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I assume that you have come here for one of these main reasons:

1. You are curious about me.
2. You have nothing better to do.
3. I criticized you.

If the reason happens to fall on number '3', scroll down my page and read on what I have to say about fan fictions (though it would mainly concern about the Sonic fandom):

So, you wanna know about me? Well, unfortunately for you, I don't normally reveal much about myself online.

If you happen to check on my stories, you'll know what kind of a fan I am. Of course, Sonic isn't the only thing that I am interested in. Apart from Sonic, Animaniacs is the other fan fiction section that I frequently go to. I also visit the TMNT , X-men and Silent Hill sections, but just not as much as the first two.

My main interest is in fact toons. I appreciate classic cartoons of the 1990s. I also read histories about animations and how each cartoon characters come to be.

Also, if you have happened to visit my DA page, you'll learn that I am an overseas students, studying law/communication studies in Australia. Hence, it's natural for me to have a sharp tongue. I don't go around flaming people. But, neither will I tolerate those who simply annoy me, particularly with their poor performances and offerings of low quality fan fictions. I expect high quality writings.

To the authors out there who has the potential to write, yet aren't given enough credit for their work:

"Sadly, I'm not here to tell you whether your story sucks or not. Rather, I'm here to give you a word of encouragement. Never write for the sake of reviews.

Yeah, it is depressing when there is no one who would read your story especially when you have wasted hours typing the words. But don't let that stop you from writing. Aim on what kind of audience you want to write to first. People who love pairings? Intelligent people? Retards who only appreciate one or two sentence stories? Once you have decided whom you really want to write to. Work on that. It'll take a while to grasp your audience attention's but that is how it works.

For stories that are a lot crappier than yours, I'm not surprised when I see them receiving tonnes of reviews. The majority of the fans in the Sonic fandom are retards and they will only appreciate short, romantic stories. They don't give a damn with character developments or whether the characters are acting all OOC or not. They only want to read what they want and that is OOC short romance stories. As for the far more intelligent people out there, they seldom review cause' they'll only talk when they feel it's a worthy thing to do. Stories that are normally aimed for these kind of people are a lot less appreciated as they are far too lengthy and 'complicated' for the retards to understand.

Your story aren't falling in any of these categories. Know your audience first before you attempt to write another fiction."

I am actually an old Sonic fan writer, who abandoned this site quite a few years ago. I have only recently come back. Sadly, fan fiction writing in the Sonic Fandom have deteriorated even further than the last time I was here.

I see too many stories that involve fan characters. Normally, I wouldn't mind reading such stories. However, there are just too many Mary-Sues that it is not even funny. I often wonder how long that it actually takes for people to think about their characters. One minute? Two minute?

Let me show you what I mean:

Name: Ice

Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog

Appearance: Looks like Shadow but is icy blue in colour with white stripes. Wears a shirt with a picture of a skull, has a pair of jeans

Personality: emo

Power: Ice

Weaknesses: Sonic

Weapon: A sword

Story Background:

- Befriended Sonic

- Sonic stole candy from her

- Became miserable

- Wants revenge

It basically took me 1 minute and 29 seconds to type that out. I didn't even stop to think. I can even start creating an entirely new fan character simply by changing the species and the name of the character. It will only take me 10 seconds.

What about this?

Spiral the Hedgehog

Red the Echidna

Storm the Bird

Jack the Squirrel

Kate the Rabbit

Mac the Hare

Role the Dog

Speck the Hare

Colin the Echidna

Hun the Fox

Already, I have created 10 fan characters simply by mentioning their names and species. I won't even need to think on how they look like or how their personality are going to be since most of them are just going to be recolours and have personalities that are exactly the same as what we find in official characters.

Give me an hour and I can create about a hundred new Sonic fan characters. No kidding.

Sometimes, I would even wonder if it is worth reviewing any of these kind of fan characters. It only takes 1-2 minutes to create these guys and it takes more than 10 minutes to reason why they suck.

