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Hello im skitzo. this is my new account. i'm hoping not to fallow my old habbits. (those being not updating). wells heres a little bout me and my other half.

My other half

Name: ...purple?
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Fav. anime and manga:
-Card captor Sakura
-Yu yu Hakusho
-Petshop of horrors
-inu yasha
-gundam wing
-gundam x
-gundam seed
-fruits Basket
-fushigi Yuugi
-Ayashi no ceres
-Eerie Queerie
-XXX holic
-chobits (anything clamp)
-Love Hina
-ect.(i could go on and on)

Fav. anime character: (only top 5 or it would take all no perticular order)
-Hiei ~YuYu Hakusho
-syaoran ~CCS
-Sesshoumaru ~Inuyasha
-Ryuichi ~Gravitation
-Kyo ~Fruits Basket

Fav. Music/band:
-Dir En Grey
-Malice Mizer
-T.M. Revolution
-Blink 182

Fav. Books:
HARRY POTTER (in order of fav to least fav)

OMGosh! I HEART THE MARAUDERS (- peter, hes not a real marauder)

I am an obsessed Hp fan girl counting down the days until the 6th hp book is realesed JULY 16 BABY!!!! Ill be at the release party in costume...who cares its the day of my moms wedding shower!! *bounces around obsesed*

My other self

Name: Skitzo-SAMA!!
Age: unknown (immortal) a little verticaly chalanged...ok ok damn it im short, leave me alone.
Apearence:Long black hair, Blue eyes.
in love with: All bishonen
Favorite wepon: Katana, kunai
Personalitiy: Hyper, crazy, perverted, SEME!!
Likes: Bishonen...Kawaii ukes

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I wont fall for you reviews
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