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Hoy! As of this, I've just started writing. I'm really trying to start, and the GW/SM section seems good. Although most of it is corrupted, there are some people there that take the time to criticize people. You get plain, cold, harsh criticism and it really helps. If you don't like insults...then I can't believe you've never delt with them before. If you're called one, then you deserve it. If you don't like it, get better next time.

Here's an example of a normal story:

"I've been betrayed! The people who did it have been friends for a while, risked their lives for me, stood by me and were always there for me, and then suddenly they try to kill me while my fiance leaps at my neck! He's saved me many times, is destined for me, and all of a sudden wants to fuck my best friend!

Pluto, let's GOOOOOooOoOOooOoo! Forward to all the love I'll find, the people that will give me shelter for free, and the hot guys in the dimension!

Oh, WOW! Those five boys that should be protecting the world from evil and on top secret, protected jobs think I'm hot! They should be chased by several assassins and under heavy stress, and they take the time to admire my ass and give me a room in a mansion! That rich Winner guy is supposed to be running his business AND under stress, and right how he's getting topless with me!

Let's get a motel room together!"

Then naturally, everyone watches Usa and Heero watch their fifteen kids frolic in the meadow. That is SHIT. However, I could make a fic full of all the cliche elements in GW/SM fics...which is quite a lot...the cliche fic to end all cliche fics.

However, please don't do what everyone else is doing. Come up with something original, and write it WELL. I like any fic thats original and not filled with errors.

I can also not stress how IMPORTANT flames are to fanfiction. Most flamers (most...exception of Mayoujou) take the time to tell you what to fix, and what they liked. Of course, they will stress the bad points of your fic much more. That is GOOD. Not bad, people. If they call you yourself an asshole, just because of your ideas, you have EVERY right to go ahead and say "Your mom!" Even if thats incredibly unimaginative and will probably give the other guy the right to call you an asshole again. But it they call you an asshole because your fic really was bad, and tell you exactly what they hated, you should give them a heartwarming "Thank you!"

I look forward to flames. I must admit, positive ones really boost my ego and give me a nice bubbly feeling that has nothing to do with my bladder. Even if the reviewer spells everything wrong. But I feel that I should actually deserve that feeling. If I write a horrible fic and get a bubbly feeling from a positive review (that obviously shouldn't be positive", the bubbly feeling I'm probably will get will come from my bladder, not a sense of happiness.

If I wrote a fic crammed full with everything cliche I could think of, bad grammar, and whatever- I'm pretty sure it would ge reviews in the hundreds. Most of them positive. That isn't right. And no matter how big a bubbly feeling I'm going to get, it isn't worth it.

If someone takes the time to really, truly flame you- thank them for it.

That's what's going through my head now. So I guess I'll go ahead with some favorites stuff:

Favorite Anime/Manga characters:

Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)
Midii Une (Gundam Wing. the best minor character!)
Minako Aino (Sailor Moon)
Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
Alucard (Hellsing)
Fenris Fenrir (Ragnarok)
Kir (King of Bandits: Jing)
Naruto (Naruto)

and plenty more. Any character with a deep personality and extensive background is great.

Favorite Music Artist/Composer:

Nobuo Uematsu
Ayumi Hamasaki
Luna Sea
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Do As Infinity
Smashing Pumpkins

So many more. I like everything pretty much. Just...not...pop...ROAR.

Favorite Games:

Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 6
Call of Duty
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
Dragon Warrior III
Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner
Super Mario 64

Once again, plenty more ^_^

I'm trying to write as much as I can. So far, each fic I've done has taken about 2 hours to write per chapter...not a lot...ah well.

R&R! Anything welcome!

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