I'm no arrogant author. But I can tell you, I can create a character who is a hundred times better than your typical Sonic fan characters.

Let me show you what real Sonic fan characters are:

Name: Jade

Nickname(s): N/A

Age: 12 (Now deceased.)

Species: Panda

Gender: Female

Height: 90 centimetres

Weight: 25 kilogram

IQ: 105

Martial Status: Single

DOB: 3 August

Birthplace: Zi Fu

Residence: Zi Fu Orphanage

Occupation: acrobatic performer

Social class: peasant

Economic class: poor

Top speed: 100 mph

Basic Stats

Agility- 9
Speed- 4
Defence- 3
Dexterity- 10
Skill- 4

Physical techniques:

Boomerang steel fan: It is a simple technique. You throw the fan and it will come back right at you. A useful technique for assault.

Abilities and aptitude:

Jade is an expert in martial art. An expert in acrobatic skills and has a nice sense of balance. An expert in handling her own weapon. And a veteran in handling spears and swords.

Hobbies and talents:

- Good at catching fish.
- Has a huge knowledge in traditional herbs. This can be very useful to cure ailments.

Weakness: She has a HUGE fear of spiders.

Forms: N/A

Personal information:

Friends: The children from the orphanage.
Enemies: None.
Known relatives: Working on that


Jade is a very daring tomboy. However, since young, she has a huge fear for spiders. She is a very sociable person and she always tries to be helpful. She wants to help the poor, defenceless children in the Zi Fu Orphanage. She will oten go out to the street and use her acrobatic skills to impress people. In return for her relentless entertainment, Jade hopes for charitable people to give her money to buy food and things that are needed for the children.

She can be mischievous at time. After all, Jade is still a kid. Still, she is a very responsible person. Being the oldest kid in the orphanage, she feels that it is her job to take good care of the kids. She loves them. To Jade, these children are more precious than any Chaos Emeralds that you can find.

Jade is also a filial daughter. Her mother is sick. And she tries ways to cure her mother’s ailment. She is a very obedient child and will listen to her mother’s advice whenever needed. Overall, Jade is a peasant who is struggling to survive from poverty. It is a challenge that almost every peasant in the Zi Fu empire is forced to face.

Likes/Favorite activities: She enjoys telling stories for children. Sometimes, the stories can be funny. Sometimes, they can be serious. Jade also enjoys entertaining the children by showing them her good skill in fishing.

Dislikes/least favorite activities: Spiders.

Gourmet of choice: Porridges

Beverage of choice: Apple Juice

Favorite color(s): Pink

Physical appearance:

Color: Dark gray
Fur color: White. (Black for the ringlets around her eyes, ears and hands and tails.)
Eye color: Very dark brown
Hair/quill style: N/A
Nose: Short, small and round.
Tail: Short and round.
Other bodily features: N/A


- Traditional kung fu clothes.

- A pair of black, simple-looking shoes.

Items: Steel fan (Weapon)

Vehicles: N/A


Long ago, in an ancient kingdom, there lived an emperor who ruled over Zi Fu, a moderate empire, with a HUGE problem. This empire often faced natural disaster such as flood, earthquake and hurricanes. The kingdom often faced threats from their neighbouring countries, particularly the powerful and prosperous tribe known as the Echidnas. Emperor Zi was forced to contribute much of his wealth and riches to Pachacamac, a leader of the much-dreaded echidna tribe; just to keep his country safe from war. Due to this, his people, mainly the peasants, are extremely poor.

Jade’s family is no different. She and her mother lived in an orphanage, which was known as the ‘Zi Fu orphanage’. Her mother had set up the orphanage to take good care of orphans, children who were abandoned by their parents or had no parents at all. Most of these children are defenceless kids, who are homeless, weak and fragile. Jade loved hanging out with these kids. Often, she would spend time telling them stories and entertained them with her good fishing skill.

