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Slow as molasses and twice as thick!

Next chapter is coming! I swear! Thank you for your extreme patience and your kind reviews as I clean this whole train-wreck of a fic up!

I managed to get my computer all tweaked again so I lost most of Chapter 24...which is really alright because it was being most uncooperative. Here I am sitting on the finale and the sequel and one evil little chapter is destroying the whole deal!

But life's not fair.

A Note on Chapter 23: Yes...I know most of you are devoted fans of the Sess/Rin pairing and I fairly drowned you with Inuyasha/Kagome this time. But,TRUST ME,there's a reason. We're going somewhere with this! The next chapter contains ROUNDS THREE & FOUR of our little ponytailed heroine's battle for equality with her emotionally-repressed demon beau. And would you forgive me if I promise you that Chapter 24 contains some very grown-up naughtiness? (And as such will have to be edited to post here at Fanfiction.net!)

In other news: Over these past few months I've also been adding more to the beginning of the story...those early chapters will be reposted soon. Nothing major to change the plot, just more 'fillers' in places where I really should have slowed down. And I got an account at Deviant Art! Correction! My great friend Notoes, who also helps beta, bought me a subscription. So far only one Eien Ni pic is posted...like I said the past few months have been rough and I sure haven't been feeling all that creative!

wicked-oni. deviantart. com - Stop by and make fun of my other mediocre skills and half-assed talents!

wicked-oni. livejournal. com

To the people I promised to put on the mailing list...I swear I'll do it next time. It's just been pure chaos here!

Mine to Give: Oneshot. Even if it's not that great I'm so glad I wrote it, especially considering Kagura's death. Creepy.

Thank you to all the people at the Inuyasha Fanguild that voted for this story over the years. I really don't deserve it and I'll try to go back and fix some of my stupid little mistakes.


I have been keeping up with the latest manga, but as you can see I've decided to play with things a little. NO...I don't really think that the whole shard hunt would last for a decade (or that Inuyasha would wait that long before resolving the Kagome/Kikyou issue for that matter! Ha! Our favorite hanyou may be dense and slow sometimes, but he's not THAT dense and slow!) AND the Kikyou thing...let me set the record straight! I LOVE Kikyou! And I LOVE Kagura! They are such amazing characters...anyone who's had their heart REALLY broken will agree! And YES, I know Kagura and Hakudoushi and Toukijin are all currently floating about in that big manga graveyard in the sky...but I started this before their untimely demises...so they still get to play inMY world!

Once again, sorry if there are typos. I have an annoying habit of getting ahead of myself and putting in the wrong word, which, of course, spell-check doesn't catch. Oh well.

This story will hopefully take some time...but I wanted to try to keep Sess in character. There's nothing quite as bad as a fic where Sesshoumaru goes from being, well, frankly, Sesshoumaru, to "Oh - how do I love thee! Cue the porn music!" in the space of one tiny sentence. Let's face it...the Lord of the Western Lands that we all know and love, has a few issues and I don't want him turning all warm and "fluffy" in an eyeblink!

Yes...I'm a Sess/GROWN UP (note the bold type: GROWN UP!)Rin fan through and through.

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