand Tenzin. He just really gets on my nerves cause he's kind of a jerk. I gotta say my favorite character is probably Korra's dad. Holy cow..that man. He's just so..so..honorable, and we all know how much we love honor. ;) So overall the show is worth watching on it's own.

However!! This show is the follow up to ATLA, and I have to tell you, when I'm viewing it from that perspective, it's horrible. I mean how did they make the jump from Ancient Asia (ATLA feel) to the 1920's in America? Am I the only one who thinks that's weird? I get that they couldn't make it just like ATLA, but still they jumped too far. Also, I can not stand the way they portray Katara in LoK!! Every scence she's been in (I realize it's only been a few) for LOK just shows her as some docile old lady who just stands around smiling. It creeps me the frick out. Katara was never docile in ATLA, and I really doubt that age would change her personality that much. Yes she was motherly and sweet, but she was always spirited and opinionated. Along those same lines...Zuko is weird in Korra too. He's not as out of character as Katara is in LOK, but he still doesn't seem like himself...he's totally chill and calm in LoK. I just don't like it. I would rather them have left them out completely than put them in but have them not be like themselves at all. On another note I completely agree with how LoK has shown that Aang was a bad dad. Don't get me wrong, I love Aang, but he was always pretty selfish honestly, so it's no surprise to me that he would pick a favorite child and leave his other two children out a lot. What is surprising is that Katara would let him get away with that. The Katara from ATLA would get all preachy and angry and set him straight, but the LoK Katara apparently didn't...see what I mean..out of character. Thank goodness Toph is in character in the season four episodes she been in. At least they got that right.

Other things that bother me about LOK:
The humor is super cheap most of the time. Sorry, Bolin, but you are no Sokka.
All the weird little pokemon-looking spirits that are all over the place since the end of season 2. They add nothing to the show.
The show is predictable. New bad guy for each season. They almost beat Korra. She beats them at the last minute. Lame.

So overall LOK is pretty good, and I like it. As a sequel show to ATLA, though, I'm not a fan, so I'm just going think of them as separate. Kataang is still really weird and horrible to me, and I still love Zutara. End of rant.

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