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Hello!!! My name is Kendra, I love art and I love Horror movies and DC comics movies (and tv shows)

Review and I will check out your stories! I hope you enjoy my stories, or at least thought they are okay!


So I love horror movies! I watched A nightmare on Elm street, Friday the 13th,Orphan, Scream, Hannibal, Halloween, Paranormal activity, (Obviously Childs play) I think I pretty much watched every major horror movie and even the minor ones like Rubber, Grabbers, Are you afraid of the dark and stuff like that.

I also like DC comics movies and tv shows and Marvel movies (but mostly DC) like The dark knight, Gotham, The avengers, Flash, izombie Iron man, Thor and pretty much any catwoman movie ect..

T.V shows:

I watch Gotham American Horror Story, Scream queens, Scream the tv show, The walking dead, Vampire diaries, Teen wolf, Haven, Being human, (I wish they still made Goosebumps) ummm what else...I still watch Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, I also watched Hero on Netflix (I love Syler.) Well I can't keep track of all my movies and shows that I watch...

I just love Chucky and Tiffany! I think they are the cutest couple ever! People might disagree, buuuuuut that's your opinion...Oh and please REVIEW from now on I am only adding a chapter if the previous chapter had a review, because I would like advice for the next chapter, I do not want an exciting story that turns into everything is being dragged on...Yeah so enjoy.

I'm obsessed okay! But that's why you are on Fanfiction! We all have an obsession.

Shared insanity:

So this is my joker/harley quinn fanfic, this is slowly building up, so it gets better and it is currently starting to pick up rapidly. It is set after the dark knight and the Joker is sent to Arkham. The fanfix is put in the Joker's P.O.V quite soon in the book, so please read and enjoy! Oh and please leave reviews, i don't care if you leave some advice, but it would be nice to have some feedback.


I am currently working on a fanfiction for the tv show 'gotham' that revolves around Harley Quinn, Jerome and some of the major characters in the show, it should be out soon and takes place in the same time.


Love stories are adorable when a killer falls in love, I mean i still get all tingly when Chucky says 'I love you' to Tiffany but he does it in the goriest fashion that just makes you think 'Maybe there is a little human in them all...' But a part of you doesn't want to believe they are capable of emotions so deep that they ARE human and HUMANS can do this to another human. Did I just get deep? Ew. But seriously most slashers wear masks or are disfigured, dehumanizing them, making them a little less human then us people want to believe...

A lot of people didn't like the thought of Jason Voorhees having a sister and him being an uncle, but i thought it was truly genius, it reminded veiwers he wasn't just a son of a crazy woman, he had family, just like you and me. And Freddy Krueger, I was so completely happy when they showed a memory, and he had A DAUGHTER! Like, woah! Chucky has a son and a daughter, Freddy has a daughter, Jason Voorhees has a sister, Michael Myers has a neice/possible daughter, maybe in future sequels there will be a little bit more background...

Horror Hotel:

Jeepers Creepers, Jason, Micheal, Esther, Carrie, Christene, Chucky, Tiffany and more surprise guests! Couples form between these killers, but chaos is on it's way and start a war when the victims of these killers come back for revenge. Then, after they decide funny and thrilling ways to entertain themselves. They even invite more familiar faces like Pennywise and the Leprechaun...(Ièm not gonna give them all away!) So join the horror/drama/comedy fun and join the lives of the behind he scenes look into a slashers lives.

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