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OK...so...stuff about me! Name: Amy or Mimi or even OBSESSED if you like
Gender: Female
Age: 15 but a lot of people say I look older...I act like a little kid a lot, though ;)
Birthday: September 14
How do I describe myself? An overly-obsessive, hopeless romantic; I'm always hyper at night and I LOVE mushy stuff! I'm lazy and I daydream a lot. Fics are just daydream fodder for me! I love getting e-mail and IMs! If you just happen to be reading my bio and see something that we have in common or anything you want to tell me-then e-mail me or IM me, because I love talking to people (exept not on phones, I have a phobia)! One of my pet peeves is when people don't spell things right, so I'm really sorry if I correct you (I can't help it)!

ANIME RULES! So do all things purple and penguin-ey. Some of my favorite shows are: InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, .hack//SIGN, Zoids, Zoids: Chaotic Century, Zoids Fuzors, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, G Gundam, Dragonball Z, Dragonball, Dragonball GT, Outlaw Star, all three Tenchi shows, Witch Hunter Robin, Teen Titans, Hamtaro, Escaflowne, Knights of the Zodiac, Gundam Seed, FLCL, Wolf's Rain, Case Closed, Shaman King, Kirby:Right Back At Ya, Rave Master, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Totally Spies, Jackie Chan Adventures, Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, Megas XLR, Yu-Gi-Oh, Code Lyoko, Futurama, Family Guy, Sonic X, Duel Masters, .hack://LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT, F-Zero LEGEND, Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and R.O.D. the TV. Spirited Away is AWESOME! I've added some new anime to my repitoire: Castle in the Sky, Tattoon Master, Escaflowne the movie, Ah! My Goddess the movie, Samurai X, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Trigun, Read or Die, Chobits, Love Hina, and Princess Mononoke. FFX is soooo cool! RPGs are awesome, some action/adventure games are cool too! Some of my favorite manga series are: .hack://LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT, Tuxedo Gin, Chobits, Zoids: Chaotic Century, Love Hina, Fruits Basket, No Need for Tenchi, Yu Gi Oh, Dragonball Z, Zodiac P.I., Trigun, Tokyo Mew Mew, Ranma 1/2, Magic Knight Rayearth, Othello, and Vampire Game. I LOVE THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!

My first fic is finished! Yay! I got the idea from a song entitled Me Yitneni Of. The english translation of the song is: who will give me wings/even wings of the smallest bird/endlessly will I wander to find peace for my wounded soul. I'm not a very good writer, so if some of the stuff I write in my story doesn't make sense, then I'm very sorry, but that was the only way I could tie some things in with the plot. I hope everyone will like my story!

I really really really want to learn Japanese! I want a griffin baby and a Ryo-ohki! I also want to be able to fly and I WISH THAT HOT ANIME GUYS WERE REAL!

I'm a horrible writer. I really am. But I love reading, and I'm actually a surprisingly good editor and a really good proofreader. I'd be more than willing to edit/proofread anyone's work, even if I don't know who you are. Contact me if you want an opinion on your story before you post, or if you want me to beta read for you.

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