Jade loved martial art. Since young, she trained herself to be good in it. She was born with flexible bones. Thus, she is very good in acrobat. She had a nice sense of balance. She can even stand perfectly still on a thin thread, fixed above the ground.

With the increase of children coming into the orphanage day by day, life had become more difficult for both Jade and her mother. Finding enough money to support the whole orphanage had become a huge problem. Day and night, Jade’s mother was forced to overwork.

Due to this, Jade’s mother eventually fell ill. She could no longer work and was forced to stay at home and rest.

Jade knew she had to do something. She tried ways to find cures for her mother. She learnt to use herbs to cure ailments. But she wasn’t able to help her mother. Jade’s mother’s health gradually worsened.

It was no use crying over her mother’s condition. Jade knew that. She still had to find ways to earn enough money to keep the orphanage running. Her mother could no longer be the main breadwinner. Being the oldest kid in the orphanage, she felt that it was her job to take good care of the kids. She came up with an idea on how to earn money.

Every day, she would go out to the street to perform gymnastic, to impress people with her acrobatic skills. In return for her entertainment, she would go around asking for donations. She earned just enough money to fill the children’s mouth. They had no proper clothes to wear, no toys to play with and had a slim chance of ever going to school. But the children were contented. Though they faced hardship and poverty, the children were happy.

However, tragedy struck a few months after Jade’s mother fell ill. Emperor Zi had enough of the constant threats he was in. He declared war against the echidnas. War eventually broke out. And Jade, the children and her mother were totally caught up in the middle of it. Life became harder. Food became scarce and the price for food became ridiculously expensive. It had become increasingly difficult for Jade to find food and money. If that wasn’t enough, her mother’s health had become a burden.

Life was indeed not easy. She was still trying to find ways to help her mother.

It seemed to be almost impossible. And Jade was losing hope.

She thought that her luck had finally changed when she met a sinseh. He was confident in his medical skills and said that he maight be able to help save Jade’s mother. Excitedly, she rushed the sinseh home.

The orphanage was unusually quiet that day. Not a sound could be heard. Often, she would hear the children playing nearby, laughing and talking. But today…. Something didn’t seem right at all. Not a single soul was in sight. Lotus wasn’t around playing in the garden with her brother. Lily didn’t come out from the orphanage to greet Jade, like she normally did. A sense of anxiousness washed over her.

She rushed to her mother’s bedroom. All of the children who went ‘missing’ were there. They were crying. Jade felt uneasy. She went up to her mother and confirmed her worst fear. Jade’s mother died. The sinseh confirmed that her mother died due to poor health as well as old age. Jade cried that day.

The tragedy didn’t end there though. The war continued for another few weeks. The echidnas eventually won. And Emperor Zi was fallen from his throne. Pachacamac became the new dictator for the Zi Fu empire. Unlike Emperor Zi, Pachacamac is a corrupted leader, who craved only for power and riches. He laid heavy taxes on the people of Zi Fu and he forced young men to join in his already powerful army.

Jade had no choice but to continue to live in poverty. That was the life of a peasant in the ancient Zi Fu empire.

My Goals

1. Is not to discourage fan characters but encourage better fan characters.

2. Give recognition to better fan characters and dispel Mary-Sue/Recolours.

3. Who knows, maybe someday, I may choose the flaming method to annoy people for not putting effort to their characters. There are others who are doing it. If you're not putting any effort to your charaters, why would I bother to care for them?

Quotes and stuffs that I don't agree on:

"Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list."

My say:
I agree that the majority of the people out there are those who seek popularity and stuffs. But come on, 95 percent? Isn't that exaggerating? From what I know 66 percent of the world's population are extroverts. 33 percent of the world's population are introverts. So, I am part of that 33 percent, not 5 percent.

"if you don't like it, then don't read it."

My say:
"If you can't take criticisms, then don't write!"

That's all I have to say, for now. This is Windfield signing out.

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